14 Year Old Girl Beaten for 3 Hours by Older Bully in Nanchang, China

14 Year Old Girl Beaten for 3 Hours by Older Bully in Nanchang, China

In Nanchang, central China, a 14 year old girl with great hair was taken to a rooftop of a residential building where she was beaten by an older bully for 3 hours. A short video of her ordeal leaked to the internet.

The victim, who was identified as Li Xiaoyan, is seen being repeatedly slapped, kicked and pulled by her hair. Toward the end of the video she has a nosebleed.

The bullies beat her because she had allegedly called them names, which she denies.

The attack occurred on September 25, 2015, but the victim was too scared to speak up and seek help for fear that the bullies would beat her again, or even kill her. I’m sure anyone who’s been a victim of bullying can relate to that.

It wasn’t until a neighbor saw the footage of the attack that something was done about it, and now Chinese police are allegedly investigating it.

What is it with girl bullies lately?

Props to Best Gore member @SrbijaBgd for the video:

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      1. i’d say its tougher to keep your cool in that situation than to hulk out and try to fight back…who knows though…maybe if she wouldve fought back we’d be seeing her again tied up and bloating in some waterway…in that situation id say its hard to determine the real winner…her, the bullys or us?

        1. I guess it depends on how you look at it. I mean you could say she was brave enough to stand face to face and not cry or run away from that coward, in a way, that could be her way in telling the bully “Ya fuck you, you can’t break me”. That had to piss the bully off πŸ™‚

        1. Fuck yeah!!! @nocuntry, I miss those days!

          And by the way @re-pete , you never know, she had an evil look about her man (maybe cuz she looked like The Grudge)…she’s probably planning her sweet revenge as we speak!

      1. I fucking detest bullies…I was bullied at school by an older boy for a full 2 years , I dreaded waking up , I dreaded getting off the bus and I dreaded registration knowing the 6 hours of hell I was in for , school holidays were like Christmas for me . There are a million videos of a bullied kid snapping , well that’s what happened with me , one afternoon a bomb went off in me and I went bezerk .
        I won’t say what I did but 2 years of ret hot anger came out and it took 3 teachers to pull me off him .
        That coward and his posse never so much as made eye contact with me after that and it was worth the suspension .
        Anyone who’s been a victim of bullying reading this needs to know that you have the bravery to stand up for yourself…its in you , even if you lose and get a hiding , at least you hit back

        1. I’m sorry you went through that hell @goreman77!!! I can’t stand bullies either and I’m glad you stood up for yourself. Sometimes it’s the only way to get it to stop and it sounds like it worked for you. Bullies are exactly as you said…cowards. I wish all victims would stand up for themselves but I can’t deny this girl’s strength for what she endured. She looks like she’s got it in her to fight back but probably just needs to be pushed to the point of action, I hope she does it soon.

        2. I was bullied when I was at school and the rage soon came out but we don’t know how many people she was up against fair play to the young girl she made it look like she wasn’t even bothered, I’m telling you now she’s a tough little girl and can’t wait till she gets them back one by one.

    1. I know I’m digging out a dinosaur here, but being a bully victim for years, I can tell you that you kind of get used to it. It just doesn’t matter what they do to you, you take it and ignore it.

        1. Haha true you never know, a nice big Samurai sword.
          Can’t believe how she took that beating, when I was bullied I ended up kicking their asses so bad I got suspended and arrested for sticking up for myself but was so worth it lol.

          1. @mil You were arrested because under the international pen code:(CA67-218-A) it states that you’re not allowed to assault or show any kind of aggression towards bullies in any way. I’m totally kidding about that, but I can’t believe you were arrested. Good for you, I’m glad you beat them up πŸ™‚

        1. @Re-pete It’s one thing to fuck the shit out of them and another entirely to have to go around the house finding little statues of Buddha everywhere like knick knacks.
          Glass coffee tables seem to be their preference.

          1. Never stuck around long enough to observe that…I always leave while the party is still going to avoid having to help with that.

          2. Oh man, I know what you mean! I always duck out of there right when things start to slow down. I try my very best not to host them for that very reason.

    1. Never seen one who could take even half of what they put out. That’s actually one of the causes of idiots acting out the way they do. If that younger girl would have stepped up it would have been bad news for the bitch.

