Plane Maintenance Worker Decapitated by Propeller

33 year old Ivaldo Alves de Barros Filho (Ivaldinho), of Nova Xavantina in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, was helping in the maintenance of the spray nozzles of agricultural aircraft in Fazenda Nova Viana, when he apparently got too close to a spinning propeller and never heard the rest of it. The propeller struck … Continue reading “Plane Maintenance Worker Decapitated by Propeller”

Foot Split in Half Lengthwise by Boat Propeller

This foot injury was allegedly caused by a boat propeller. The foot is split in half lengthwise with a clean cut, raising all kinds of doubts that a boat propeller could do it but that’s apparently what happened. The table on which the patient is laid looks like it belongs in a morgue, but seeing … Continue reading “Foot Split in Half Lengthwise by Boat Propeller”

Guy Gets Hit by Propeller, Drips Blood All Over the Place

Guy participating in a pre flight inspection of an ultralight aircraft stuck his hand where it didn’t belong and got hit by the propeller that almost amputated his hand at the wrist. He started dripping blood all over the place and had to be taken to a hospital to undergo surgery, but apparently is doing … Continue reading “Guy Gets Hit by Propeller, Drips Blood All Over the Place”

Ukrainian Diver Struck and Killed by Boat Propeller in Egypt

Imagine that – you go on a vacation to Egypt, throw yourself in a crystal clear water to do some diving, you enjoy the blueness that surrounds you and the trinkets that can be collected from the ocean floor – nothing from your hectic life at home bothers you, not your boss, not your mother … Continue reading “Ukrainian Diver Struck and Killed by Boat Propeller in Egypt”

Unidentifiable Pile of Hacked-up Human Flesh

Total hack-up. I wonder if this is the result of an encounter with a boat propeller. Just what else could hack a man up unrecognizable like that? I guess Mexican cartels could, but this somehow doesn’t seem quite the way they do it. Rippage seems too extreme for your average human wielded hacking tool, but … Continue reading “Unidentifiable Pile of Hacked-up Human Flesh”

Chunks of Flesh Chopped Off by Small Plane Propeller

When your job involves moving around fast spinning blades, you should know better that if you stop paying attention, you could soon see chunks of your flesh hovering through the air like flies over fresh cow pooh. The man in the picture above had himself a job at the airport and got in the way … Continue reading “Chunks of Flesh Chopped Off by Small Plane Propeller”