85 Year Old Woman Attacked and Robbed in Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan

85 Year Old Woman Attacked and Robbed in Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan

Did you guess the race before opening the post?

85 year old Yvonne Sherwell is a petite woman who needs a cane to walk. On December 8, 2012 she was attacked and robbed inside an elevator in Greenwich Village, an apartment building in Lower Manhattan where she lives. The robber stole her purse and wedding ring but his deed was caught on a surveillance camera and hopefully it will assist in taking him off the streets.

The suspect sat in the lobby, waiting for a suitable victim and when an elderly woman turned up, he saw an opportunity. What a low fucking life. Did he wake up in the morning knowing that he was gonna sit around whole day waiting for a person too old or otherwise physically disadvantaged to rob? Just what loser do you have to be to not try to do something with your time but instead spend whole day looking for a weaker person to rob?

The whole ordeal was made more devastating by the fact that the ring was given to the victim by her husband who had recently suffer a major stroke from which, as Mrs. Yvonne Sherwell learned on the day of the robbery, he will not recover. The purse was likewise an early Christmas present from her sister which she had just received in mail.

The suspect is described as a black man, approximately 35 years old, standing 6′ to 6’3″ and weighing 200 to 230 pounds. He was last seen wearing a brown sweatshirt and a brown winter hat. Anyone with information about the perpetrator is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

This piece of shit is likely encouraged by this “successful pull” and is likely already on a lookout for another defenceless victim. Pick up that phone now if you think you may know who the cunt stain is.

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    1. Good John Stuart Mill qoute.

      “Bad peace is worse than war”- Tacitus
      I got that from “Rome Total War”. Great game, played it when I younger.

      By the way, We’re not Caucasian >:(, we’re Europeans. You don’t hear Asian referring to themselves as Mongoloids, or Blacks calling themselves Negroids.

      1. No, but a Japanese will show pride in being Japanese. A Chinese will show pride in being Chinese. A Korean will show pride in being Korean.

        We can’t simply identify as Nations, because everyone of our Nations is undergoing this problem from the same source (Liberalism, Multiculutirsm, Multiracism, Race-Mixing).

        It’s not just a USA thing, or a Canada thing or even a Britain thing.

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          1. “According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Hawaii had a population of 1,360,301. In terms of race and ethnicity, the state was 38.6% Asian, 24.7% White (22.7% Non-Hispanic White Alone), 23.6% from Two or More Races, 10.0% Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders, 8.9% Hispanics and Latinos of any race, 1.6% Black or African American, 1.2% from Some Other race, and 0.3% American Indian and Alaska Native.”

            There’s a reason this stuff rarely, if ever, happens in Hawaii.

            East-Asians (Japanese, Koreans, Chinese etc.) are no problem.

            Places in America (Or England, Canada etc.) with a large East-Asian or Caucasian population, are generally safe places to be.

            Both races have their scumbags, but the sheer amount of good VS bad drowns out the bad.

            It’s completely opposite with Africans/Muslims etc.

            No matter their Country, the bad vastly outweigh the good.

            My thing is – How long can Hawaii, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire etc. hold on?

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  2. Someones little, frail, 85 year old granny…you know that wedding band meant the world to her, imagine how many years it was on her finger…and this piece of shit roughed her up and stole it? I’d “cartel” him.

  3. What a coincidence that a old lady was robbed by a fucking negro (yes I said negro because is not the same a negro than an honest black man)

    Enoch Powell predicted this future for the UK in 1968 in his famous speech “Rivers of Blood”.


    “Rivers of Blood” has finally materialized in the UK and the rest of Europe


    Enoch you warned the UK… it didn?t listen…

    1. And the United Kingdom will continue to be decimated by this, just like the United States of America.

      Think ahead 20 Years. Picture America.

      The Caucasian Race there drops by 1-2% Annually. They make up only 68% right now.

      At a 1% decrease for 20 years, that’s a drop of 20%, leaving them at 48%.

      At 2% decrease for 20 years, that’s a drop of 40%, leaving them at 28%.

      In 20 years.

      And it’s likely to get worse, because Caucasian birth-rates are dropping. Race-Mixing among our Women is becoming sadly and disgustingly all to common.

      The scary thing? This is happening in the UK. In Denmark. In Sweden. In Netherlands. In Norway. In Canada. In France.

      In our Ancestral homelands. Where we began.

      The Liberals who control our Countries see the future like this:

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      This is genocide of our people.

      What is the correct way to counter-attack this genocide?


      Burn down Mosques. Harass and assault Muslims and Blacks. Make them feel unsafe in our Countries, unwelcome.

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      1. @Silenced,

        “They are spineless. Cowardly. They have bent the knee to Islam. They are sacrificing their own race to appease their ideologies”.

        I have to disagree with you on the above. Our leaders are in the pocket of the rich Jews, the reason why they are doing what they have been doing to the Muslims at the moment is because the Muslims are the biggest threat to the Jew power base.

        The Jews got where they are by forcing people into debt and then adding interest, there entire existence is based upon the equation of debt plus interest and the Muslim religion does not allow interest.

        The Muslims certainly do want to take over the world and to do that they will have to defeat the Jews and with their no interest policy they stand a very good chance of doing this that is why our Jew following leaders have forced them into the open, they want to defeat the Muslims now before they grow too strong.

        The reason why our governments are being so nice to the Muslims at home is because it is much easier to kill somebody when you are smiling at them.

