Acid Girl Naomi Oni Threw Burning Liquid on Herself

Acid Girl Naomi Oni Threw Burning Liquid on Herself

Remember Naomi Oni, the hideous skank from east London who alleged that someone attacked her with acid? Turns out the police suspected that Naomi Oni was not only the victim of the acid attack, but also the attacker and seized her laptop. what they learned after examining the data was that before the alleged attack occur, Naomi Oni conducted extensive research on acid attacks and studied acid attack victims from Pakistan as well as the famous acid attack victim, model Katie Piper. She had reportedly downloaded the Channel 4 documentary on Miss Piper and watched it on her computer just before the attack. Isn’t it convenient that of than 8 Million people that live in London, the one victim of an acid attack is a person who immediately before the attack researched all there is to know about throwing burning liquids on people’s faces? Naomi bitch… please!

How did I know right from get go that someone like Naomi Oni doesn’t deserve any sympathy? My professional hunch has served me well once more. Meanwhile – Naomi Oni has become a celebrity. She’s had a number of requests from UK’s largest media outlets for an interview and appeared on ITV’s This Morning show with host Philip Schofield.

Comon Naomi – did you orchestrate and execute all this yourself? Are you intending to take your secret with you to the grave? Did you really think we haven’t seen the likes of you before? Was 5 minutes of fame all you were after?

Naomi Oni’s boyfriend Ato Owede has dismissed the allegations that she may have thrown the burning liquid on herself as “crazy”, telling the Sunday Times that police are just coming to a silly conclusion.

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83 thoughts on “Acid Girl Naomi Oni Threw Burning Liquid on Herself”

  1. i’m disappointed with this bitch. she had the opportunity to plant the seed of violent racism against muslims and instead used it to bring herself celebrity status.
    it will take more now. it will take a group of men and women posing as muslim women to violently attack their fellow Londoners to turn the tide of multiculturalism.

  2. Oh the humanity, why Naomi, why?. You were such a beautiful women, so caring in your demeanour, so sensual in your mannerisms, you caused many a man to lust for salvation, to give himself to the wilderness that is love, why did you cast it all away, why did you sacrifice yourself on the alter of notoriety.

    I now find myself aggrieved. I made such an horrible statement about Muslims and London in general during my last post on your behalf, and even though it was all completely true, the underlining story for which I based my attack is now shown to be false.

    I don’t hate you Naomi, but I do pity you for your face now resembles your soul, tortured and alone, twisted just like an old mans spine.

    I hope that the winds of society do not blow too harshly upon the landscape of your soul, for cracked and weathered it may be, it is still the only foundation for which an house can be built.

    How near to society you choose to build that house is up to you.

        1. @killthefilth, Thanks, at least some people understand the concept of humour.

          For some, unless it is very basic and in your face type humour, they cannot figure out what you are saying, its a shame really.

          For those that cannot appreciate intricate humour, what I was trying to say was, I don’t give a fuck about this women or the reasons for her actions, it was all pointless and society is going to hate her now.

          Anyway, the jokes ruined now, oh well, I don’t give a fuck, life’s shit anyway.

          1. It isn’t ruined at all! I loved it and would hope that you continue to do more! Pretty sure that the majority of us got it and that only a small few think what fzrocket thinks.
            @filth that was just sweet of you for having Empty’s back like that! 😉

        2. @kill, @empty- i LOVED that poetic shit! I LOVE the creativity! I’m not one to get into other peoples “tiffs” but damn, why do people always feel the need to step in and rain on someone’s parade?! Fuck!

          On another note- the bitch is a fake! All it took was her to open her mouth and the bullshit started spewing! I fucking hate fake ass people!

          1. @Juicy I’m catching up on my BG and feel betrayed! I felt sorry for her and posted about it in the previous post only minutes ago. DAMN IT all!
            I am happy the truth is out and Mark posted this. It still saddens me though that someone has mental issues like that. That they would go to such great lenghts for publicity/sympathy. She is forever scarred and will never again be “normal”. That has definitely got to be a mental issue right there.

      1. I’ve had sex with a yellow bone before doesn’t mean I’m a nigger lover…if anything it means I’m a pussy lover. Besides a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman regardless of her race, yes some races are more prone to fuglys but if I see a real hot piece of ass that I know I can have I’m gunna take it no matter what she is or where she comes from. I may have a prison mentality when it comes to race but when it comes to pussy I’m an equal opportunity employer as they say.

