Tongue Splitting on a Young Girl

Tongue splitting is a body modification technique that involves the bifurcation of the tongue lengthwise along its center. Once it’s healed, the person will have a “forked tongue“, otherwise known as a “snake tongue“. Girl in this video already had the tip of her tongue split, but got it forked deeper. You can tell by … Continue reading “Tongue Splitting on a Young Girl”

Do It Yourself Tongue Bifurcation

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself clenching your toes and squeezing your ass cheeks watching this video even if you’re a seasoned gorgian. Splitting your own tongue lengthwise, aka performing a do-it-yourself tongue bifurcation is certainly an activity that can deliver remote shivers to any tongue. It doesn’t look like the guy in the … Continue reading “Do It Yourself Tongue Bifurcation”

Tongue Bifurcation Video – Snake Tongue Splitting Procedure as Body Mod

Tongue Bifurcation, also known as tongue splitting is an extreme body modification during which the tongue is forked by surgical cutting to give an impression of a snake tongue. The video below shows the Tongue Bifurcation procedure and I swear I admire the guy for not throwing up. For one, having your tongue out of … Continue reading “Tongue Bifurcation Video – Snake Tongue Splitting Procedure as Body Mod”