Handcuffed Tibetans Beaten by Chinese Security Forces

According to the information that came with the video, the Chinese security forces caught a group of Tibetan people at the border. They handcuffed the Tibetans and beat them with nightsitcks, allegedly in order to dissuade them from coming back to the border. From that bit of the info I assume the Tibetans attempted to … Continue reading “Handcuffed Tibetans Beaten by Chinese Security Forces”

Self Immolation of Tibetan Monk in Ngaba

Ngaba is a Tibetan region of Sichuan province in China. It is notorious for self immolations by Tibetan Buddhist monks, who use the sacrifice as the only means to broadcast their struggle with the escalating repression by the Chinese government to the outside world. The first Tibetan ever to self immolate (February 27, 2009), was … Continue reading “Self Immolation of Tibetan Monk in Ngaba”

Video of Tibetan Sky Burial

We already have photos of the Tibetan Sky Burial on Best Gore, now here’s a video of this controversial to some, but awe-inspiring to others Buddhist religious ritual from high up in the Himalayas. Buddhists believe in reincarnation so when a person dies, their spirit is believed to have exited the body to re-enter the … Continue reading “Video of Tibetan Sky Burial”

Tibetans on a Pilgrimage to See Dalai Lama Shot by Chinese Soldiers

Video filmed by foreigners in the mountains of Nepal alleges to show Tibetan pilgrims being shot to death by Chinese soldiers. The Tibetans are said to have been on a pilgrimage to see the Dalai Lama in India. How much truth there is to the statements made by the eye witnesses in the video is … Continue reading “Tibetans on a Pilgrimage to See Dalai Lama Shot by Chinese Soldiers”

Young Tibetan Assaulted by Police During Self Immolation

New video from Tibet shows young Tibetan self immolating amidst a crowd of protesters guarded by a mob of policemen. As soon as it started to look like someone’s going to self immolate, a whole whack of cops in riot gear ran up and tried to both extinguish the fire and beat the protester up … Continue reading “Young Tibetan Assaulted by Police During Self Immolation”

New Tibetan Self Immolation Video – January 2013

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a self immolation video from Tibet. Here’s one of a nun self immolating or another nun doing the same. The first Buddhist monk to self immolate in protest is believed to be Thich Quang Duc of Vietnam. This new Tibetan self immolation occurred on January 12, 2013 in … Continue reading “New Tibetan Self Immolation Video – January 2013”

Self Immolation of a Nun in Tibet

Self Immolation – such a waste of life. Dozens of Tibetans burned themselves to death each year, as they have for such a long time, and where did it get them? Nowhere. Granted, unlike Muslim suicide bombers, Tibetan self immolations are aimed at killing one person only – the protester him/herself. Muslims always try to … Continue reading “Self Immolation of a Nun in Tibet”

Self Immolation Video of Buddhist Nun Palden Choetso in Tibet

This footage was sneakily videotaped in Tibet and smuggled out of the country for everyone to see. 35 year old Buddhist Nun Palden Choetso from Geden Choeling Nunnery in Tibetan Tawu set herself on fire to burn to death in protest against China’s escalating clampdown in eastern Tibet. In the video from November 3, 2011, … Continue reading “Self Immolation Video of Buddhist Nun Palden Choetso in Tibet”

The Tibetan Sky Burial Pictures

Buddhist ritual known as the Tibetan Sky Burial is something we couldn’t even remotely fathom in the western world, but it is part of normal life and death in parts of the Himalayas. By cutting the flesh of the deceased and offering them to the vultures, Tibetan Buddhists pay honor to those who had moved … Continue reading “The Tibetan Sky Burial Pictures”