17 Year Old Student Pedro Aguilera Beaten by Riot Police in Chile

17 Year Old Student Pedro Aguilera Beaten by Riot Police in Chile

During student protest held in Santiago on May 13, 2013, Chilean crowd control police in full riot gear beat 17 year old student and president of his high school’s student association Pedro Aguilera unconscious. Human rights groups including the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) condemned the disproportionate use of excessive force and spoke out against the apparent police brutality.

Even though the beating took place on May 13, the outrage was not sparked until yesterday – after the video showing the violent arrest by Carabineros was leaked. I have stated it so many times before and stand by it – use the fact that you have a camera in your pocket and always videotape police. Because in this case, as with so many other cases – if there was no video, did it even happen? Police will not protect you from themselves. We must protect each other from them. Police do not serve and protect the citizens. They serve and protect the system. They will always and only put their own interest or interests of those who command them before you and your interests. Always keep that in mind.

Video that shows the alleged beating and violent arrest of 17 year old Pedro Aguilera by Carabineros in Santiago, Chile is below:

Different video of the same beating:

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38 thoughts on “17 Year Old Student Pedro Aguilera Beaten by Riot Police in Chile”

  1. You people around the world are pussies. IF you call this a beating come to america where the cops just fuckin beat you and taze you to death. Also if you give me a long winded response about how we are letting it happen here yeah no shit fuck the police when is it time for the culling.

  2. I just don’t get why does everyone try to fight the police 1 verses 5? There are 5 big fellows with sticks trying to arrest you, I am sorry mister skinny man but its best you lift your hands and say, “ok ok you got me” and walk calmly with them.

    I don’t mean its ok for them to arrest random protestors or that the police are always right. Its just the best thing to do in that situation because they are gonna arrest you either way. Kicking and screaming like a school girl about to be raped is just going to motivate them even more.

  3. I’m sure their is a method to their madness. I don’t think they just randomly picked this guy out of a crowd and started dragging his ass through the streets. I’m sure he did something to antagonize the officers but we don’t see that part the only part we see is the heartless cops dragging a poor innocent man through the streets for no reason at all !

  4. to be honest i didn’t really see abuse, i saw them restrain a guy, and then carry him off. Don’t get me wrong i am all for the police being held accountable for abuse. Here to me i don’t see that. For all we know he was throwing stones at them. However where they beat the man to death. Those dudes should hang.

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