Pregnant Woman Choked to Death in Thailand

According to the info I got, this woman was choked to death by her husband who suspected that the child was not his. The crime allegedly happened in Thailand. I’m not sure to what extent the story is true. Sad thing is, should the child have been born in Thailand, there’s a good chance it … Continue reading “Pregnant Woman Choked to Death in Thailand”

Closeup Video of Late Term Abortion

Whereas a common late term abortion procedure involves crushing the fetus’ head and scraping out the pieces, this video shows the fetus being removed intact. This is achieved by injecting the unborn baby with a poison before pulling its lifeless corpse out. It is for this reason why the baby is not reacting to being … Continue reading “Closeup Video of Late Term Abortion”

Results of an Illegal Abortion in India

This abortion almost killed the mother as well. Illegal and unsafe abortion are real threats to the mother. In India and developing countries, abortion is a risk as they are often times unsafe or completely illegal. There is high mortality rate for pregnant women due to unsanitary conditions or incompetent staff. Some would condemn a … Continue reading “Results of an Illegal Abortion in India”

14 Weeks Old Fetus Still Alive and Moving Outside of Uterus

This rather depressing video shows a tiny little fetus, approximately 14 weeks old, still alive and moving outside of the mother’s womb. I do not know whether the fetus was miscarried, or aborted. I tend to think this was a miscarriage, due to the fact that the video appears to show both the fetus with … Continue reading “14 Weeks Old Fetus Still Alive and Moving Outside of Uterus”

Aborted Fetus Recovered from Sewer

I have absolutely no idea where this video is from. It looks to be a flip flop prevalent country, but there are many so taking a guess would be pointless. The video shows a group of people gathered round as a rescuer puts on latex gloves and reaches into a sewage system under a concrete … Continue reading “Aborted Fetus Recovered from Sewer”

Fetuses and Babies Thrown Out With the Trash

I was reading a report a couple of days ago about fetuses and babies that are either killed at birth or are already born dead, and women who provoke an early labor and throw the fetuses away with the trash in order to hide an unwanted pregnancy. It obviously also mentioned the practice many Chinese … Continue reading “Fetuses and Babies Thrown Out With the Trash”

Aborted Human Foetuses Discarded in Omsk Landfill

Hospital waste including aborted human foetuses, and possible still-births and miscarriages were discovered, at a land-fill site, by a local Omsk resident, Malugin Michael. The material was dumped in the standard yellow heavy duty plastic sacks marked ‘Package for the collection and disposal of human waste’. The site was, apparently, littered with used syringes, needles, … Continue reading “Aborted Human Foetuses Discarded in Omsk Landfill”