School Bus Runs Over Student Returning Home in Nepal

Bus driver mistake took a innocent life while returning from school in Nepal. Six years old boy, Rahul Bhatta is on his way to his home after school. Irresponsible parents were the real cause of their child death. Hard working family often can’t give good time to their children in urban areas. By the way, … Continue reading “School Bus Runs Over Student Returning Home in Nepal”

Road Accident Leaves Girl with Serious Head Leakage

People are probably wondering what happened here and I would guess it to be a motorcycle accident. In a spanish speaking country two girls lay on the side of the road, one propped up and in less serious condition than the other who is stretched out on her back with a huge head wound. A … Continue reading “Road Accident Leaves Girl with Serious Head Leakage”

Mangled Male Body Encountered on Railway Tracks in Fortaleza, Brazil

A mangled corpse of an unidentified male was found on the railway tracks in Lagamar neighborhood in Fortaleza, capital of Ceará, Brazil. Nothing is known about the victim, nor why he ended up there or how long he’s been there at this time. He was found at approximately 6:30 am this morning.

Body of Man Mangled by Train Found on Tracks in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @franfilth, who filmed for us a video of a man whose mangled corpse was found on the railways tracks in Joinville, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil on July 11, 2016 at 12:00 hours. No information about who the victim was … Continue reading “Body of Man Mangled by Train Found on Tracks in Santa Catarina, Brazil”

Young Thai Man Falls Out of Moving Train

A 19-year-old Thai man fell out of a moving train car traveling through Yala District, Southern Thailand. The man was traveling with some friends and it has not yet been determined what caused the man to fall. All that is certain is that he was sucked under and rolled over, breaking bones and twisting his … Continue reading “Young Thai Man Falls Out of Moving Train”

Bodies Burned and Torn Up When Ordnance Explodes During Pipeline Excavation

Thai language is notoriously difficult to translate, and the article about this accident was no exception. I had hard time making sense of it, but I think either the pipeline excavator hit a buried, live ordnance which subsequently exploded, or an ordnance was placed on the pick up truck and exploded. Two workers were killed, … Continue reading “Bodies Burned and Torn Up When Ordnance Explodes During Pipeline Excavation”

Bloated Corpse of Drowned Man Found on Pier in Thailand

Bloated corpse of an unidentified man in his 30’s was found laying on a pier in Thailand. The corpse was fished out to make the sea water around Thailand’s shores appear less disgusting than it really is. The body didn’t bear any signs of foul play, so he’s belied to have drowned.

Syrian Man Torn Up After Airstrike

I am of the firm belief that gore should be a part of your daily diet. So open up, here come the airplane. Info I got along with this brutal imagery describes this as a Syrian..well, previously, Syrian man who was taken out during a recent airstrike. Ripped apart but he manages a pointer. Also … Continue reading “Syrian Man Torn Up After Airstrike”

Man Found Floating Face Down in Yala, Thailand

Haven’t seen much from Thailand lately. This comes from the Southern Yala Province. A man was found floating face down in the shallower end of canal. Looks like it could be a drowning until we turn him over. He’s clearly suffered a beating of some kind. Although the cause of death has not been officially … Continue reading “Man Found Floating Face Down in Yala, Thailand”

The Caption This Photo Contest #80

BEST CAPTION: And here’s Min, looking really sharp in this season’s police outfit, with a scarf to really mix things up. You’ll notice he had to point out the corpse, since you couldn’t take your eyes off his dashing outfit. Looking good Min – stagedoor jonny RUNNERS UP: The scene! Action figure to mean green … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #80”