Turkish Soldier Eats Rocket – PKK Attack

April 24, 2019 PKK Attack Sides rocket eater Turkish soldier. Attack 3 Turkish soldier kill him. PKK forces by done I would appreciate if you don’t share my name. Here’s a rough Google translation of text at end of video: Our love is in the midst of the darkest wave of lightning and the brightness … Continue reading “Turkish Soldier Eats Rocket – PKK Attack”

ISIS Member Gets Impaled with Dud Rocket

Check that shit out. The story is he was struck with this projectile, only it imbedded itself in his shoulder without detonating. I don’t know how something like that could have hit him without tearing his entire arm off so I call on all of our Best Gore weapons specialists to help identify the projectile. … Continue reading “ISIS Member Gets Impaled with Dud Rocket”

Group of Urban Warfare Terrorists Surprised by Rocket Strike

Group of urban warfare terrorists, members of the Free Syrian Army got a surprise visit from a rocket that wiped a few of them out. Moments before the explosion they attempted to scatter, but the rocket was faster.

Compilation of US Rocket Explosions

I have recently posted a video of a Chinese satellite carrying rocket veering off course immediately after launch and exploding over a village, so here’s a video of a few rocket launch disasters from the good ole US of A to go with it. It must be said, however that the US sends more rockets … Continue reading “Compilation of US Rocket Explosions”

Chinese Long March Rocket Veers Off Course, Explodes Over Village

Long March Rockets (or Changzheng Rockets), named after an 8,000 miles long military retreat started in late 1934 by the Red Army of the Communist Party of China that began Mao Zedong’s ascent to power, are Chinese rockets used for launching satellites into Earth orbit. On February 14, 1996, the Long March 3B rocket carrying … Continue reading “Chinese Long March Rocket Veers Off Course, Explodes Over Village”

Video of 1967 Fire on Aircraft Carrier USS Forrestal in Gulf of Tonkin

On July 29, 1967 while American war criminals were actively engaging in the acts of terrorism involving rape and mass murder of the people of Vietnam, one of their aircraft carrier stationed in the Gulf of Tonkin – USS Forrestal (CVA-59) accidentally discharged a Zuni rocket that landed on the flight deck and caused massive … Continue reading “Video of 1967 Fire on Aircraft Carrier USS Forrestal in Gulf of Tonkin”

Palestinian Freedom Fighters Bomb Israeli Military Vehicle

I don’t know how they carried the attack out – whether they mined the road with an IED or fired a rocket propelled grenade into the vehicle, but the attack was successful and a military carrier with the crew exterminated. But they just could not do it without the Snackbar, lol. The video was released … Continue reading “Palestinian Freedom Fighters Bomb Israeli Military Vehicle”

Captured Afghani Police Executed by Taliban with an 82mm Rocket

This video demonstrates striking resemblance between the actions of Taliban Mujahedeen and occupying forces. The occupying forces execute people from a distance with rockets, Taliban executed a person from a distance with their 82mm rocket. Occupying forces cheer and curse when they execute people, Taliban shout Allahu Akbar when they execute a person. The executed … Continue reading “Captured Afghani Police Executed by Taliban with an 82mm Rocket”