Three Alleged Rapists Executed Then Hoisted with Crane in Yemen

At Tahrir Square in Sana’a, Yemen, three men were publicly executed and their bodies hoisted with a crane. The men were accused of rape. The execution was carried out by shooting the convicts in the heart region from the back with a rifle, while each handcuffed man was laying face down on a carpet of … Continue reading “Three Alleged Rapists Executed Then Hoisted with Crane in Yemen”

Man Accused of Rape Allows Inmates to Murder Him by Hanging

The guy talking in the video says the man they were murdering by hanging raped a nine year old girl. Needless to say, the video is from prison in Brazil. It’s remarkable how resigned to the inevitable the victim was. In Brazil, much as in any pussy whipped country, a rapist is typically a man … Continue reading “Man Accused of Rape Allows Inmates to Murder Him by Hanging”

Violated Corpse of Alleged Rapist Beheaded and Dismembered with Axe

On November 11, 2015, in the Arenoso neighborhood in Salvador, state of Bahia, Brazil, a man was sodomized with a stick, and then beheaded, dismembered and quartered with an axe. The crime occurred near the house where a 63 year old woman was found dead with signs of rape on Sunday November 6, 2016. The … Continue reading “Violated Corpse of Alleged Rapist Beheaded and Dismembered with Axe”

Corpse Of Alleged Rapist Set on Fire in Brazilian Prison

The traditionally welcoming attitude of Brazilian inmates toward alleged rapists is legendary. Here’s yet another alleged rapist having his corpse set on fire after being either murdered, or at least knocked unconscious enough to not respond to the flames. The inmates even treated the alleged rapist to mattress comfort, that’s also notorious in Brazilian prisons. … Continue reading “Corpse Of Alleged Rapist Set on Fire in Brazilian Prison”

Bloody Beheading and Dismemberment of Alleged Rapist

This video is from Brazil, but even though I didn’t get that bit of information, I also think it’s from Brazilian prison, where similar brutality is common. The video depicts beheading and dismemberment of an alleged rapist. When the video starts, the alleged rapist already appears dead in a pool of blood. A strange gardening … Continue reading “Bloody Beheading and Dismemberment of Alleged Rapist”

Man Hacked to Death by Family of 11 Year Old Girl He Allegedly Raped

In Porto Grande – a municipality in the state of Amapá, Brazil, a man was hacked to death by a family of an 11 year old girl for allegedly raping her. That’s all I know about the case. Hopefully the allegation was not bullshit and the right son of a bitch is fertilizing the ground.

Two Men Executed by Hanging in Kuwait

Video from June 2013 depicts public execution of two men by hanging in Kuwait. According to the Kuwaiti government, one of the men was a child rapist, and the other a murderer originally from Egypt. After the initial ceremonies, the men are taken to a steel frame specifically design to function as the gallows capable … Continue reading “Two Men Executed by Hanging in Kuwait”

Brazilian Rapist Killed by Victim’s Father

On Tuesday, April 12th, in rural Caruaru, a 44-year-old man identified as Cícero Amaro da Silva, aka “Gabon”, attempted to rob a 47-year-old woman as she was waiting at a bus stop. Gabon had a cloth on his head and was wielding a knife. The victim had only R$200 (about $57.18 US), which wasn’t enough … Continue reading “Brazilian Rapist Killed by Victim’s Father”

Alleged Rapist Being Dismembered by Multiple Knives in Brazilian Prison

Brazilian prisons are notorious for brutal murders of inmates, in particular those accused of rape. The killing frenzy in this video is difficult to describe. Like starved dogs that got their first meal after a long time, inmates senselessly stab the long dead corpse like their lives depended on it.

Rapist Decapitated in Brazilian Prison

Video from June, 2015, captures inmates of a Brazilian prison who have unleashed their own patented brand of justice on an an alleged rapist. The man in question was stabbed by multiple knife-wielding inmates and then decapitated. One man holds the head above a blood soaked corpse and, like everyone, bumblingly attempts to get the … Continue reading “Rapist Decapitated in Brazilian Prison”