        1. I don’t disagree on the Jewish thing. My opinion is that European Caucasians bent the knee to Judaism after WW2 in reparation for what Hitler and Nazi Germany did. They bestowed Jews with their own Country and the keys to every major Western power (You’ll notice the USSR wasn’t included in this).

          This is obvious in the USA, where Jews own the entire Media structure, Banks etc. They dictate how the American culture progresses and it’s Society (Probably one of the reasons the American culture/society is so rotten)

          What I don’t get though, is why they are forcing Policies on Western Countries that are literally killing us.

          First off, it’s our women, our daughters, our sons being beaten, raped and murdered by Muslims in our Countries. Muslims meanwhile, get free big-houses, free money and free run of our Cities.

          So if this is our Governments way of killing them.. it’s not fucking working.

          Anyway, what happens when our Countries crumble? I mean, the USA is sinking fast – and I’m not talking about their current economic woes.

          The only thing protecting Israel from annihilation, is the threat of the Western World saying “Fuck no” and wiping out the Muslim/Arabs responsible for it.

          Yet, as our Countries decay because of mass immigration, multiculturalism, multiracism, Race-Mixing etc. Israel losses that protection.

          I’m not seeing the strategy here. Only thing I can think of is their trying to empty out Islamic lands in the Middle-East to make a quick grab for more land in the future (Muslims will be stuck in places like England, Sweden, Denmark, which will be shitholes by then because of Muslims/Africans etc.)

          Seems like an awful gamble for that, though.

          1. Hi Silenced,

            “My opinion is that European Caucasians bent the knee to Judaism after WW2 in reparation for what Hitler and Nazi Germany did”.

            European Caucasians had bent the knee to the Jews long before that. Judaism spread to Europe via the Roman Empire and had a strong power base all throughout the middle ages.

            Many European power structures, kingdoms and such, relied on the money that the Jews could collect and distribute to fund wars and as such were indebted to the Jews, the Jews therefore had power to changed political structure and force the hand of kings.

            Once the Jews realised that war was extremely profitable they would start wars and fund both sides, they also made a lot of money from dealing and making up information, Nathan Rothschild on purposely spread the lie that the British had lost waterloo so that there was mass panic and shares were sold at dirt cheap prices from which he bought up and then told of how the British had won and in doing so ended up with a shit load of money.

            I don’t believe in the mass gassing of the Jews, in my opinion it was a lie. They would not have gained so much sympathy by saying that they were treated like shit in work camps because that was a story told by many races throughout history. The mass gassing lie was spread so that they could have the presence to create their own land and to get away with any atrocity.

            To summarise, the Jews have been pulling strings for thousands of years, The Nazi movement was merely an attempt by normal folk to change this problem, however since you need money to fund wars they ended up dancing to the Jewish bankers tune.

            “What I don?t get though, is why they are forcing Policies on Western Countries that are literally killing us”.

            They want to enslave us, they want people to work for free. The only way they could do that was to attempt to destroy our social cohesion through immigration and brainwashing, such as media promoted interracial relationships.

            In Britain you can get arrested for thought crimes now and have your children taken away for belonging to the wrong political party.

            If you can destroy a persons identity, through social and economical means you can destroy the will of that person and you will have created a non thinking automaton.

            Once all the killing as stopped you will find that our leaders will come to protect us, they will offer their hand in help and friendship except that you will now be nothing but a slave and your freedom and rights will have now gone.

            To conclude, what our leaders want is for us to fight each other in the streets, they want us to focus on each other and not them so that they can get away with all the shit they are doing, they don’t want Muslims or Christians or any other social identity they want a race with no identity.

            If you destroy the very foundations of what a person fights for they will lose the will to fight and will submit to slavery. They want a global economy where only the chosen few reap the rewards, there will be no rich, middle class and poor, there will simply be those in power and then the rest of us.

            The strategy is not for countries to crumble and die but for individual identities to crumble and die, A country is only an identity, nothing more and nothing less and what they want is an end to those individual identities, no more countries just one world, one economy and one power.

  4. It is clear, that the descendants of our former slaves cannot live in a civilized society because they are animals without concious or honor or self control, and without a strong master with a whip, they are reverting back to their natural behavior.

    When you look at the African plains, you can see how the American Negro behaviors in a similar manner to those wild african animals.
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    1. I think I remember that video. Wasn’t it Japanese or something? Pretty sure it was also staged.

      In Real Life, if that old grandmother showed any resistance to this sub-human, he would have beat and raped her.

  5. Shit, I hate people as a race in general. But after reading that poor old ladies situation that actually brought a tear to my eye. Workin all your life, finding out your husband of however long is going to be out of your life from now on, something he gave out of love, and then losing a present you’d give to someone yo love regardless of your situation. Sad isn’t it, scum fucker.

  6. Hey nigger, go pick on someone your own size; not little old ladies who cannot defend themselves in cramped elevators. Watch your back because you will shortly be taken to a place where your living quarters will be smaller than that elevator, but you will be living there for a long time – I hope!

  7. robbing in general is bad enough as it is. robbing a defenceless, elderly lady is just despicable, regardless of either party’s skin colour. i hope the police catch him, cos he deserves what’s coming to him.

  8. I’m seriously getting fucking sick of this shit…. Just when humanity couldnt go any lower. I completely lost all faith in humanity even before I visited best gore. You would have to be a real lowlife in order to rob an 85 year old woman. In days like these, Its trust no-one and look out for No.1 . I thought there was good in humanity but apparently Greed, egotism and hatred snuffed out whatever goodness there was left in humanity.

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