8 Year Old Girl Savagely Beaten with Dog Leash

8 Year Old Girl Savagely Beaten with Dog Leash

Guys, I just don’t know what can be done about these immature parents or immature people who get into relationships with people who have children. It’s bad enough that people not ready or too unstable to have children continue to have children, but also get into relationships with people who are also too immature or unstable to be around children. Case in point, 20 year old Tara Jefferson, who savagely beat her step daughter with the metal clip end of a dog leash to the point of lacerations and a huge black eye. The cause? Tara’s boyfriend and father of the little girl canceled the trip he promised to take Tamara on for her birthday.

Judge gave her 18 months in jail plus an extended parole. Although this was not the first time Tara has displayed her immature and perverse violence towards the helpless when she turned a hose on the girl after force feeding her curry paste; possibly for some other selfish reason. The little girl has not suffered any long lasting physical trauma. The bruises and cuts will heal in time but not the emotional wounds that have been inflicted, that’s for damn sure.

Then, to add insult to injury, the stupid fucking whore got pregnant not soon after this event and has plans to return to England to study midwifery. Midwifery? Are you fucking serious? This incident should hopefully bar her from any future involving children that aren’t her own.

On a side note, I’m not 100 percent certain on the authenticity of the images of the child, whether or not they are the child in question or even the same child is up to debate as the media is understandably reluctant to show abused children. The image of Tara is the the real abuser.

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          1. Let’s take poll… I say she will pull the “I was abused as a child card” when further confronted anyone else got an excuse she’ll likely try to use?

          2. “… Let?s take poll? I say she will pull the ?I was abused as a child card? when further confronted anyone else got an excuse she?ll likely try to use?…”

            Premenstrual syndrome… In other words Mad Cow Disease…

          3. I think she has issues controlling her emotions and chose to displacefrustrations on the child.

            Pretty sure she has some sort of a mood disorder.

          4. Premenstrual/mad cow… Lol good one… Mood disorder sounds like one we might hear from her anyone else ๐Ÿ˜‰

          5. As far as let’s take a poll…the answer is too easy..she’s a cunt that needs to have the shit beatin out of her. Plan and simple..

        1. Poor little white girl. Must have been a young black pimp that hit her with that leash. Get my money hoe. That’s all white girls are good for anyway. Turning tricks…lol she’s starting young…lol Black power world wide…

    1. Agreed, Gnat. I’m not a violent person but I can think of a few nightmares and blights and punishments and whatnot specially tailored just for this for this woman. BG gallery itself is a rich source of inspiration- let the punishment fit the crime, but how…

    2. She should never ever get to have any other child ever. If you do this in France, they take the baby away, and you must proroge during years, that you have a stable life. No drugs, a job, an appartment, etc…Just to think that this poor baby will be given back to her soon makes me want to kill her. And the bitch gets pregnant again, knowing that she is insane. Everything is normal…What a world we live in, I’m disgusted. I’ve been here for a while, I’ve seen a lot, but I get sensitive when it comes to the innocent children just because the slut didn’t get what she wanted, she made the child pay for it…Wow, I’d kill her…

      1. Also, they would immediately take her new-born, considering what she did, and she would never see her baby, cause she would get punished in jail. I mean -hope, lol- physically punished 24/7…

    3. She should have her child taken from her at birth, and she needs to go to prison for a long time!!! I would fuck this bitch up BAD!!!!!!! And she wants to be a midwife, LOL!!!!! Yeah, that’ll happen! …

  1. Holy hell, how big was the dog leash? Looks more like a punch to me. Honesty as fucked up as it may sound, i hope she aborts the baby or bleeds to death while having it. Save the child from years of abuse. The above video, I’m sure isn’t the first time. Just the first time she was caught. Ugly ass sloth looking bitch.

    1. I have to agree with you @blayvier. People like this should never be allowed around children let alone have any of their own. The best thing for that unborn baby would be that it is never born in the first place.

      1. Yes, the corrupt system will spit her out in a few months, guaranteed. Then the cycle of abuse continues. The general consensus would be that the abusive behavior would be passed to the child. That isn’t always the case. Hell I’m a testament to that fact. However emotionally as Obli stated, the emotional scars are deep and rooted forever. With something that severe there is a likelihood of a “beating to death” incident. So to prevent all that negativity and evil, to me the only answer would be to not bring the baby into the world. As you said, “to never have a baby in the first place”. Sad state of affairs no matter how you slice it.

        1. I completely agree. I’m glad you broke the cycle. I think when a child goes through something like that they’re either going to repeat the cycle or completely break away from it. I’ve seen 2 siblings with the exact same upbringing react in opposite ways….one became an alcoholic just like their parents and the other never touched the stuff.

          1. Exactly, the only valuable lesson my father taught me was, exactly how not to raise my children.
            I think i do a damn fine job for being a single dad. Fuck statistics..

