22 NYPD Cops Gang Up on One Fare Dodger on New York Subway

22 NYPD Cops Gang Up on One Fare Dodger on New York Subway

Ever wondered why cops never seem to be around when you need them, and why real criminals seemingly go about their crimes undisturbed? Well, here’s your answer. Cops are too busy ganging up on people who did not pay their subway fare to deal with real criminals. You know, cause fare dodgers are such serious threat to our establishment of society, all the policemen from the neighborhood must show up to arrest them. The $2.50 fare the subway operator lost must be worth the resources of 22 NYPD officers putting everything else aside to come and arrest one.

Still, NYPD cops seems to have missed the class where they’re taught to beat the man to death, confiscate all the cameras from eye witnesses, and then conveniently lose the cameras. Should try exchange scholarship with Bakersfield, California.

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video:

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53 thoughts on “22 NYPD Cops Gang Up on One Fare Dodger on New York Subway”

  1. Hahaha, they just come out of the woodwork and things escalate from there. I didn’t think beat cops could ever be so bored. Still, I am surprised that no one was tazed or beaten within an inch of their life, as that is what cops seem to do to people when they gather in numbers.

  2. You gotta be kiddin’ me, all those fuckin’ cops for that.Cops fuckin’ suck. The new york state troopers are no better.I hope all these corrupt power hungry pieces of shit rot in hell. Protect and serve my ass.I’m sure there’s a good one here and there, but godamn,very few and far between.

  3. Cops being cops and doing what they do best! I can’t say i love cops but i do love a man in a cop uniform! I’d love to be “arrested and beat up” by fake cop in a cop uniform! 🙂 As many times as i wrote cop, i almost feel like i came up with a sucky riddle! Lol

        1. haha bacon suit ! theres an awesome video over here of a guy who completely verbally flips off some cops with some classic lines he shoots them all down ,il try to upload it well worth watching. in the meantime il dig out my firefighter uniform and you find your maids outfit juicy ..

  4. American police are something else, taze you for throwing a cigarette butt out the window. Fuck the clueless American police. I saw 6 cops give an elderly woman a heart attack once in my neighborhood serving a felony warrant to her son over a bogus check, they broke her door down and slammed her into the ground.

  5. Can’t wait for the day when cops are to afraid to do their job. It would be nice to see some videos of cops pulling over people for going 3 miles over the speeding limit getting whats coming to them.

  6. slow day at the subway for crime i guess. It’s kinda funny and clearly overkill, but if it was just one cop the dude could have gave some lip or something. You get more cops there not because it takes that many to arrest someone, but it deters the ‘bad guy’ from resisting or fighting back.

  7. I dont want to live on this planet anymore. This is a prime example of government waste. Who is accountable for this GROSS mis-allocation of taxpayer funded resources? I want NAMES! for christs sake, we had only a handful more guys on the BIN LADEN mission, and this fucker simply jumped a toll! FUCK!

  8. Cops like these need the shit beaten out of them by us civilians to show them what it’s like. There are too many law protecting the pussy pigs, they can attack us, but don’t you dare harm a hair on their chinny chin chin. That guy had the right to kill as many of those pigs as he could & not serve a day of prison time. If a pig even attempts to do this to me, it will die. I have the right to defend myself, because I say so, not some corrupt fucking government law.

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