The Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlov Pass Incident is one of those famous “what really happened” stories from history. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones movies now-a-days plaster “Based on a true story” all over in the promotional ads. Well, despite the fiction vomited out by movie studios recently, the Dyatlov Pass Incident was indeed real … Continue reading “The Dyatlov Pass Incident”

Internet Versus Anna Shavenkova

Corruption in Russia reached a whole new level. Anna Shavenkova, daughter of Irkutsk’s regional election commission chairman slammed at full speed into pedestrians on a sidewalk, got out of her car and the only thing she was concerned about was the damage done to her vehicle. So she kept inspecting it, while Elena Pyatkova whom … Continue reading “Internet Versus Anna Shavenkova”