Corpse of 18 Year Old Indonesian Girl Found in Pond After Being Raped and Killed

In Serang, Banten, Indonesia, an 11th grade senior high school student named Siti Marhatusolihat went missing for 2 weeks. However, on 15th of December 2017, the search for Siti’s whereabouts reached the sad conclusion with the discovery of her corpse in a pond near a rice field, covered with grass and bamboo. The day after … Continue reading “Corpse of 18 Year Old Indonesian Girl Found in Pond After Being Raped and Killed”

Women Wimp as Men Recover Decomposing Corpse from River

I believe the video is from Brazil. It shows men recovering a decomposing corpse from the river, as women watch from a safe distance and wimp behind the camera. I half expected the Candiru fish (pesky fishes that can swim up the pee stream and into the penis pee hole) to start jumping out of … Continue reading “Women Wimp as Men Recover Decomposing Corpse from River”

Bloated Corpse Being Prepared for Autopsy

The video shows a bloated corpse being prepared for an autopsy. The corpse has already begun to decompose, and skin on some parts has peeled off. The moment the pathologist opened up the corps’ belly, the stench filling the room must have been something rotten.

Bloated Maggoty Corpse Found in Cornfield

On November 20, 2016, in Jombang Regency, East Java, Indonesia, a number of farmers harvesting corn found a bloated, maggoty corpse in the field. The victim was recognized as a local, 54 year old man named Musolin, a resident of the Kepuhkembeng village. Five days ago, the victim disappeared from home. The cause of death … Continue reading “Bloated Maggoty Corpse Found in Cornfield”

Woman Strangled, Raped and Robbed in Medan, Indonesia

In Medan, Indonesia, a corpse of a young woman was found with lower body disrobed. The corpse was in an advanced state of putrefaction – bloated and discolored. A group of young men was arrested on suspicion of strangling the woman, then raping her and robbing her off possessions. Still, the chief culprit said the … Continue reading “Woman Strangled, Raped and Robbed in Medan, Indonesia”

Time Lapse Video of Decaying Pig

Old video but it’s new to me and has not been posted here before so there are undoubtedly others here who have not had an opportunity to see this type of thing. Decomposition is one of the most fascinating processes in my opinion. Amazing what simple bacteria, no longer confined to mere digestion, will do … Continue reading “Time Lapse Video of Decaying Pig”

Mortician Cleaning Dead Body Off Maggots

Cleaning dead body off maggots? It’s just nature taking back what nature gave. I must give props to the mortician though – this fellow must have been going off like there‚Äôs no tomorrow. Sliding his hand across the maggot infested human goo while the reek penetrates every pore of his body – that’s some resistance … Continue reading “Mortician Cleaning Dead Body Off Maggots”

Decomposing Body Smell Disgusts Cleanup Crew

Decomposing body smell is not particularly the most pleasant smell of all. Judging by how these people who took a turn at cleaning up the corpse of a man found in the field cover their faces with their t-shirts, this stinker must have smelled violently. Except from the guy in white t-shit who seems largely … Continue reading “Decomposing Body Smell Disgusts Cleanup Crew”

Dead Body Gets Eaten by Nasty Maggots

Maggots are nasty. I betcha the place where this corpse was found reeked of dead flesh. Someone had the unfortunate job of cleaning this dead body and moving it to the morgue. Judging by maggot-free innards, I’m guessing the torso has not been cut open until the body was discovered and passed on to the … Continue reading “Dead Body Gets Eaten by Nasty Maggots”

Decomposing Body of Drowning Victim Found in the River

This could either be decomposition or he simply got his face eaten by hungry fish. The thing about people with eaten face – they always appear to be smiling. According to the info that accompanied the pictures, the man drowned in the river. How it happened, I don’t quite know, but he’s wearing clothes and … Continue reading “Decomposing Body of Drowning Victim Found in the River”