Both Tango Entangled, El Toro Leads Peasant Rider to Karma

Video Fixed Hey dudes and dudettes, the original uncut version is now available. In a Mexican rodeo, a man known as Lazar (peasant/hobo) is forced to take an extra mile with the bull with no objections. Helpers of the man do not aid but hinder a safe and pain free exit off bull. Mrs. Karma … Continue reading “Both Tango Entangled, El Toro Leads Peasant Rider to Karma”

Man Has Bull Seeing Red

In what could be held at any U.S.A. brain cell congregation of yuppies, a dog torments a ridiculed bull with excessive barking. A man in red is target of misdirected anger by bull. Don’t mess with the bull unless you are prepared to take the horns.

Face Stomped by Bull (Before and After)

I’m sure you’ve all seen this type of thing before; when a rodeo bull rider gets thrown and then the bulls hoof comes right down on the man’s head. Some people have been killed by the force of these kicks delivered by these huge animals. Everyone from rodeo clowns to to bull riders to handlers, … Continue reading “Face Stomped by Bull (Before and After)”

Chica Mexicana Tries Rodeo Bullriding, Gets Ragdolled by Bull

If I were the bull, I’d ragdoll that Chica Mexicana too. What the fuck was the woman thinking? Bitches need to stay away from things they just can’t handle – like bullriding or driving and stick with things they’re good at – like washing dishes, beating up Iranian clerics and sleeping with every wigger in … Continue reading “Chica Mexicana Tries Rodeo Bullriding, Gets Ragdolled by Bull”

Compilation of Bull Riders Getting Bull Destroyed

Bull riding is not the same as bull fighting. In bullfighting, bulls are taunted and eventually killed. In bull riding bulls are not killed, just put through unbearable pain to make them buck, all for the entertainment of fleshy viruses. Bulls kick about violently because the flank strap creates unbearable pressure on their genitalia and … Continue reading “Compilation of Bull Riders Getting Bull Destroyed”

Fuck With the Bull, You Get the Hoof

Rodeo is a pathetic sport (I’m using the moniker “sport” loosely) because it’s all about inflicting unspeakable pain on bulls’ genitalia by crushing the balls with tightly squeezed rope. Bulls have no hands to get the rope off their testicles but the squeeze causes so much pain, it forces them to kick their legs about … Continue reading “Fuck With the Bull, You Get the Hoof”

Bull’s Hoof to the Skull = Instant Rodeo Death

Today is officially the Bulls Own the Hispanic Ass day. This video is not a compilation, but the ownage the bull delivered puts the entire set of before to shame. Funny thing is – they put bandages on the bull’s horns, but horns are not the only instrument of death a full grown bull sports. … Continue reading “Bull’s Hoof to the Skull = Instant Rodeo Death”