Guy with Jaw Shattered and Blown Off Gets Prepared for Treatment

A guy with his jaw totally shattered and blown off is sitting naked in a hospital room, being prepared for treatment. He won’t be eating solid food for a while, if ever. Not entirely sure what this is all about. He almost looks like a suicidal flincher, who put a gun under his chin and … Continue reading “Guy with Jaw Shattered and Blown Off Gets Prepared for Treatment”

Man Blasts Half His Face Off in Failed Suicide Attempt

A flincher is a person who attempt to commit suicide by shooting themselves in the mouth or under the chin with a firearm, but flinch in the last second, taking off their face, completely missing vital parts of the brain, causing the suicide attempt to end in a failure. Best Gore member @versailles shares details … Continue reading “Man Blasts Half His Face Off in Failed Suicide Attempt”

The Caption This Photo Contest #92

Congratulation to Best Gore member @honkeykong on winning our previous Caption This Photo Contest, and many thanks to @goreddict for picking the best captions. As the winner, you get to choose the winners (as well as the runners-up, if you can) of this contest @honkeykong (should know how it’s done after all the wins, hehe). … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #92”

Facial Reconstruction After Impalement with Metal Rod

These photos seem to be related to the video published on Best Gore earlier. The victim reportedly is a young female driver from Uruguay. The newly leaked pics show the reconstruction of her face that was severely damaged when it was impaled with a metal rod. Obviously, on top of tearing up the facial tissue, … Continue reading “Facial Reconstruction After Impalement with Metal Rod”

Abdominal Area Liposuction on a Slim Female

Liposuction is an invasive, cosmetic surgery procedure involving insertion of a firm tube called a cannula in the area between skin and muscle. Cannula is connected to a suction device (vacuum pump) called an aspirator. Cannula is poked through the fatty tissues to break them up, and the pump suctions them out. Through removal of … Continue reading “Abdominal Area Liposuction on a Slim Female”

Man Survives Shotgun Blast to Face

All I know about this video is that the young man took a blast from a 12 gauge shotgun to the face, and survived it. Facial trauma is without a doubt severe, but vital organs, especially the brain, don’t seem to have been affected, so the fact that he survived is not surprising. He’ll be … Continue reading “Man Survives Shotgun Blast to Face”

Nigerian Woman with a Huge Maxillary Tumor – Before and After

This is a before and after of a woman who had developed a maxillary (mouth) tumor that had grown to monstrous proportions. The doctor who worked on her was MD General Surgeon Brian Camazine who was on a mission trip to The Nigerian Christian Hospital in Aba, Nigeria. He was quoted as saying: This young … Continue reading “Nigerian Woman with a Huge Maxillary Tumor – Before and After”

Plastic Surgery of the Ear – Removal of Cartilage

This video appears to depict corrective (plastic) surgery of the ear. The surgery involves the removal of elastic cartilage inside the outer ear, possibly to reshape it into a new form desired by the patient. Did you know there is such thing as ear fetish?

Plastic Surgeon Performs Autosurgery on His Abdomen Under Local Anesthesia

Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Luiz Américo de Freitas Sobrinho performed successful autosurgery on his own abdomen because he wanted to improve his own technique by experimenting on his own body. He said he had never been in the patient’s seat and wanted to know what it felt like for them in order to better understand … Continue reading “Plastic Surgeon Performs Autosurgery on His Abdomen Under Local Anesthesia”

Reconstructive Surgery on Fingers of Hand Degloved in Accident

An Indian man in his 30’s suffered severe hand trauma that left his thumb, index, middle and ring fingers degloved. Little finger on that hand was not degloved, but was also injured. Unfortunately I do not have any info on how exactly he was injured. After debridement (surgical removal of unsalvageable tissue), the surgeons covered … Continue reading “Reconstructive Surgery on Fingers of Hand Degloved in Accident”