4 Girls Deliver Savage Beatdown to Girl in a Brooklyn McDonald’s

4 Girls Deliver Savage Beatdown to Girl in a Brooklyn McDonald's

Brooklyn, New York City, USA. At least four black teens are seen assaulting another teen in a local McDonald’s after the girl in blue allegedly took a swing at one of the other girls. Part of the gang mentality of lower class American blacks, all the other girls friends immediately jump on the girl and proceed to beat her down while patrons looked on and filmed.

One girl loses her shirt at one point and the victim is eventually floored while still being punched in the face before the others relent. Probably over a worthless young man.

Mass media wants to know why no one intervened but anyone who would have was going to get caught up in the whirlwind of punches. McDonald employees had to call 911 (emergency service in USA) twice to get proper response.

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      1. Dr mindfuck
        Please don’t get me wrong here ..I’ve post before about how much I hate blacks ,but not the race card here ..its what and what they won’t do to be civilized..but here in TX we have good folks here we don’t know why but there pretty good people.. Most I won’t trust but .I have my reasons..too. In the deepest of my soul and heart and to be true to myself I don’t like them.. But good people here in our city…thanks to my mom and dad being white and me being a half white breed.its fucking with me ever yday. I love my white people all my family is white but I married my wife from mexico but she’s 100% american..and have two beautiful sons..divorce now..I have a beautiful mixed girl friend. I know I know I know ..she’s 1/2 black1/2 Hispanic ..she looks half …but so fucking beautiful.. I couldn’t say no….she’s got a beautiful everything .
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            If you intend to use this website for personal attacks on other members, you will be made go. Best Gore will not shed a tear over your departure.

  1. I’m not sure of the difference between ‘upper class’ blacks and ‘lower class’ blacks.. I define upper class as a community that has higher than average educations and lower than average crimes; especially violent crime.

    There is no Black majority community in the USA that has either of these things – certainly there is not one that has both. This is not an issue about salary.. it’s an issue of character and integrity. Sadly, this extends to the international community. Show me one Black majority nation that is not a cluster-fvck of poverty, crime and all manner of social ills. Cutting up albino babies… Raping, beheading, … It simply goes on and on…

    The question becomes who or what is responsible for these pervasive behaviors.? Well, we can be damn clear who or what it is not… IT IS NOT WHITE PEOPLE’S DOING. The problems found in the USA are prevalent in EVERY black community world wide.

    The responsibility for this clusterfvck that we deal with daily lies with blacks…. I don’t know what it is… I just know I want nothing to do with them.

    Yep… Animals in the vids… Brooklyn, Atlanta, Haiti… Nigeria… South Africa… Each and every one a cesspool of violence, decline and all manner of social ills.

    Is that racist? I don’t care. Prove me wrong… Use data not hyperbole. In the mean time, i’m done with them.

        1. That’s an oddity; I’ve never heard of an intelligent person derived from Germanic origins. The greatest thinkers I can envision, they whom I collaborate with monthly…they have no trace, nor rumour of Germanic insignificance. Dawkins, Hawking, Einstein, Darwin, Newton, Hubble, Dennet, Dennit, Hitchens, Gibson, Tyson, Lennox, far more than half of the mathematical innovators were of Arabic/African descent,; especially those of the applicable (and useful sciences) likened to Algebra, additions to Newton’s Calculus, the greatest of Physicists, Mathematicians, Biologists, Naturalists, Ethologists, Chemists, Theologians, Philosophers, technological innovators, and in several hundred sub-sect derivations of scientific branches…of the listed, most (approximation up to 80% of the world’s greatest percentages and professionally considered persons of innovative genius, ingenuity, newfound inquiry, naturalistic happenings, and effectually elite academia’s are of Arabic/African origins; if not from those genealogies, then from many Polish, Russian, and really all immediately-post Stalinist sects.;

