10 Year Old Brazilian Kid Brutally Beaten with Flip Flops for Allegedly Raping a 5 Year Old

10 Year Old Brazilian Kid Brutally Beaten with Flip Flops for Allegedly Raping a 5 Year Old

There’s so much wrong with the simple statement that a 10 year old was beaten bloody for allegedly raping a 5 year old, that I can’t even believe it could be said, let alone entertain the possibility of it being true. Yet that’s exactly what happened and it was filmed on video.

The little boy in the video is only 10 years old. He was accused of raping his 5 year old neighbor. Take a look at how little he is – he probably doesn’t even understand what the hell rape is, and has no concept yet of there being any other use to his pee pee, beside peeing when one drinks too much water.

In a Brazilian style street lynching, the boy was surrounded by older (thus stronger) guys who beat him bloody with flip flops.

That Brazil is pussy whipped has been documented at Best Gore extensively. But this goes way beyond false rape accusations. I wonder if perhaps the kids played “doctors” the way all kids in that age do, and a feminazi, who sees exerting pain and suffering upon all boys and men for being boys and men as the sole purpose of her existence, immediately accused him of rape. In pussy whipped countries, when a man is accused of rape, regardless of how ridiculous the accusation is, and even if there is undisputed evidence that the accusation is a fabrication, the man still pays the price.

Few things are as sickening as feminism.

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        1. Brazilians are not Hispanic your ignorant idiot lame copy of a racist LOL Brazilians speak Portuguese they were colonized by Portugal, dutch and Germans , native . Brazilians are African descendent they are not that native of brazil , they are descendent of slaves brought it by Portugal and German people to work in farming and mines. this people arrive in brazil from Africa.

          1. Wait…What? Goddam! Are you suggesting that there are no indigenous South Americans? No humans in what would later become Brazil before being colonized? All inhabitants are imports? Just curious.
            Anyway, niggers are bad. Carry on.

        2. They do. That is SO true. I’m always seeing these short Mexican guys dressed wearing Hollister clothes with a 6 2” 300bs redhead from some trailer park on his arm. I never really gave it much thought until you mentioned it. But you guys aren’t the only ones getting the 300lbs white redheads.

      1. Yeah man. I use to play games like that with my moms best friends daughter. She was the same age as me. But we use to play a game I called hide the weenie. I would hide naked and she would find me and touch it and play with it. I can’t forget the booby monster game. She would hide and when I found her i would fondle them lil tits. I was a sick lil puppy now that I look back.

    1. Fucking doctor. fuck yeah those words creeped up a geniun smile cuz. Confession gang, heard of “playing doctor” but Never done it…as a kid. But that kid is most likelly screwed for life. Pack your shit and get the fuck out of town time. It be done. That’s a rap, B. -951-

  1. Omg how an adult to this to a child is beyond me. Did he survive?? I saw he got his head stomped on few times… Poor kid. I swear I hate humans sometimes. I also hope that those adults get what they deserve.

    1. Definitely a ginger. Usually kids who act out ‘sex’s have been abused themselves. It’s probably Mom, Dad or Uncle da Silva that should be taking the beating. I noticed he had blood coming from his ear. A sign of a closed head injury? I hope they didn’t kill him. That bitch was kicking him with her high heels.

    1. I had a childhood friend ‘Dan’ who was 8 at the time he was visiting my neighbors; his aunt and step “uncle”. Complete alcoholic meth’ed out white trash. She would constantly scream at him, and when her plug came home without even knowing what Dan supposedly did, would be getting out of his car taking his belt off to whip him. I never thought at the time I could even report those 2, and now I kick myself for not saying anything, but they were just sadists and otherwise nihilists pure and simple. People like that are everywhere. I dunno whatever happened to Dan, but I hope he was able to get out of that shit somehow or other…

  2. I think that they killed the little dude. Sick fucking degenerates, they are, to beat this kid for exploring his sexuality, when it,s natural for a young child, ( boy, or girl ) to do while growing up. That last thing they threw at him was a piece of concrete, me thinks! SAD MAN!!!

      1. no way dude 10 is to young to shuck, i was at least 13 before i could whack with end results. then it was on i got jacking off down to a science did and still do it often and ive been married to the same gal for 23 years that loves sex, dont know why i included all that other shit but 10 is to young to spank your monkey

    1. Putting your penis into a 5 year old girl against her will hardly constitutes as “exploring sexuality”. That being said, I seriously, seriously doubt that this kid raped a 5 year old girl. Most 10 year olds don’t even have their balls in yet. I think it was something rather more innocent and someone stirred up a shit storm. I’ve seen so many kids as young as 8 getting beaten and even arrested for the whole, “show me yours I’ll show you mine” game. Which isn’t a big deal when kids are still trying to learn about gender. I’ve also noticed that most lynchings in brazil tend to have the victim involved. So where is this girl at?