        1. Love it! Love that you are an equal oppurtunity pussy employer! lol!

          @Juicy Girl you know you are sexy wether you are a “half breed” or not. You are beautiful!
          Heck I am just a white trash mixture…german, blackfoot indian, and russian. Most of us “americans” are mixed to some degree.
          Plus you got a great personality which means you will always have a chance! If Pale don’t want you I will take you! (just playin’ Strictly dickly…but still) 😉

          1. @J3Z- Thanks girl!! And even though your strictly dickly- you can be my Wifey!! 😉 Funny thing about me being mixed, is that even though Daddy was there at conception- that’s it. I was taken care of by Mom, who’s tidy Whitey. German,a bit of cherokee Indian- so i was raised mostly on biscuits and gravy- not beans and rice! I’m ok with being what i am, it has given me some flavor! Plus, like you said- I’m Californian, it’d be hard for me not to be mixed with something coming from where i do! Lol! Love your new avatar be! 🙂

    1. I’m sure she will. Hopefully she’ll be taunted and teased about how she self mutilated and how much of an ugly phuck she now is and no amount of celebrity cash will fix her face and that she will always be a loser, then wallowing in her own self pity and depression goes into her bathroom and stabs herself in the heart multiple times in a bid to kill herself, which she does, just like that alleged Da Silva wanker did. Then all the sheep will be up in arms calling on the government to tackle cyber bullying and all that wankery and all will be right with the world until the next attention whore attempts her shot at fame.

  3. Some stupid bitch from my town did the same thing. All for attention. Fucking idiot. I see her walking around once in awhile. Has to live with that fucked up face.
    “Oh I forgive the person who threw acid on me. I’m such a good person. Yada yada.” Yeah shut the FUCK up.

    1. @KJ-Exactly! If someone threw some acid shit on my face, I’d hunt the fucker down and spray them with bullets, after me and a few friends have a little fun with the acid! When it comes to shit like that and child involved crimes- i only believe in my own justice system! Fuck forgiveness- somebody is going to pay!

      1. If Someone threw acid on my face i would already know that there is no saving my face, so instead of running away like an idiot I would take the acid from from the perpetrator and throw it on their face and eyeballs them pour the rest on their genitals. Afterall anyone using an acid attack has got to be weaker than you or while else would they use such a punk move like acid throwing? If anything it tells me they’re too scared to try and harm you another way.

          1. Like @killajamal was saying, we’ve got a chick here in Portland that threw acid in her own face and blamed it on a stranger but, the cops had her pegged pretty fast and she had to con fess to doing it to herself. But now about a year later she’s just announced that she’s recently finished writing a book about it and her “mental” illness.
            I think she just is in desperate need for more attention and I for one am NOT forking any money out on a book about a stupid loser in need of further attention!

          2. @sage
            Are you talking about the girl who got “attacked” near esther short park? I have girl friends who live alone in the ES Commons high rise downtown vancouver and those poor girls were scared shitless when it fist hit the news. What a bitch. Attention whore to the max for sure.
            @juicy and pale: ditto. damn right id fuck them UP. No one would disfigure me and not get a foot to the jaw and a shank to the gut.

    1. Hi Silenced

      When acid was thrown in her face she did not call for help or phone an ambulance at the scene, she instead decided to walk home.

      Here’s her statement.

      ?I got home and I was screaming and banging on the door. I was hysterical. Luckily my godmother, who is a pharmacist, was at home with my mum and she helped me and kept dipping my face in water and trying to calm me down until the police and ambulance got there. I was in shock. Saying: ?Who would do that? Who would do that?? How could anyone do this??

      So lets look at the evidence, she was so hysterical that she was screaming and banging at her door, if this is true then how did she calmly walk home, would she not have collapsed from shock and pain before she got there.

      Also if your face was melting would you choose to add more time between treatment by walking home, I deduce that she must have walked home because if she had got in a taxi she would surly have asked to go straight to hospital.

      Its a good job her godmother was a pharmacist otherwise she may have had worse injuries if not for the prompt treatment.

      This family is also not British, she and her family had only recently come over from Nigeria (thank you British government).

      I have to conclude then that being Nigerian, land of the scam artist, and having a godmother who was a pharmacist, the creator of the acid solution, that she did it herself for financial gain.

