Brazilian Burglar Has Sex with Store Mannequin During Break In

Young man broke in the mall in the city of Jaraguá, state of Goiás, Brazil looking for something to steal, but his attention was soon focused on the tight body of a store mannequin. After dismantling a flat screen TV from the wall, the burglar walked around the mall with the heist but realized there … Continue reading “Brazilian Burglar Has Sex with Store Mannequin During Break In”

2 Kids 1 Sandbox Video

Best Gore’s Sexual Disaster category has been all sad and lonely lately so here’s a video to perk things up a bit. Appropriately titled “2 Kids 1 Sandbox“, the video is a brief, but painful to look footage of a man getting his urethra rubbed with a dildo by a woman whose pussy he appears … Continue reading “2 Kids 1 Sandbox Video”

Sodoma – 1969 Film by the Vienna Actionist Otto Muehl

You would have to be a big time gore fan to actually know of Otto Muehl or have heard of the Vienna Actionists all together. It was back in mid 20th century when a few artists from Vienna, Austria decided to take art to a whole new level and produce screen based media that would … Continue reading “Sodoma – 1969 Film by the Vienna Actionist Otto Muehl”

Crystal Defanti Video

Crystal Defanti teaches 5-graders at Isabelle Jackson Elementary School in Pleasant Grove, California. She was being a nice teacher and created a DVD for her students before she released them on Summer holidays. Somehow a screw up happened and part of her home made sex tape made it on the DVD. Crystal Defanti did not … Continue reading “Crystal Defanti Video”