10 Year Old Brazilian Kid Brutally Beaten with Flip Flops for Allegedly Raping a 5 Year Old

10 Year Old Brazilian Kid Brutally Beaten with Flip Flops for Allegedly Raping a 5 Year Old

There’s so much wrong with the simple statement that a 10 year old was beaten bloody for allegedly raping a 5 year old, that I can’t even believe it could be said, let alone entertain the possibility of it being true. Yet that’s exactly what happened and it was filmed on video.

The little boy in the video is only 10 years old. He was accused of raping his 5 year old neighbor. Take a look at how little he is – he probably doesn’t even understand what the hell rape is, and has no concept yet of there being any other use to his pee pee, beside peeing when one drinks too much water.

In a Brazilian style street lynching, the boy was surrounded by older (thus stronger) guys who beat him bloody with flip flops.

That Brazil is pussy whipped has been documented at Best Gore extensively. But this goes way beyond false rape accusations. I wonder if perhaps the kids played “doctors” the way all kids in that age do, and a feminazi, who sees exerting pain and suffering upon all boys and men for being boys and men as the sole purpose of her existence, immediately accused him of rape. In pussy whipped countries, when a man is accused of rape, regardless of how ridiculous the accusation is, and even if there is undisputed evidence that the accusation is a fabrication, the man still pays the price.

Few things are as sickening as feminism.

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  1. Hi BG community, first post after lurking for years. I have to comment on this!
    I watch the news, and see all the crap that humans do to each other daily. I don’t even give them credit by saying they are animals, because animals kill for survival, not for their own enjoyment. These idiots deserve to be locked up in a cage for life!! A 10 year old doesn’t know anything about sex, or rape, he was probably just curious, and being a kid! It does appear that they might have killed him, and if he is still alive he will likely have massive brain damage. WTF!!!

    1. We had 11 yr old 5th graders here caught giving eachother blowjobs to eachother in a local school bathroom (somewhere in Bay Area, CA) recently. It’s fairly common, sadly, this contemporary loss of innocence in society…

  2. I’m live in Brazil and this is normal here.(Older children raping young childrens).

    Yes, a 10yo boy can have an erection.

    In my street, a 11yo boy fully penetrated a vagina of his 3yo sister(he broke his himen, second examinations).

    Sorry for bad english.

  3. I’d like to know why I always see grown ass men beating up small children. Everytime I turn around it’s a guy that stomped on someone’s toddler, or a group of thugs that beat up someone’s 9 year old daughter. For every story I hear about a woman strangling a baby, there’s 10 more about men that raped 6-12 month old babies, then proceeded to break every bone in their body. White men try to act civilized calling out “niggers” and “spicks” and what the fuck ever for their ridiculous behavior. But all I see are a bunch of wild animals, running around like savages, plundering, raping and murdering indiscriminately with little to no provocation, and then blaming the victim. When I first came here, I believed shit like this was a race thing too, something only people from the slums of 3rd world countries do. But with every new video like this, I realize that this apparently is just a man thing.

  4. We need to consider how the fuck a 10-year-old even knows what “sex” is unless he’s witnessed or experienced it. When I was his age, all I knew about my dick was that it was for aiming pee. It wasn’t until several years later that I found out it can make me feel magical. These people need to dig deeper into what the fuck happened and how it all started, starting with this boys parents.

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