          2. Yes, it’s sad but sometimes you really learn good lessons from the people you never look up to. I learned what kind of person I don’t want to be from my dad too. He was never abusive (I can give him credit there) but he was just a selfish piece of shit. Your kids are lucky that’s for sure.

  2. Hi guys, first post here but have been reading for a long time! Had to register to express my disgust at this monster. Also I’m in the UK and we don’t want this scumbag coming here. Couldn’t look at the pictures, I’ve got a daughter around a similar age and it should be human nature to protect our young, not inflict pain and injury on then, despicable cow.

    1. Welcome @dog-lover.
      Damned right she shouldn’t come here. But I guess if she’s a Brit national, she’ll hop back over the water and end up destroying her own child’s life over here. If I had my way, twats like her would be sterilized.

      1. What she did is a felony and that’s definitely a deportable offence. She will spend time in prison here in the States then when her sentence is over she will be deported back to the UK.

  3. Those two kids are not the same, both injuries look recent and the massive black eye is not visible in the second photo.

    Don’t get me wrong , people who do this to children should be hung, slowly.

    Where exactly did this happen if she is “returning ” the UK?

    And to study “midwifery” !!!!


    Sounds like a Daily Mail story to me but I may be wrong.

    1. @bobcat.

      I know you’re a sceptical so and so, but do you not think the two pics could have been taken at different times ? , the swelling has obviously gone down on her eye.
      Not saying you’re mistaken, but the pics tally to me.

      1. I agree with you there, kid is nowhere near 8. Who knows @bobcat, with so much bullshit flying round the internet and all the rest of the media these days, it’s difficult to sift the wheat from the chaff.

        As for the Mail. That rag is a joke, but aren’t they all !?. Every single paper contradicts itself, not just on a daily basis, but literally page to page. And it’s not done in the name of giving both sides of an argument either.
        The press has deteriorated massively in recent years, as have many other things.

        1. @Stomper.

          They certainly have my friend, I don’t believe any news from the msm any more although I do watch and read it now and again but I’m wise to it and don’t take it as fact.

          Ed Bernays was the man , he knew people could be manipulated and had a lot of people paying for his services.

          It’s a massive rabbit hole of deception.

          When independent people who have nothing to gain monetarily from exposing this deception speak out I give them more credence than mainstream media.

  4. I?m not sure the words immature, selfish and unstable can be applied to people like her because those words evoke a sense of detachment from reality as a result of inexperience and possibly even stunted emotional growth.

    This woman took her anger out on a child, his child to be exact, because of the cancelled trip. This shows a cause and a motivation for revenge which paints a very different picture to the above in that this was a planned and carried out action by a sociopath with faulty logic.

    This case reminds me of Louise Woodward for some reason.

    1. @Empty,
      I always take the time to read your posts and whether I agree or disagree, I usually don’t comment.
      In this instance, however, I agree with your assertion that she is a sociopath but dismissing personality traits such as selfishness and immaturity is off base.
      Here’s why. Let’s assume that the story, as presented to us above, is 100% accurate. We then know that she did beat the child and we know why. The cancellation of the b-day trip seems to be the flame that lit the fuse.
      As an adult, her reaction was completely selfish and immature because this display only occurred as a result of being denied something that she wanted or had been looking foreword to.
      That being said, her choice of target for the tantrum, an innocent, defenseless child definitely shows that sociopath is a fitting description as well. A cowardly display deserving of a prison sentence as well as the life long stigma that hopefully will follow her and haunt her every endeavor.

      1. Also, it’s worth noting that a reason for canceling the trip was not given in the write up.
        The fact that this crazy bitch beat the little girl to that degree suggests, to me, that circumstances surrounding the little girl may have lead to the cancellation.
        I realize this has nothing to do with the womans mental status or whether she’s immature and selfish or not. Just a possible cause.

      2. Hi Bobcat, I doubt the story is fake, just that the shown children are unrelated to the story. Still though, we can only address what is in front of us at any given time and that is why leaving the punishment up to the correct authorities becomes paramount because there is always the possibility of doubt and the wrong person getting hurt a la public lynching.


        ?As an adult, her reaction was completely selfish and immature because this display only occurred as a result of being denied something that she wanted or had been looking foreword to?.

        The problem with the above is that it can be applied to any revenge action as a result of being denied and therefore acts as a protective character reference.

        You see it in court cases all the time. The lawyer will say that their client is deeply sorry for their actions, an action that happened because of the client?s immaturity and child like selfish nature, and hopes to be given a second chance to grow up and become a positive member of society.

        There are a few snags in the above though,

        A man who, upon being denied sex, chooses to attack and rape the woman cannot be said to be selfish and immature.

        A thief who assaults a victim because they refused to hand over their money cannot be said to be selfish and immature.

        In the above then we see that everybody, including sociopaths, have egos and associated emotional desires and so when addressing actions we must look at the action itself and the tangible reasons for it before categorising the person.

        The above categorisation therefore gets based upon action severity.

