The Caption This Photo Contest #12

Here’s for the great start to 2011. May this year be rape ass for you… Best Caption: OMG! These early mornings are a fucking pain in the arse! – Whitechapel Runners-up: DON’T COME ANY CLOSER!! I just dropped a contact… – Joe112358 Fuck this shit, Im tired of your sloppy seconds!!!! – love1drug Can’t keep … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #12”

Hot Girl Strangled to Death by Boyfriend

As per the caption, this hot dish of a girl was allegedly strangled to death by her boyfriend. What a waste of hot tits. Obviously, I have a hard time accepting the authenticity of the image. First of all, the date on it is a bit confusing as pictures, especially the headshot of the girl … Continue reading “Hot Girl Strangled to Death by Boyfriend”

Strangled to Death with Hose Around Neck

Three men had their hands tied behind their backs and a hose tied closely around their necks to strangle them to death. From the look of it I’m guessing this could have been in Mexico and as it goes with gory images from Mexico, they’d be drug/gang related. Mexicans like to deliver slow and painful … Continue reading “Strangled to Death with Hose Around Neck”

Boston Strangler Crime Scene Photo of Mary Sullivan

As his name suggests, the serial killer known as Boston Strangler operated in Boston, Massachusetts area and murdered his victims by strangulation. He is believed to have murdered as many as 13 women, even though there are still many unanswered questions and guesses. It is possible that only (if you can really use that word) … Continue reading “Boston Strangler Crime Scene Photo of Mary Sullivan”