Pierced Lip Torn by a Punch

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @Regalbeagle, who got punched in the face while wearing lip piercings: As someone who has boxed over the years, I’m used to being punched in the face, but always required to take my three lip piercings out whilst training or … Continue reading “Pierced Lip Torn by a Punch”

Man Cuts His Earlobes in Exchange for Likes on Facebook

Best Gore member @bello36 sent us pictures of a Facebook friend of his, who had posted that if he got enough “likes”, that he would cut his earlobes. Many were saying that he wouldn’t do it. Ultimately he did. It looks like he was into body mods, and his earlobes were piercing stretched, so cutting … Continue reading “Man Cuts His Earlobes in Exchange for Likes on Facebook”

Man with Huge Jigsaw Blade Stuck in His Skull

Man… What the fuck? I don’t even know what the heck that thing is. It looks like a huge jumbo double-sided jigsaw blade, but what kind of instrument does it even go into? The video shows a man with that terrifying looking, huge toothed thing stuck in his skull. But he was not attacked. Notice … Continue reading “Man with Huge Jigsaw Blade Stuck in His Skull”

10g Ampallang Piercing Video

The ampallang is a horizontal piercing of penis glans. The individual in this video already had the apadravya (glans pierced vertically), so the addition of the horizontal barbell forms what’s known as the magic cross. The video was sent to us by Wayland Rumble who added the following commentary: I am a BIG fan of … Continue reading “10g Ampallang Piercing Video”

Possessed Man Covered in Blood from Self Inflicted Cuts and Impaled Jaw

This guy acts like he’s possessed by a demon, and that’s what his “followers” believe in too. He’s sitting on a plastic chair, speaking in tongues with distorted voice, and uses knives, razors and broken bottle to cut himself up. The self inflicted cuts leave him covered in blood, but that only riles him up. … Continue reading “Possessed Man Covered in Blood from Self Inflicted Cuts and Impaled Jaw”

The Caption This Photo Contest #75

I bet seeing that title surprised many of you as it’s been over a year since we’ve had a Caption This Photo Contest. But I have been given the blessing to carry the torch in Mark’s absence. This signals the return of a BG tradition and so this latest edition is dedicated to our founder … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #75”

Self-Mutilation Enthusiast Pierces Forearm with Syringes

Best Gore member EV0Love sent us a video of self mutilation by piercing his forearm with syringes. My name is Adam, I’ve been a self-mutilation enthusiast since I was 15 and I’m currently 23. I have multiple scars on my wrists and on all other areas of my body. I became self-conscious of the visible … Continue reading “Self-Mutilation Enthusiast Pierces Forearm with Syringes”

Clitoral Hood with Piercing Ripped Off

Former owner of this ripped off clitoral hood says that her piercing got caught in something while she was walking and is ended up torn off. This version sounds very much like claiming that one got a black eye by falling down a flight of stairs. It’s a cover up for something too embarrassing to … Continue reading “Clitoral Hood with Piercing Ripped Off”

Woman with Undeveloped Labia Gets Clitoral Hood Piercing

I know that no woman chooses what her vulva looks like, but I feel for those whose labia didn’t develop at all. Look at the woman in this video – her vulva doesn’t even look like a vulva. It looks like a small girl’s ass located where her pussy should be. It’s an extension of … Continue reading “Woman with Undeveloped Labia Gets Clitoral Hood Piercing”

Legendary KatieMatie Is Back with Needle in Leg Cut

Best Gore’s beloved KatieMatie, legendary long term member and submitter of our most popular exclusive content is back with another great piece for our viewing pleasures. This time around it’s a video of Katie piercing her fresh wound with a safety pin needle. It’s hard to imagine that most newbs on Best Gore will have … Continue reading “Legendary KatieMatie Is Back with Needle in Leg Cut”