        Using the above, a partner who smashes your favourite DVD up after an heated argument can be said to be selfish and immature. However, a partner who cuts off your penis a la John Wayne Bobbitt cannot.

        That?s all it is really, we are all selfish and immature at times but the chosen target and severity of the action in relation to the actual stated cause is how we judge others and in this particular case the woman?s actions cannot be said to be the result of selfishness and immaturity because those emotions are a given for any human being, the associated actions however are not.

  5. I know this is wrong. And I was scared to death that I’d actually lose my temper badly enough to do something like this. So I just flat out never got pregnant on purpose, even when I was married & the child would be legitimate.

    I’d rather be an anomaly than a child abuser. Some injuries are permanent. And some parents are scum. SF

    1. @ SF, I hear you lady. Both my sister and I never had children, we both had a fear of carrying on the tradition. Things done to a child are never forgotten by the child.

      Some people say I should forgive my mother. Personally, I think “forgiveness” is overrated.

      Kind of like 69 is…..LOL

  6. The woman should have her child taken at birth and then made barren.
    Lifelong conditions of parole no contact with children.
    And if this child has been abused more than once as the curry and hose incident demonstrated why did the father not kick this bitch to the curb after that….literally ?
    The mother of my children or I would kill the other for doing something like this let alone a fucking girlfriend or boyfriend. He may need his nuts chopped off as well for bringing children into this world and not protecting them.

  7. Animals like this white trash bitch should be taken out and executed immediately, no cuffs, no rights, no lawyer, no jail, no courthouse, just take her out and execute her. there’s no excuse, NONE, for hurting an innocent, defenseless child. Personally, I’d take her out and hang her, leave her hanging for the buzzards, sorry bitch.

  8. I impregnated a bitch like the mother depicted here… found out her behaviors with her other children…. I was in court the day my daughter was born. It took 10 months and $58K but I have my daughter – sole custody with supervised visitation for the Egg Donor …. She is Happy, doing well in school, and with good friends… She’s 13 .

    Good things can come from bad if you work at it… I hope someone works at it for this kid…. NO ONE deserves such treatment.

    Oh, and take that cunt mother out back and shoot her in the head.

  9. If this woman has been charged and convicted of a violent crime there is no possibility of her being employed in any role in healthcare in the U.S. I’m not sure about the other 49 states but the state that I live in will not even allow certification to work in the healthcare industry with a conviction of any violent crime.
    She could pay the required tuition and fees, attend the courses, take the exams but will never be certified. A background check will prevent her from being hired in healthcare as well.

  10. clearly result of incest, it leaves people soft in the brain.
    their is a simple effective way.

    sterilizer her, against her will if need be.

    remove child/children chance their name and she will never ever know their name or have right to see or hear from them again.

  11. Stop hurting kids, period. Lowlifes should NOT have kids! And any parent or parents who do this should be fixed, and never, EVER, have the chance to harm another innocent child again! Christ, this angers me ๐Ÿ™

  12. That poor little girl, I hope one day when she grows up, decides to track her down and fucking destroys that evil bitch, I know I would.
    Where’s a fucking lynch mob when you need one, that evil excuse of a mum needs to be brutally beaten and burned alive like the girl in the previous video .

  13. This is the shit that makes me wish people like Dexter Morgan or the Boondocks Saints were more than fictional!

    Actually, it makes me want to BECOME a fucking Boondock Saint myself… anyone wanna join?

    I see too much of this with my middle school kids. Well, to a degree. I’ve never seen it this bad. Ours is mostly neglect (small mountain town full of welfare and meth)…and less violent cases of physical abuse (all bad in my opinion). I seriously think I would sacrifice my job to go after the fucking cunt who did this to one of my “babies”.

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  15. Unfortunately this goes on more than we think. There are lots of abused children out there. We just need to pick up on the warning signs and report it. You could then help prevent this from happening to another little one.
    That bitch who did this to that poor little girl will never be a midwife. They recently started doing thorough checks on people from abroad.

  16. Being that I am old fashioned and was raised not to lay hands on a female I can guarantee that in this situation I would make an exception. The thing that really has me baffled is how the little girl’s father let this happen more than once. As a proud father of a two year old daughter I can say with absolute certainty that if any person, man or woman, intentionally harms my child I will be in prison. That poor baby couldn’t have done anything to deserve this type of abuse! I believe in whipping, no offense to anyone who doesn’t, as well as positive reinforcement for behavior correction. I don’t know how I would have ended up without getting my ass whipped growing up, but my guess is not well. Everyone is influenced by their parents but it’s the individual who decides to learn from the mistakes of the parents or repeat them. As a grown, very responsible man, very few things in the fucked up world we live in effects me….this is one of those few things. Beat the dad within an inch of his life for allowing this to happen and do the same to the cunt who did it 3 or 4 times then take her out behind the woodshed and put an end to it for good. This makes me sick.

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