          I don’t mean to make you feel inferior (although you most certainly are), I do hope to invoke in you reason in discernment and accountability; of course man is by inheritance, subjectively-objective, thus, we’re biased in conception, contention and perception; additively, due to this subjectivism, we cannot state absolutely to whom is the greatest of the great, nor, conversely, to whom is the worst or lowest of the worst/lowest. This is because man cannot contort to humility, nor, and thus, we will never be objective thinking, seeking, pursuing, or endowing individuals of intellectualistic and disingenuous worth (sociality, inclined), but one thing that is shone and irrevocably absolute within science, and that is mathematics (excluding the pseudoscience ‘Statistics.’) With use of mathematics, and statistics if used properly, would account for absolutely substantial and evidential conclusions about many a’ things; alas, our governments and masses of stupefying Democratic voters are working counterproductive in mannerism to unified goal-making; understand, that if such a grouping as ‘Zionism’ did truly exist, then that would be the perfect route to go, partake in, and assist with – for the perpetuating glory and resonating infallibility of not any specific race nor sex, but for the extinction of this disgusting species of degenerating (dystrophy) likened parasites called humankind.

          For the sake of all other species, for all else – man must die; therefore concluding, that the Jews and Blacks, nor the Germans or Italians are the enemies outside of a [s]urrealistic world view; but from realistic actuality, we need all realize the harrowing dichotomy, the epitome and precipice of understanding; of evolution lies not with the extermination of any specified group of human beings, but with the extinction of humankind in generality. In essentiality to this dissertation, I propose the absolute movement of a new day, of a relativistic melancholia, or means-by-mode of which we treat one another; to “simply be” or of course, the alternative, much to my impersonal likening, “not to be.”

          If evolution is to ensue, if to pursue in entirety the continuance of life, the evolution must liberate for the sake of domesticating expatiation (in concurrence, and/or perpetuity), humankind must become extinct. To do that, war must be instigated; homosexuality must thrive, and ignorance through secularist growth, flourish.

          In virulence; in iniquitous consensus: we must stop killing animals for their foods (lest they’re subjugated to isolated cloning or animating-via-suspension), so that they may again grow – and encompass fully the earthly environments, and atmospheres; man must cease, for the sake of all other life to be free!

          Murder. Death. Kill.

          1. @Gibberish.
            You take Delusion to a level very seldom seen or heard.
            Convoluted gibberish from an obviously self proclaimed wannabe intellectual. Like to hear yourself talk ?, of course, your type always do. But please, save your inane uttering’s for your personal pleasure.

          2. Also things hat originated from Arab/African regions : pestilence and terrorism. Ignorant libtard.All your conjecture and rhetoric is just that. Whites rule- all other ethnicities drool

    1. Unfortunately, I agree and I don’t know either if that makes me a racist. I’m not prejudice because my opinion is not based on a preconceived opinion or feeling without education. Sadly, it is a fact that your statement or opinion is 2 feet to the finish line in a 500m race (meaning) closer to the fact than further away from it. Sad.

      1. It seems everywhere blacks go, decline follows. Detroit is emblematic. The most wealthy community in the US from 1947 t0 1972, it now resembles Dresden after the bombing. It’s residents an amalgam of crack whores, thieves and gang bangers. The demographic history paints a pathetic picture.. 1970 – 25 % black… 2005 – 82%

        I’ve tried to find a community that did the opposite, Blacks enter and the community thrives. I’ve looked at DOJ crime data, State Education data and Census data… I have not been able to find one community that has benefited from an influx of blacks. Not one… Adjusting for inflation, every damn place where blacks go, salaries decline, crime increases, educational outcomes fall.

        SOMEONE PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG I don’t want to believe that a group of humans can impact a community in such a negative way. Sadly, it’s all I have been able to find.

        How long can the US continue to delude itself? What will we do when we start owning up to the facts? I’d like to think Black America will pick itself up and progress. That, however, has never happened anywhere… Not in the US. Not internationally.