      In my shit hole of a country getting hurt is a big money business, you get many tv interviews, magazine interviews, you can front a charity, write a book, its all a lot of money.

      I therefore believe the police this time, she did research this situation because she wanted to cause this situation and make a lot of money.

      The Muslim veil attacker was a good idea, Muslims are untouchable by law, they would have never found her and the truth would never have seen light.

      1. Hey Empty, your posts are intelligent and well thought out. Damn, you must be a smart Guy! The same goes for a lot of you here at BG, which is why I have come to spend more and more time here. Even when ppl disagree it is usually civil, so I gotta say, I just can’t fathom a woman doing such a thing for cash. She has mental health issues. I know I’ll get flack for this, but I feel sorry for her. To need attention so badly that you burn your face with acid?

        1. Hi midnite special,

          We live in harsh economic times in which the jobs market has all but dried up, where the banks are pushing up mortgage repayments forcing more people into foreclosure and repossession.

          Suicide rates are at an all time high, unemployment at an all time high, more people than ever with depression, all the while our governments spend money on wars and raise taxes and jack up the cost of living.

          I am not surprised at anything these days, the human mind when pushed to extremes will do just about anything.

          There’s nothing wrong with feeling sorry for her after all she decided to hurt herself for her goals, unlike some who would choose to hurt and kill others for their goals.

        2. Empty Soul is our resident philosopher, professor, poet and joker all rolled into one. he should be in the upper branches of Parliament, seeing to the destruction of the filth and corruption that plagues Europe. however, the ties that bind the masses cannot be cut with words alone…

          1. @Obli- everyone on this site that comments a lot have “roles” in my head. I lol about that all the time. I’ve never actually given myself one- and I’m not sure i even want to know if anyone else has. Lol. I totally agree on @empty’s status though!! Resident Philosopher, poet, etc.! People should be more respectful!

          2. Ha, ha, thanks for the kind words people.

            However it is quite odd in a way to see myself or anyone else for that matter as a role player.

            I believe we are all philosophers, professors, poets and jokers, it is part of the human condition, we think therefore we are.

            It is our current mindset at any given moment that governs our approach to a subject, do we feel sad?, do we feel angry, do we feel emotionally detached?, therefore if I am any role it is the role of being human.

          3. @empty- the role thing is an in my head kinda thing. I don’t mean that its a role that your playing per se, but more so that what @obli said fits what i see about you here on bg. I’m rather complicated, so my apologies of that makes absolutely no sense. Lol

          4. @Juicy,

            Ha, I think we are both too complicated, I also meant it in a psychological sense.

            I meant to say that we are many things because our mind is forever thinking and it never remains in a constant state therefore our sense of self from our own individualist perspective and from an outside perspective changes often and when it does we appear differently to others.

            We are many minds and at the same time we are only one.

          5. @empty- haha, EXACTLY!!!!! Threw only difference is, you can easily get what I’m trying to say- across!!!My shit was over-complicated, and like that poet, philosopher that you are-you summed that shit, right up!!! 🙂

  4. Over here in England she was on the news for a week trying to muster sympathy. I fuckin knew there was more to it after 30 seconds of watching her. I thought it was maybe a gang thing………….. Hope the whore is scarred for life, which probably wont last much longer.

  5. Mark certainly knows bullshit when he see it…and as for Naomi, bitch please! lol anyways didn’t we have a similar case here in the U.S. of a girl throwing acid on herself? The cops were able to figure out it was her by the way the acid burns on her face were patterned. They were able to conclude that she placed it on her face like any woman would do with make up and she did not have any “splatter” marks which were consistent with her story. Perhaps this is how British authorities were able to figure the crazy bitch out. For one thing her story does sound like complete bullshit and then on top of that if you look at her burns it looks like it was lightly applied on to her face…every real acid burn victim we’ve seen is always really fucked up and their eyes always seem to get the worst of it because of probably being open during the attack.

  6. Actually police found the true attacker and it wasn’t Naomi herself. She had probably researched acid attacks because the woman who did it to her had threatened her with it before the attack. The woman who had actually done it was found with acid burns on her purse, the same acid used to attack Naomi. So maybe next time, we shouldn’t just believe the police, especially considering that at this point, we all know they get tunnel vision and don’t seem to conduct thorough investigations anymore once their minds are made up.

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