  3. And that my friends, is how you MAKE a fag, he now thinks pussy is evil, will become a ladyboy and move to thailand , stab chinaman with ice pick cut him up and eat him and send video to best gore. Can’t wait for that video!

  4. The fact is that you have no idea if he really did do it or not. Simply blaming this on “feminism” is highly unjustified and the only reason someone could jump to this conclusion is because they have not experience some like this. Of course what they did was fucked disgusting and……anyway I don’t know much about Brazil but what I do know is that kids sometimes actually do these things, because I was a victim to it. Not raped (because I did not know any better I simply followed along), anyway these kids did not know what they were doing and were only following the adults, the ‘example’. What made this worse is that fact that the adults themselves would sometimes do those things to their own children. It sucked and I fucked hate those people. Fucked drunk shits, who do nothing but ruin the future of us kids (there were some good people).
    Anyway off topic, children are capable of these things even if they do not understand it themselves but the people at fault are the Adults and blaming this on “feminism” is the last possibility.
    That’s all I wanted to say.
    Please do not comment…………………….

    1. I have no clue what you are attempting to say. English might not be your first language.

      You say feminism isn’t responsible, but honestly it’s become clear to me that there is a mass predilection for women and insane amount of loathing for men in today’s world. If feminism isn’t responsible, then widespread gynocentrism is.

      You must wonder if these guys would be beating a girl to a bloody pulp if she was accused of rape.

      That’s all I wanted to say.
      Comment to me if you like……………………

    2. It is called MISANDRY. In fact, it is societal misandry and dim witted fuckwits like yourself only serve to deepen and worsen this affliction that has come over the western world as a whole.

      It runs rampant and very VERY VERY deeply in the fabric of western liberal society.

      I have something to suggest to you – please go down a gallon or twelve of pure albertan bitumen.

    1. @Stomper.

      I’d like to know how these sick fuckers came to their conclusion? Did he confess to raping a girl? Does he even understand what it means! Or did a five year old tell someone?

      What I think is more likely is that the guys were the rapists and the boy was their “patsy” filmed as evidence and probably killed.

    2. hmm…I seem to remember corrupting a 9yr old boy when I was 10…didn’t have a clue what I was doing but it sure felt good….
      its funny, ive always carried a lot of guilt with me about that…

  5. Is it even possible for a 10 year old to get an erection? And if so would he even know what to do with it?

    Maybe he saw his parents having sex and was curious. I highly doubt a rape happened.

    I know when I was younger we were all curious and would play around. Now looking back on it I know it was totally innocent.

    1. dawn, yes a 10 year old boy could get an erection but not from being aroused i have never heard of a 10 year old reaching puberty, me and 2 of my cousins used play the ole doc game at my grand mothers house and we were around that same age although 1 of them was 2 years older than me and my other cousin so she may have been enjoying it a little more, but it didnt have anything to do with sex, we laugh about it now

  6. The 10 year old is probably a victim of sexual abuse himself. It’s normal for some children to say you show me yours, i’ll show you mine kind of thing. Having sex with a 5 year old isn’t, even at 10 most children will know bounderies unless sexual behavior has already become normalized to them. Even if the little boy had done it you don’t punish a child like that for anything. He’s a child and won’t have so much self control, they are adults and punishing him for not having self control. The adults are showing less self control than the child. Fucking disgusting.

  7. I felt the need to sign up, there’s a lot of things on here I need to comment on. For a start this! So a TEN year old is accused of rape, I mean at that age do you even know what that means? Seriously beating a child, I’ve really seen some of the lowest things in this world, but this makes my blood boil. These so called ‘men’ in this video can have a swing at me with their fucking flip flops and we’ll see how the situation fares.

    Hello to everyone btw, “long time listener first time caller”

  8. reminds me of the brief yet albeit nasty lynching i got off some gypsys around the same age maybe i was bit older and the fuckers used bricks. good job a car pulled over because it was near a main road but the blood flowed that day but i survived just like the rest of the times like the attempted suffocations and knife attacks and bottle attacks and fractured skulls chased with a shotgun life saving operations after amphetamine overdoses shit how the fuck am i still here i could go on thats just a few fuck im a lucky son of a bitch i know this

  9. Reminds me of how the dominant lion in a pride will beat the shit out of the younger coming of age lions. Forcing them to abandon the pride so they can have all the lionesses to himself. Brazilians are like lions wearing flip flops.

  10. they should have lit him on fire. the conversations above prove that nobody is innocent. There’s no “playing doctor” in Brazil.
    I like Brazil’s answer to crime, and I look forward to the day it gets utilized in my country

  11. This two children could watched a porn and see what they have.It happened to me when I was a child.But the parents are there to tell you what to do in my case was the other child parent.I didn’t get kicked like animal just becouse I’m the neighbor kid.

  12. He is to young even for proper erectiond they probobly catch him and her half naked or something. Litlle guy manipulate her to show hip her pi pi, maybe he touched it and they saw him…
    Rape is impossible. This kido is beaten bloody for researching.
    Any update on this case? Poor fella

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