Two Hands Nailed to Tree

Short video of a man who, for some reason, is having his hands nailed to a tree. Allegedly from Russia, it starts off with one hand already hung like a painting on a wall. Then shows a rather huge nail being hammered into his other hand as he screams. How he will get out of … Continue reading “Two Hands Nailed to Tree”

Stabby McStaberson Stabs a Man

Stabbing must really take it out of you. The poor fella was plum tuckered by the end. Obviously, the cameraman has tourette’s as shown with the constant shaking. In location unknown, but definitely in Latin America, a man gets stabbed over and over again. After taking it hard and deep, man lies on stomach to … Continue reading “Stabby McStaberson Stabs a Man”

Bag Whore Suffocates, Almost Killed

Hi I came across this fucked up video the other day of a Bag Whore being suffocated until shes almost killed. The bitches screaming is more disturbing then any ISIS or Cartels videos I’ve seen. The most I can find is that her porn name is Skinny Ana Breathplay and she hasn’t uploaded anything since … Continue reading “Bag Whore Suffocates, Almost Killed”

Stabbing and Drowning of Bisexual Teenager at Maria Farinha Beach, Brazil

This Tuesday 25, at Maria Farinha beach, town of Paulista, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, two 15 year old girls murdered a 14 year old girl and filmed the whole act. As the story goes, the victim was the girlfriend of the girl holding the smartphone, and cheated on her at some point during their relationship. … Continue reading “Stabbing and Drowning of Bisexual Teenager at Maria Farinha Beach, Brazil”

Scroungy Russian Man Bites Belt while Tasered at Nighttime

This happened in Russia, but I’m not sure if it’s a punishment for a thief or a challenge from friends. You would do it? Thank you for providing translation @ya-ya: – painfully? – very painful! Please forgive me! I will never be like this again. – Who are you? Say you’re a thief. // calls … Continue reading “Scroungy Russian Man Bites Belt while Tasered at Nighttime”

Soda Bottle Inserted into Tight Snatch of Perky Tittied Alleged Cellphone Thief

The video above is from Nigeria. It depicts a group of Nigerian men are seen forcing a soda bottle inside a young lady’s private parts as she squirms in pain. It is alleged that she had been caught trying to steal one of the guys’ phone and the group decided to administer the absolutely inhumane … Continue reading “Soda Bottle Inserted into Tight Snatch of Perky Tittied Alleged Cellphone Thief”

Suspected Terrorist Beaten on Butt Severely – India

This video is from India. Indian army beating a suspect terrorist and trying to gain more information about them. Recently in India , a big terrorist attacks happened “pulwama terrorist attack”. Total died 40 army man of India. Props to Best Gore member @shivd9 for the video: Fill browser window Zero-Decibels ®

Parents Neglect 12 Year Old Daughter in Romania

Hi, I dont know if you can post this because its about a kid. The video is from Romania, Botosani County, I believe, February. The girl in the video was 12 years old and she weighted about 6 kg due to neglect from her parents. She had several siblings but none were in similar condition. … Continue reading “Parents Neglect 12 Year Old Daughter in Romania”

Half-Alive Joker Fails to Laugh at Tormenting Jokesters

In Brazil, a tied up man is half-alive judging by his lack at sense of humor. He is also, sliced and jousted by sharp knives. When filming begins, all five toes on right foot have cut loose. Translation: girl says: – “This is what do to to them jackasses.” girl says: – “Chris’s posse.” guy … Continue reading “Half-Alive Joker Fails to Laugh at Tormenting Jokesters”