          1. What gets me is that blacks always claim that we are being prejudice towards them and that they should be treated as white are, but if they act like in the video (which is the norm for them) then how on earth are we supposed to treat them as we are treated. We have neighborhoods here that are clearly black because they are all run down and look horrible. We should treat them as they treat each other.

          2. @Rota, well said sweetheart but haven’t we already known most of what you have already stated? I am a bit conflicted though..I mean on one hand I truly believe the black race should have been annihilated long ago for everything & then some which you have already stated but I myself & family included would still love to have a few slaves around especially in this day & age…

        1. You Americans have some serious shit with you black population…….
          Because the hate of abuse of slavery…….
          A lot of black Americans…..haven’t gotten over it yet…..
          Europe france, Germany…..don’t have problems with their black population……
          When I was a kid…..the problems were
          Already with Islam……..
          I love to be very very distant from any human fucker……black …..white …….yellow…….brown….
          They are just trouble as a all……
          America is in such huge decline……
          Watch america turning fascist over night
          On its people……..

          1. Are you saying Blacks perform academically, professionally and socially the same as Germans?

            That would be news to me. My understanding is that they turn countries upside down where ever they go (in large numbers) One or two does not create a critical mass. Once they reach 25% of a population in a city or county, then very bad things happen.

        2. I live in a state with a low % of jungle bunnies, and a town with maybe 2, and since they grew up amongst whites they don’t act like inner city blacks. In fact, one of the reasons I moved here. Last big city I lived in was Indianapolis in a mixed neighborhood. Within 2 weeks we were broken into the first time and my little red nosed staffie was stolen. Every house on the block owned by whites had bars on the window. Guess that shouldve been my first clue. Called the cops and they acted like i wasted their time. Second time came a week later, neighbors called the cops and the nigs ran so I actually didn’t lose anything else. Totally bummed me out about the pup, I knew what his life was gonna be. Moved out the next day, got sued by my landlord for breaking my lease!

    2. Perhaps you should use data in place of hyperbole. Prove evidence to support those hateful claims of yours; and while you’re at it, research the systematic approach taken by the ‘white man’ to free himself of all minorities, or otherwise ethnocentric fundamentals…read up on Bush, more specifically Prescott Bush (Germanic origins) funding Hitler money for weapons during WWI-WWII, then helping SS escape to America and start new lives there on the cesspool that is the east coast of the Cowardly States of Dissonant America; read up on the Protocols of Zion ‘cooked up by Germanic pseudointellectuals; as is well known, firstly: statistics is not an evidentially substantiate, nor concrete mode of mathematics-in-science,; and then secondly, that all evil seems to have derivative originality from the sociality that was once, and is forevermore becoming ‘Germany.’ That cursed place, where’t all pseudoscience, falsely depicted ‘critical thinking’ ov, and for ethos demeanors, and finally – where the peoples there supposedly have ‘guilt complex’s’ for their antecessory befouls.

      White man is the problem, they spread hatred, it’s systemic and entertaining for the white man to do as he pleases, for the white man has an entitlement complex to his persona; the white man is privileged, the white man controls the media, the entertainment industry, founds useless ideals for human stimulation, such as ‘football,’ and/or other likened sports; the white man came to the America’s, enslaved, raped and murdered millions of Native Americans (indigenous peoples) thinking they were nothing more than animals – to which gives some inherit right of a depraved philosophical sect, to maim, murder, torture, rape, enslave and use as they see fit – animalistic and humanistic species in which are profoundly, or slightly different in domestication/variation as founded by Darwinian means. The white man is the problem, the Germans are behind the metastasizing of animosity throughout the world, the framing of the Jews into ‘Zionist’s,’ and degradation/desegregation of the African or Ebony based peoples (Homo-Habilis), whereas the white man is pseudospeciated and subsequently formed unto (Homosapian.)

