Indian Trannies with Dicks Cut Off Celebrate on Camera

In India, a pair of trannies filmed themselves celebrating on camera having cut off their dicks. One of them went deeper when removing the gonads and left behind a hole, presumably thinking it would develop into a vagina as it heals. The other one is kind of sealed shut down there. I remember watching a … Continue reading “Indian Trannies with Dicks Cut Off Celebrate on Camera”

Pitbull Emasculates Alleged Underage Rapist

Ok, well, for one Seraphim Serenata wants to send a shout out to Brandi for keeping the Best Gore ship afloat while I have been adrift in the sea after walking the plank. Thankfully, there are not a bunch of douche fucks out here, such as Andrew Smith. Special debt of gratitude double times over … Continue reading “Pitbull Emasculates Alleged Underage Rapist”

How Will You Feel About Your New Penis?

Images of a penile surgery, probably due to some type of accident or a correction of a malformation. Props to Best Gore member @nomar for post and pictures: Zero-Decibels ®

How Would You Give Girlfriend Pleasure?

Don’t know the location, other than the location of obvious bloody injury. Possibly it is an accident at work. Or maybe … when he was having sex, his girlfriend He bit his boyfriend’s penis. Props to Best Gore member @nomar for post and the video: Fill browser window Zero-Decibels ®

Failed Sex Reassignment Surgery

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @blowupass, who tried S.R.S. and failed miserably: Here’s another shocking surgery myself attempting sex reassignment surgery. I failed miserably. I thought I would succeed with srs myself since I succeeded in castrating myself. At least I got a nice high from oxy 30 … Continue reading “Failed Sex Reassignment Surgery”

Best Gore Member’s Member Mutilated

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @alanbaptist, who had his member mutilated by sibling after brawl: I ended up having a domestic brawl with my 19 year old sibling who’s 5 years younger to me which resulted in him kneeing my dick like a wimp until it burst open. … Continue reading “Best Gore Member’s Member Mutilated”

Two Men Injured in Motorcycle Accident, One with Leg and Junk Crushed

In the city of Thane, in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region of India, a pair of dudes on a motorcycle crashed under circumstances unclear. Both dudes are alive in the video, but whether they lived on is anyone’s guess. One of the two had one of his legs and his junk crushed beyond repair. His other … Continue reading “Two Men Injured in Motorcycle Accident, One with Leg and Junk Crushed”

Dominican Republic Man Becomes Woman After Accident

An accident in Dominican Republic on a dark night transformed a man undeniably into a woman forever. The involuntary sex-reassignment was instantaneous with penis and testes torn out. A nearby wrecked bike frame suggests the dudette encountered an adversary and was no match. The ominous one shoe phenomenon steps out of the shadows and makes … Continue reading “Dominican Republic Man Becomes Woman After Accident”

Toothbrush Removal From Male Urethra

Insertion of dildos or odd objects in pleasure holes is nothing new. There have been strange oddities inserted into orifices for pleasure as we have seen, many need to be extracted by medical professionals. This oral exhibitionist took his 6 inch buddy for a journey in his peehole. At what point does the extreme pleasure … Continue reading “Toothbrush Removal From Male Urethra”

Copper Cable Thief Lost His Balls and More in Electrocution

A dreadlocked copper cable thief was electrocuted in South Africa. Languages spoken, according to Best Gore member @african-angel are all typical South African. The presumed thief appears to be still alive in the video, so the electrocution did not kill him, at least not yet, but it sure did fry his dick and balls. Karma … Continue reading “Copper Cable Thief Lost His Balls and More in Electrocution”