Cauliflower Penis Surgery

According to the info I got, this was filmed in Indonesia, however in Indonesia, boys have their penises routinely mutilated as a matter of national past time to the disgusting amusement of local females, so I’m not sure. The video shows a surgical correction of a condition commonly referred to as “cauliflower penis” due to … Continue reading “Cauliflower Penis Surgery”

Padlock Tightly Locked Around Penis Requires Removal with Bolt Cutter

The video depicts a man in hospital getting a padlock that was tightly locked around his penis and balls removed by being cut with bolt cutter. Something’s telling me that his genitals are a goner. You put padlock on your dick, you lock yourself out of fucking for a good while, if not for good. … Continue reading “Padlock Tightly Locked Around Penis Requires Removal with Bolt Cutter”

Cauliflower Penis Cut Open, Maggot Infestation Cleared Out

Video from inside an operating theater shows surgeons cutting a man’s diseased penis to expose maggot infestation under the skin. The maggots are then removed, and the cauliflower appendages cut off. I couldn’t reliably determine where the video is from, but the dialogues between doctors sounded Asian to me, perhaps Chinese? Props to Best Gore … Continue reading “Cauliflower Penis Cut Open, Maggot Infestation Cleared Out”

Vasectomy Aftermath Photos – Surgery to Sterilize a Man Permanently

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @TheDonutAvenger, who recently underwent vasectomy – a surgical procedure that involves cutting and sealing the Vas Deferens (tubes through which sperm is delivered into the ejaculate from the testicles), resulting in permanent sterilization of the man: Hey Best Gore. I’ve … Continue reading “Vasectomy Aftermath Photos – Surgery to Sterilize a Man Permanently”

Sexual Fetishist Chokes His Penis with Wire, Needs Surgeon to Remove It

Of all the… Nevermind! Sexual fetishist tied wire around the base of the shaft of his penis – whatever that’s supposed to do. After a while, his johnson swelled up and needed doctor intervention to remove the wire. Video below shows surgeons struggling to cut the wire as penis remains swollen and turns black.

Video of Scrotum Abscess Drainage in India

Video from India shows a doctor surgically draining scrotum abscess. The procedure almost looks like something you would do at home with disposable razors. Handle on that scalpel must have fallen off or something… The patient’s testes looked painfully swollen and remain swollen after drainage. Doctor fingered the excision to scrape out all available abscess … Continue reading “Video of Scrotum Abscess Drainage in India”

Priapism – Emergency Surgical Treatment of Persistent Erection

Priapism is a painful medical condition whereby a man’s penis retains prolonged and persistent erection without sexual stimulation. Priapism is considered a urologic emergency and requires prompt treatment or else it could lead to permanent erectile dysfunction or necrosis of penile tissue. Sucks to be a man – as if a possibility of not being … Continue reading “Priapism – Emergency Surgical Treatment of Persistent Erection”

Video of Semi-Rigid Penile Implant Surgery

In this video, Dr. Franklin Lowe, MD MPH, Professor of Clinical Urology at Columbia University describes how a surgery involving implantation of a semi-rigid penile prosthesis is performed. Each undertaken step is explained with easy to understand language and is supported with visuals of actual penile implant surgery. I’ve read on the internet that the … Continue reading “Video of Semi-Rigid Penile Implant Surgery”

Partial Penile Amputation

Due to some freak accident, this man lost part of his penis. And it wasn’t just cut off clean, instead it appears to have been ripped off. As if the tip of his penis exploded and opened up like bloody rose bud. I’m not sure any reattachment took place. More likely than not, the docs … Continue reading “Partial Penile Amputation”

Reconstructive Surgery of Scrotum After Ballsack Amputation

Photos in this post are of the same guy who developed the Blue Balls condition. He had to have his ballsack amputated because the infection has progressed to such stage that there was no saving it. However even though the ballsack was removed, the urologists saved the man’s testicles. So after all the necrotic issue … Continue reading “Reconstructive Surgery of Scrotum After Ballsack Amputation”