      1. Obviously, Rota’s claims are ignorant bullshit that make it clear he has absolutely no understanding of the West’s legacy of colonization in Africa and the global south (nor of the vast economic exploitation and marginalization blacks have experienced since Reconstruction).

        That said, it’s pretty funny that you do precisely the same thing you admonish him for doing. By painting the “white man” as some sanguisugent untermensch, you are being just as intellectually lazy and chauvinistic as him and his ilk.

          1. IQ is an interesting topic because, as a measurement, it doesn’t have a whole lot of value outside of identifying individuals of either extremely low or extremely high intelligence.

            In the interceding 70%, there are relevant distinctions to be made, but a lot of that comes from factors beyond genetics (which do play a role, don’t get me wrong). But, things like nutrition and educational opportunity (like good schools or parents who went to college) have an immense impact on what a child can achieve, given the genetic foundation it receives. So I don’t believe it’s as simple as looking at IQ scores (or any other test scores for that matter) and making some kind of determination of an individual’s worth. There’s just too much behind the numbers to do that.

          2. I agree that genetics are very important in terms of a person’s intellectual foundation. To use an analogy, it’s sort of like marble to a sculptor.

            If you have low quality marble, you’re probably not going to get a very good statue, even if the artist has a lot of skill and has excellent tools. But even if you have the finest Italian marble, that won’t get you a masterpiece unless you have the right artist and the right tools to help that happen.

        1. Again, Asshole, show me one.. ONE city, State, country where blacks are the majority and crime, dysfunction and worse does not predominate.

          Again, blame everyone, everything, but those who carry out the behaviors.

          1. The problem here is that you are misunderstanding what I’m saying.

            I do not excuse the behavior of any individual. What they do is their own choice and they should be held accountable for the consequences of those actions.

            But what I am saying is that there are social and economic factors (largely, but not completely) outside of their control that explain the behavior better than the color of their skin.

            It’s a radical idea, I know.

      2. You are one retarded fucking Jew. You can’t write for shit. Jews own the media, Jews own the movie industry. Jews owned the slave ship that enslaved blacks. 75% of Jews in the US owned blacks as slaves. The “white man” is not the problem. You Jewish psychos are the problem. You want to rule the world and whites are in the way. Too bad. It’s war you fuck.

        1. That’s not much of a war; it’s great to see someone such as yourself so angrily desperate for some sense of falsely acclaiming vengeance. I need not mention your ad-hominem based rebuts, in which are present in every post/response you respond to – to which you disagree with; further, provide evidence from an unbiased source to support your ridiculous claims. Give to me evidential-based reasoning that hasn’t Germanic bias attached to it; anything at all, except Germanic derived sourcing.

          Conclusively, I watched that silly debate filled with ad-nausea argumentation, nothing demonstrably concrete from a scientific perspective; Rushton, Ph.D., is just another pseudointellectual, much like his opponent. It’s too bad he isn’t more likened to Dawkins, in whom I’ll be learning under within the next two years; I’m studying for E-B, or (Ethology) as well. It’s truly beautiful in attitudinal concept, and providential, scientifically – and of course, it is confounding philosophically,; more specifically related to Germanic derived peoples in whom are insatiably and uselessly lacking enough intellectualism to cook anything more complicated than a sausage link; having absolutely no innovative contributions to humanity, Germanic persons shouldn’t even spew their ignorant, profane and lying opinions.

          P.S: Regarding Rushton, Ph.D., and his debate with the other dumbass proved to be interesting if but for the sole reasoning of a sort of rabbinical and/or prophetic characteristic, to which can be attributively correlated to the sole function, mode and ingrained reason for (seemingly) inherit persecution; therefore concluding, perhaps physiological, psychophysiological and genetic/anatomical informalities are the sole prognoses for Hebraic and African destitution.

