Woman Strangled by Own Intestines in Thailand

In Thailand, an old woman got supposedly strangled by her own intestines. I don’t know if “strangled” is really what happened, but her intestines are outside of her body and can be seen wrapped around her neck. By the time any supposed strangulation could take place, I’d think she would have already been done for … Continue reading “Woman Strangled by Own Intestines in Thailand”

Homeless Woman Anal Prolapse Allies Invasion in Miami, Florida

I had a homeless person shit outside my door here in Miami the other day, my friend was horrified and called me to tell him exactly what was going on and I spotted this! someone call the men in black! haha Rectal Prolapse: A condition that occurs when part of the large intestine slips outside … Continue reading “Homeless Woman Anal Prolapse Allies Invasion in Miami, Florida”

Happy Chinese New Year

Looks like at this point, I can say with utmost certainty that I am being effectively screwed by the Chinese New Year. I found myself in a really nice, quintessential town far, far away from popular tourist traps – a slow paced town with very quaint feel to it, lots of small eateries with homemade … Continue reading “Happy Chinese New Year”

The Caption This Photo Contest #33

Some wrongs are just wronger than others. Caption it if you can. Best Caption: The birth of “Mothra”. – drccoco Runners-up: DOH ! Still no watch. Now where do I look? – Graugeist Jeffrey realised the brisket was not cooked well enough and would have to go back in for a little longer. – noshot … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #33”