River of Pus

Well, ain’t that some shit right there. Like taking a big dump. Buildup of so much pus of such nasty color leads me to suspicion that the patient may have been a synthol abuser. There was a whole river of pus that the doc let flow out of the muscle. You could go for a … Continue reading “River of Pus”

Purulent Drainage from Muscle of Synthol Abuser

So this kid wanted to have killer biceps, but couldn’t be bothered to build them up pumping iron, so he decided to take a shortcut and injected his muscles with Synthol. Out of the blue, he started to look pretty ripped so he got excited and continued pumping more and more of that Synthol into … Continue reading “Purulent Drainage from Muscle of Synthol Abuser”

Synthol Abuser Death Video

Remember the twinkey who pumped so much synthol in his arms, it exploded with a massive gush? It looks like he’s died as a result of his synthol abuse. The video above expands a little bit on a video we had posted earlier and contains the abuser’s death. Coroner report states that he died as … Continue reading “Synthol Abuser Death Video”

Anabolic Steroids Side Effects – Nasty Open Muscle Rupture

This kid’s desperate struggle for small penis resulted in quite hilarious open muscle rupture. His triceps literally exploded as a result of anabolic steroid abuse. This is a whole new way to demonstrate the side effects of roid mongering. I think a new line of medication needs to be developed to treat patients suffering from … Continue reading “Anabolic Steroids Side Effects – Nasty Open Muscle Rupture”