          For the other commentator, IQ tests are done in rather inefficient modes,; as so much of the testing material is based upon (solely factored) memory and visual perception. Of memory, and of photon disillusionment…

          1. Again, I find it amusing that you mention ad-hominem attacks and the like, but you employ them yourself quite frequently. Whatever point you think you’re making, that kind of thing just obscures it.

            As for IQ tests, that’s part of why I said they’re not particularly useful. Ultimately, they only test an individual’s ability to take a standardized test. Moreover, IQ isn’t an end in itself. After a certain point (usually one standard deviation above the mean), there is only a weak correlation between “success” (broadly defined) and increased IQ. So, there’s no reason to think an IQ score is anything more than a factor in predicting an individual’s ability to succeed in their environment.

          2. I’m laughing so hard I almost peed a little.
            Exactly how much intellectualism is needed to cook a sausage link?
            I can’t believe I read that whole thing.
            Oh boredom.

    1. Hope she will…..big time……one after an other…….
      Revenge is a dish you eat cold…..
      Personally…..I would not even do the dirty job…..
      I can tell she has memorized every one of them……
      Life is a bitch….

  2. Sadly, this is what blacks do world over. – Show me one nation, State , City…. Even a school district where there is a black majority and the crime rate is below average and the standardized test rate is above average

    They do not exist.

  3. Ahhh this reminds me of my high school days, when i had to face about 20 niggers or so in such same situation… 😆 Only that i didnt went down, managed to stand my ground until the groundkeeper called me to get inside a building, and they spreaded like if i were a disease once i punched the one that was in front of me right in his monkey forehead… I just needed to punch one… 😆 I still remember his outraged expression, hesitation, and disapearance… 😆 It was then i realised that niggers do not know how to trow punches (or even kicks). 🙂

      1. I did had a knuckleduster on my pocket that my friend had made from lead for me, but i didnt even remembered i had it… 😆 Once he arrived and seeing that the groundkeeper had called me in, he was fearing they would search me for weapons or anything so he toke it away while i was being interrogated. But hell, it was kinda fun, the niggers were frustrated and exausted and i was calm and cheerful according to my friend… 😆

          1. In Portugal, close to a “social neighborhood” (where niggers and gipsyes have their free homes free of any kind of taxes), after that, i moved to a decent looking neighborhood away from that, but it was a rent home, so my family decided to move to a bought home later, close to another social neighborhood… ugh… And those homes were in the same city counsul area.

      1. I had to google what a “cassius clay” was… Ironicly he looked a bit like him though without that much hair… but all niggers look the same anyways. 😆 I only remember his face because that was the only thing i was focusing myself on and arguing at when i was recieving several punches and kicks from everywhere without even reacting or moving out of my place, maybe thats what trew him off once i hit him… 😆 adrenaline is like a magic potion… His class mate (wich was a friend of mine) told me that he had a fairly large bump on his forehead from that single punch, sadly i didnt saw it though, and i dont even remember punching him that hard… 😆

  4. Damn 90% of those cockroaches are fat lips gorilla niggers with no permission to live. There is no something like good black people bla bla bla im sick n tired of this shit. If YOUR skin colour is black then youre a society infesting nigger that should be butchered immediately.

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    Take that motherfuckers.

    1. @Muhammad. I rarely comment on BG these days though I read each and every comment and yours (your comment) can not pass without my reply.

      Never dare to compare Africans to Arab Muslims. We are two different species. Also you should bear in mind that 98% of African Americans were forcibly taken into captivity by your ancestors and therefore you have to live with them whether you liked or not. If you can’t accept them, go hang!!!

      Atleast you managed to butcher and murder the ”red skins” and grab their land but you can’t wipe out the Niggas’ population.

      1. “…you should bear in mind that 98% of African Americans were forcibly taken into captivity by your ancestors”

        Quantify that statement. 98%, nice number to pull out of your ass. Everything I read says that black africans sold off their enemies to slave traders. You make it sound as if American’s invaded africa and kidnapped them and brought them to America. Everything I read says the slaves were bought in markets from other black africans. Talk about being stuck in a rock and a hard place, lol. Your own race put you in those chains.

