Video of Tibetan Sky Burial

We already have photos of the Tibetan Sky Burial on Best Gore, now here’s a video of this controversial to some, but awe-inspiring to others Buddhist religious ritual from high up in the Himalayas. Buddhists believe in reincarnation so when a person dies, their spirit is believed to have exited the body to re-enter the … Continue reading “Video of Tibetan Sky Burial”

Tower of Silence and Parsi Sky Burial

You may remember photos of the Tibetan Sky Burial we had featured on Best Gore earlier. While the idea behind the Tower of Silence is very similar, it is not the same. People who live on the rocky slopes of the Himalayas don’t have an option of digging up graves and the philosophy by which … Continue reading “Tower of Silence and Parsi Sky Burial”

The Tibetan Sky Burial Pictures

Buddhist ritual known as the Tibetan Sky Burial is something we couldn’t even remotely fathom in the western world, but it is part of normal life and death in parts of the Himalayas. By cutting the flesh of the deceased and offering them to the vultures, Tibetan Buddhists pay honor to those who had moved … Continue reading “The Tibetan Sky Burial Pictures”