Open Post #32 – World War III

Hello. Today, I bring you topic of great importance. The consideration of inevitable circumstances which will throw the entire world into mass chaos once again. I’m talking about the Third Great War. World War III. You see, many believe that WWIII is on it’s way, that it is inevitable. Given the current state of the … Continue reading “Open Post #32 – World War III”

Gulags in Soviet Union – Jews Run Camps Used for Extermination of Christians

On June 13, 2013 Russia’s president Vladimir Putin said in his speech during the visit to the Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center (Jews and tolerance? – LOL) that following the Bolshevik Revolution in October of 1917, Jews made up 80 to 85 percent of the first government of the Soviet Union. Jewish Telegraphic Agency … Continue reading “Gulags in Soviet Union – Jews Run Camps Used for Extermination of Christians”

Katyn Forest Massacre – Facts, Photos and Movie

The Katyn Massacre was a mass execution of about 22,000 Polish leaders, officers, policemen, business owners, lawyers and priests by the Soviet secret police (also known as NKVD – People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs) in the Katyn Forest in April 1940. As with much of what went down during the World War II, facts about … Continue reading “Katyn Forest Massacre – Facts, Photos and Movie”

Executions – 1995 Documentary (Watch Full Length Feature Film)

Watch this full feature documentary titled Executions which was filmed in 1995 and delivers exactly what its title suggests – videos of executions. The documentary offers an objective look at death penalty and state sponsored killing throughout different countries around the world. The documentary is divided into subchapters offering specific look into various execution methods … Continue reading “Executions – 1995 Documentary (Watch Full Length Feature Film)”