        1. You enslave and ripp the planet…..off
          Time to pay for your fucking greed
          White fuckers…….
          Hahaha……shit is hitting the fan
          I’ll be watching in the comfort of my lanai
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        1. Even if those so called “decent” muslims in USA truth, they should be beheaded also. No matter good or evil. If youre muslim , you wear those disgusting burkas, hijabs and other piece of shit, death penalty by necklacing should be mandatory.

          1. Sounds like you’re more of a fashion critic than anything.

            Why stop with burqas or hijabs (or turbans, or habits, or yarmulkes, or whatever)? Let’s put people with skinny jeans into trash compactors to see how skinny they can get! Let’s push people who wear parachute pants out of airplanes to see if they live up to the name!

            The possibilities are limitless, and yet you place artificial limits on your assault on aesthetics by only going after the fashion choices of Muslims? Tsk tsk.

    1. Who would stop it? If a white person tried. Almost every black person in that room would have immediately attacked them. So no help there. And all those street apes were too busy cheering. Looking like a bunch chimps. Probably hoping someone would die. And still, blacks can’t understand why this behaviour gets them shot by the police, and hated by every other race of human.

    2. Who? Who could stop this tribal ritual of native african inhabitants?

      Im so disgust with americans, black white pink all for letting this nigga doing their shit. Why those filthy motherfuckers are not on the cotton field right now? Why Darnel and Tyrone cant freely walk US streets without chains?

      Damn. Americans are dumbest nation on the world. Look at those niggas. Look at this ZOO. Those niggers are EXACTLY same as those in africa stoning people to death. This niggers has just diferent outfit from H&M, Reserved, Adidas etc. But mentally is the same shit.

      There was a time when I thought that america is cool, there is a loot of money there and you just need to pick it up but today oh no..FUCK it. I would never go to this piece of shit country called United States.

      Show me how you treat your animals and what kind of rights you give them and I’ll tell you everything about your nation’s IQ. America is on the bottom.

      Die all whore. Blacks or Rednecks. Death to stool-filled FuckArica.

    3. Honestly its common sense no one would step in and help. Would you rather watch a fight or get mixed in and get possibly hurt or arrested?

      If you are the type to help i doubt you would even be on this website

  5. You want equal rights? Then show that you know how to be civilized. Change starts with you. To get respect you have to give respect. Perhaps there is a reason for black still being looked down on the most in the US. Don’t like being stereotyped/profiled?…. Too fuckin bad, change the stereotype with your actions, not just your words.

        1. He was surrounded by a bunch of grabbing sycophants, whom, in the end, killed him.

          Fucking Greed, the root of all evil. If people were prepared to be happy with their lot in life, instead of chasing the false ” dream ” , the world would be a much better place.
          Yeah, follow the flock, climb the greasy pole, and prepare to be forever dissatisfied.

  6. and slowly the truth will reveal itself .. anders breivik said marxism is diluting great countrys and is killing white people in its own way. even the columbine shooters knew these niggers are a poison and all this shit is forced upon white countrys. and even elliot rodger knew these pieces of shit in america are a plague and will eventually cripple it. and these people are called ‘madmen’ and evil . great countrys are being raped and crumbling because of liberal turncoat politicians. was adolf hitler right after all ? look at where were at now because of this jewish agenda. and white women are the biggest turncoats of all they are the ones breeding with these just because they think its the ‘trend’. white women should be brutalised as punishment someday for their treachery. absolutely disgusting all involved in this cultural enrichment shit. hang your fucking heads in shame.

    1. Of course herr Hitler was right, no doubt about that. But now it’s up to us! To finish what he started, to bring an end to this zionist disease.
      It’s impossible to do that all by ourselves…
      But once united we can cut this cancer out of this world for once and for all.
      The truth wil always prevail.