      1. @Arm0ur that analogy of wolves, sheep and shepherds comes to mind…my 5 are shepherds….couldn’t abide it if one of mine was a bully or a pussy…they were taught to defend themselves and to step in if they were to witness an event like this.
        People who want to fight skin on skin it seldom gets too serious and willing combatants should be allowed to get shit off their chests…but 3 people taking someone to a roof to beat them…fuck that.

      2. i was waiting for her to explode to be honest.
        seen it in real if a few times back at school- and speaking honestly its a beautiful thing. that “snap”, then years of tension and pain fueling those furious and eventual punches and kicks – but nothing beats the look of sheer shock on the face of the bully as they are quickly and viciously pummeled to the ground.

        Its like a rebirth…a wave of emotion passes through the playground in the wake of what has happened, it is all that is excitely talked about for the rest of the day-certain lives are changed forever-and that day is never forgotten

  1. Sweet child of the Good Lord ! is all I can say . I don’t know what by the Moons of Saturn; she’s been made of .She took the brutal brunt unfazed .
    Now who wouldn’t want this whore of a bully , “Dead ” this very minute .
    C’mon get me some Made in China projectile to blow this bully slit to Smithereens .I’m wanting this bad Sir .
    Get me my Browning Hi-Power if the chinky kinky thing can’t be found

  2. Yes, it would be very satisfying to see her lash out and get some revenge but I think people underestimate the strength one has to just sit there and take it, barely flinching, no tears and for that amount of time. This girl was tough and hopefully every hit she took, her mind was working on a longer and more painful plan of revenge for these dumb bitches.

  3. A lot of female bullies in Asia it would seem. Then they turn into that Asian driver who cuts 3+ lanes to get to her destination or drive through a red…or is it the victim that turns…chicken or the gold preserved egg?

    1. Scott you gotta call me ; then we’ll have a three some if its alright by you. The fact of the pact is ,I’m only gonna fuck the lights outta her old sagged up withered down slit with a baseball bat while I’d have her jiggle her racks deliriously like some pendulum……….for a start bear in mind I am no Islamic fundamentalist BUT standpatterist toward whores like these.

    1. Ha ha ha @ Already gone ..you have put that right about their eyes being swelled up shut/unshut , always looking the same.

      You know of the accursed slant eyed world of chinks ……all around the year beaten , bruised , and unslept you just can’t make out what’s so wicked about those fucked up eyes sockets of theirs swelled up bags of roving cameras is all they roam with .

      1. Crappin antatrica he is not @Fapping Illiterate…your dealing with the Huckt incase you don’t know it.
        WTF is a sheld ? knowing you @Fapping Illiterate you just can’t spell Trojans or rubbers or condiments or….

  4. I cheer for the bullies. The weak gets their ass handed to them in the mail bag. This world you need to be hunter or the hunted. I hate when parents tell their children “Oh, Little Bully, when this bully attacks you, you tell your teacher fast.” Aka, “Billy, I raised you to be the bitch you are. Like daddy, he was a bitch in the school.” No. When the bully attacks you, you either close your fist, and attack him or her. Then people will know “What’s up” You want to be the bitch, be my guest. For me, good for the bullies. Good on you.

  5. Dude, I wish I had beautiful hair like that, I would so learn how to French braid. I wish that girl would have fought back or at least cover her face. No one should have to take that shit for 3 hours. Like who the fuck do those girls think they are… at about 30 mins I’d resort to stabbing..

  6. Why would you just stand still and let someone beat you???
    If it was me I would have hit the living shit out of that bitch! Rip her fucking skull open. Bitch

  7. Side note on this older video. I showed this video to my wife who is Chinese. She said the girl doing the hitting was asking for money. The camera girl was telling her to not hit her so hard and to be careful of her nose bleed showing evidence of the beating. She might have been a friend of the girl getting hit trying to tape it to prove what was happening to the poor young girl. Shame but my wife said this is very common in rural mainland china.

  8. I want to track this bitch down and bully her right back. But all them dang Chinese look the same. Where to begin ??? It’s been 3 years now… I wish she would publicly out their names already. Bullies deserve everything they get.

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