Prison Riot Results in Beheading Brazil

Ah Brazil, will you ever stop breeding shit. That isn’t even a question. These videos are from a prison riot that occurred on July 29th. Not only are Brazilian prisons home to frequent riots, but they are also blessed with cell phones to record every bloody minute of it. This riot was caused by gang … Continue reading “Prison Riot Results in Beheading Brazil”

Riot in Another Manaus Prison Leaves Four Inmates Dead

This year (2017) was kicked off in style with a jail riot at COMPAJ (Complexo Penitenciário Anísio Jobim) in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, which claimed the lives of 60 inmates, and became the second deadliest in Brazil’s history. Five days later, a riot at the Monte Cristo Agricultural Penitentiary in Roraima claimed the lives of 31 … Continue reading “Riot in Another Manaus Prison Leaves Four Inmates Dead”

Prisoners Break Free, Cause a Riot, Kill Two People in Caruaru, Brazil

Da Silva overload in this post. Jail guards will have some explaining to do. They were transporting a group of prisoners but failed to keep them contained, the prisoners broke free and caused a riot. Ensuing violence lead to the deaths of two people and several injured, including four guards. Military police and fire fighters … Continue reading “Prisoners Break Free, Cause a Riot, Kill Two People in Caruaru, Brazil”

Honduras Prison Fire Photos and Video

Having claimed 358 lives, the Honduras Prison Fire which ravaged through the Comayagua Prison on February 15, 2012 is considered the world’s worst prison fire in a hundred years. The Comayagua Prison where the fire broke out was overcrowded, with inadequate fire safety and slowly responding guards. Many inmates who lost their lives there were … Continue reading “Honduras Prison Fire Photos and Video”