      1. I’m new to BG and for once in a long time I see people talking sense..muslims and blacks wherever they are chaos will follow…they want to go back in time while the rest of the world tries to move forward…and hitler was definitely right

      1. ive read all the manifestos of the school shooters and anders breivik. even little adam lanza .. they werent evil they had some real deep thoughts and emotions going on and all realised that todays society and its evils ‘creates’ mental illness and its perpetuating actions. read what they wrote and you’l see all have valid points.

  7. One of the girls has been arrested and charged. She has previous convictions of stabbing her brother and her own grandma has a restraining order against her. I’m curious what the “victim” did to get jumped and for the most part have no one help. Maybe she tried to pay her Tuesday for a hamburger today?

      1. McDonald’s can’t sell drumsticks or else total insanity and chaos would ensue. They can only sell chicken in the watered down McNugget version of else the natives would go total apeshit.

          1. Niggas be trippin @Harumph. Pretty mild on the apeshit scale here from compared to some of the shit I’ve witnessed, total apeshit usually ensues whenever they bring the McRib back for a limited time only.

          2. It seems you’re right again, amnyc. Only one of them was deshirted. Total apeshit would have revealed much more, like a Goodwill drop box exploding. Thank you my friend, for helping me avoid a typical knee-grow-jerk reaction so prevalent in our world today! I’ll be sure to stay away when they relaunch the McRib. :mrgreen:

      1. Word @rayf. Burger up, asses down, and tops off. We hit the McD trifecta with this one. All thats’s missing is the gunfire and the sweet sound of gangsta rap being played at an unreasonable level.

  8. Ever since childhood I noticed niggers are violent for no reason at all. Especially the big ugly, gorilla looking females. They’re always jealous of lightskined women with nice long hair because they know deep inside that even black men hate black bitches.

    As for the video, this is normal for them. It’s a part of their Nigger culture .

  9. If I was witnessing something like that brewing I would of looked at my watch and say, “welp, it’s half past to freckles…. Time to hit that dusty ol road”, fucking hell man

  10. Black people have all kinds of problems. Its a call for extermination. Point blank. That is it. Done deal. They can’t be reasoned with, They can’t be bargined with, they don’t feel pitty, remorse or fear. They absolutely will not stop until we are dead. We must respond in kind. NOW. -951-

    1. You’re obviously not fully committed to the cause, considering you completely avoided the (myriad) pejorative terms for “black people” you could’ve used.

      Given that and your (over) use of hyperbole, I suspect you’re attempting satire here. That said, racial satire has been done to death (so much so, I’m surprised that pictures of its moldering and violently desecrated corpse haven’t yet been posted somewhere on this site).

  11. I have no respect for them.

    Not because they are fighting (hey, that just says don’t leave the house without your posse for backup) but because they are fighting in a public place, a business establishment, with innocent customers just minding their own business. A hit squad would have been cleaner, (like the one in Russia where the little guy in the center calmly drinks his beer). This was as noisy as a lunchroom fight and just as much pandemonium. Who wants to work in a place like this? Who wants to bring their kids there, or stop by for a quick to go breakfast? The victim defended herself the best she could, but there is no excuse for the behavior of the other females. And I say females because they certainly aren’t ladies. Scum. To get respect you give respect, and those people have no idea.

  12. I dunno if anyone said this already, too much reading for me but there’s a video on worldstarhh of one of the perpetrators being arrested n charged with gang assault n some other charges, more arrestees are expected to follow her.

  13. As a white guy who lives in Brooklyn, I SO often think…”YES, You neo-liberal, self hating assholes are CORRECT! I agree 100% that slavery was a huge mistake! This country could have been such a beautiful place and now look what we have” Fucking sad…

  14. Break it up? Shit with all that commotion they were busy grabbin mcribbs and running out the door! Any opportunity to steal something they don’t give a fuck! Looked like a bunch of baboons fighting over a banana!

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