Surgical Removal of Severe Warts Overgrowth from Male Genitalia

Hospital video shows a man with severe wart overgrowth on his genitalia getting the warts surgically removed. The removed warts looks like fried mincemeat. Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

Divided Nevus of the Penis

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @Satyros, who suffers super rare condition that exhibits itself as a single mole split into two parts – one on the glans of the penis, the other on the shaft: Usually I do not send pics of my dick to … Continue reading “Divided Nevus of the Penis”

When Dicks Go Bad

The similarities between a penis and a woman are profound. For example, sometimes they will get in the way, and sometimes they will embarrass you. And of course, whenever you take advice from them it ends in trouble. You always think yours is more attractive than anyone else’s, yet you can’t help glancing at another … Continue reading “When Dicks Go Bad”