Another Vomit-Inducing Cyst-Popping

Hey guys, guess what? Turns out, that last zit was the runt of the litter. Got a real vomit-inducer for you here. God, look at all that curdled cheese. Man, this is a big ol boy right here, enough dip for everyone at the party…looks and sounds painful for all involved, though. but they they … Continue reading “Another Vomit-Inducing Cyst-Popping”

Video of Scrotum Abscess Drainage in India

Video from India shows a doctor surgically draining scrotum abscess. The procedure almost looks like something you would do at home with disposable razors. Handle on that scalpel must have fallen off or something… The patient’s testes looked painfully swollen and remain swollen after drainage. Doctor fingered the excision to scrape out all available abscess … Continue reading “Video of Scrotum Abscess Drainage in India”

Popping of Cyst That Looks Like a Tit

Something is majorly fucked up when a cyst the size of a tit grows on your back. I don’t know if he’s faking it or the sight of a giant zit being popped really made him sick, but shortly into the beginning of the 5 minute video, the guy behind the camera started to sound … Continue reading “Popping of Cyst That Looks Like a Tit”

Holes Drilled In the Cheek to Drain Accumulated Pus

I know nothing about the safe ways to drain pus accumulated in the cheeks, but looks like doing it the way shown in this video is one of the safest ones. As we all know, face is one of the most guarded parts of everyone’s body because it remains exposed to others more than anything … Continue reading “Holes Drilled In the Cheek to Drain Accumulated Pus”

Huge Abscess on Back Drained by Butcher Woman

It’s been a while since we’ve had a properly gross zit popping video on Best Gore so here’s a well deserved fix. Zit bearer in this video is a gray haired man with huge cyst on his back. Zit fixer is a butcher woman who’s too fucking rough even for a dead bull, let alone … Continue reading “Huge Abscess on Back Drained by Butcher Woman”

Chunk of Skin Cut Off to Drain Abscess on Back of Patient with Diabetes

Male patient with diabetes which he doesn’t keep under control developed huge boil on his back. To address to boil, surgeons removed a chunk of skin from patient’s back and drained the abscess. I found the handling on behalf of butchers, I mean doctors all kinds of questionable, but maybe that’s the way they do … Continue reading “Chunk of Skin Cut Off to Drain Abscess on Back of Patient with Diabetes”

Anorectal Abscess Drainage Video

An anorectal abscess is an abscess near an anus. It’s typically caused by accumulation of bacteria (including E. coli which is found in human feces) and if left untreated, can result in anal fistula in which the cavity connects with rectal canal. Video below shows the process of surgical drainage of an anorectal abscess. Not … Continue reading “Anorectal Abscess Drainage Video”

Doctor Drains Cyst from Patients Lip Into His Mouth

Dr. Tbalu has his own ways to drain cysts. He doesn’t need no suction devices, he’ll just let the pus flow down patient’s mouth. Ingenious. I’m sure it was a great relief for the patient to have that abscess off his gums, but damn, he may consider different clinic next time around. It is quite … Continue reading “Doctor Drains Cyst from Patients Lip Into His Mouth”

Toothless Freak Projectile Shoots Pus Out of Huge Zit on Chin

This video wins on many fronts. For one, it features an odd looking, toothless freak whose looks are either totally bad ass, or totally moronic. I can’t decide. Secondly – he has this huge zit on his chin which shoots out projectiles of pus when squeezed. You don’t want to get in the path of … Continue reading “Toothless Freak Projectile Shoots Pus Out of Huge Zit on Chin”