African Woman Punished with Insertion of Chili Up Her Vagina

African Woman Punished with Insertion of Chili Up Her Vagina

African Woman Punished with Insertion of Chili Up Her Vagina

The video is from west Africa, with the source pointing to Nigeria, but there hasn’t been any reliable confirmation. The guy in a camouflage attire inserting the chili apparently is not a soldier, just a guy with military surplus clothing.

The video shows a group of men dishing out a punishment on a woman. The reason, just as the location, is unclear, but anyone who’s been around the block twice or thrice knows women the world over are cock carousel riding gold diggers who seek to relentlessly monetize on and take advantage of vulnerable men.

In the video, the woman is stripped naked and punished by having raw chili pepper inserted up her vagina. She certainly looks like she’s had a few fists up her cunt and the experience was a foreplay more than punishment to her.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. How do you like to kill her? Before that she must be tortured very hard. And I’d like to abuse her dead body until she’s cold.
            I would also put some chili in the slut of my former girlfriend.

    1. @seraphim-serenata
      From the time you stopped shaving me, that’s how I look. With all the financial support you used to give me is now over, I ended up in the street prostituting.

      It was one of those unlucky days when I picked up my client somewhere in Nigeria, West Africa. The guy underpaid me forcing me to grab his Samsung phone. He told me to walk to a nearby ATM outlet so that he withdrawals what was due to me. As we were passing through a slum, the guy shouted “a tiff!“ (thief!) and this prompted the people around to come and do some justice to me. These guys punished me not because I store, but out of jealousy as I was easily making money whilst those assholes find it difficult to have even a cent per day. Actually I am not @african-angel, but @seraphim-serenata‘s bitch. I don’t have access to bestgore and that’s why I asked African Angel to send this message to my one and only @seraphim-serenata. (Some how this was behind the video according to the source I have gathered so far)

          1. What wasn’t drooping down… just imagine a shriveled, zombified baby dangling down her cunt that got stuck about half way as she was giving birth to it about 6 months ago and it just stayed there like that ever since.

            That’s the best I could describe it.

    1. Look sweetheart, it’s Dokturd Omigolbi Timbuktu the award winning local witch doctor of the tribe. He is a pioneer of cutting edge African technology and techniques, no longer will you need to worry about back jungle heath care involving albino body parts in a mudhut clinic. Here in the new state of the art facilities made of cinder blocks and shit YT gave us you will experience the best natural medicine that we can steal from a white south african farmer. Just look at our patient in the video, no longer is she suffering from menstrual cramps, gonorrhea or AIDS. In just a few hours she will be grinding her disease snatch on the 1/8 off wooden stripper pole. Just look at the pubic lice jump off with one treatment!

      Who the fuck am I kidding? This man is a world renown chef known for his tangy flavored pickled peppers, just don’t ask him for the recipe.

    1. Notice she has the body & boobies of a female ape?
      Shave that ‘map of Tasmania’ you black nigger bitch!
      Should have shoved one hot chili right up her chocolate starfish too!!
      But .. Have to admit .. She’s in pretty good shape though, for a mountain gorilla….

    1. Who told you that. It is rather white people who cahoot around with animals. sleeping on the same bed with animals, kissing dogs, using the same spoon with dogs, dogs licking your mouth etc. Why else do people go to jail over dogs, you stupid fart racist empty brain fucker!!

      1. @azotobacta

        “Who told you that”.

        The WHO. (World Health Organisation).

        They work with all the charities, hospitals and doctors in Sub-Saharan Africa to compile the statistics.

        To conclude. Racist I may be but stupid fart empty brain fucker I am not.

        Regardless of my own hatefulness though, statisticz dote dun beez racist by dem self. Gnome sayin?. Dey beez neutralz an sheeeeeeeeit. Gnome sayin?. Dey needz to be mor dan just facts an sheeeeit to be da racist and sheeeeeeit. Yu feelz me?. Gnome sayin?.

          1. @asskingforanal

            I lived and worked in London, England for over a decade.

            Considering the demographics of the area and my length of time there it is not that unusual that I would come to understand bastardised English(Ebonics) reasonably well.

            Even Tarzan came to understand the language of the ape when forced to live amongst them.

          2. Empty Soul is the smartest, Most intelligent person on this site and I know for a fact that his statements are always based on facts that come from reading, education and life experience including living and working in different parts of the world.
            Therefore whatever he says goes.

          3. .. All due respect… @brokeback… But if empty is indeed “the smartest, most intelligent” he would have known that ther are thriving black communities in the world that don’t have shit like this happening in them.. He would’ve known that what he sees is a reflection of what white people taught them, you guys brag about it all the time… How white people invented everything, teach everything etc… So why wouldn’t it be that, what you’re witnessing is learned behavior…?

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  1. Sad seeing one of our african women abused. Sadly, many men in Africa have learned this mistreatment of our sisters by white europeans who have ruled and used our fine women as sex toys.

    1. Is that also why black African men in Europe refuse to date their own race of women and instead chase after da whitey ones all the time because they are following the example of white Europeans who themselves want nothing to do with black women.

        1. @k530

          “The White Europeans knocked up our pure nubian sisters, took no responsibility and never provided care and support for their offspring“.

          I am reminded of the question and argument, what came first the chicken or the egg?.

          Perhaps the white Europeans did the above because they witnessed the blacks doing it first and merely mimicked the custom out of consideration for their hosts.

          In the above it is the blacks who are now being inconsiderate visitors by not showing a similar consideration for their hosts by mimicking the responsible nature of white folk whilst in white countries.

          Perhaps the dark kin deserve to have their black puddings forcibly separated from their overcooked dumplings?.

      1. White Europeans came and ravished our Mother Africa for centuries. They took our riches, turned our men into slaves and our beautiful women into sex objects. Justice takes time. The day of payback is fast approaching. We now swam your nasty continent and will soon be the majority. Black Power. Black Justice.

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            I asked dre who he thought kk was. He didn’t answer.

            I then asked Kk if he was an aussie and he didn’t even respond at all. Could have just said “na .I am not on Aussie ” or even “sorry Nem ,I am not comfortable answering either way because of security concerns”. I would have been happy even with that.

            Just me having a spaz. No probs.

          2. I have the least reason to disparage Africa or Africans apart from real -life events in Africa.

            I would not hold your breath awaiting Africa to flower in a hurry.

            China is rapidly binding the fate of Africa to itself economically with silken bonds.

            Zionatoatlanticists are salivating with ill-concealed greed on outright looting and rapine of the place and its people.

            I would be surprised if we do not find large parts of Africa under former imperialist powers once again within five to ten years worst case scenario. Best -case scenario? Debt slaves of the Chinese as is Greece ,Portugal ,Spain and De facto Italy in Europe.

            You can forget Glory Days coming to Africa or any benefit coming to Europe from Africa soon.

          1. Listen to him Nem “our mother africa” That’s so funny, they’re just jumping into the sea to escape their “mother africa”
            African men know their women are cheats and liars. Dirty skank whores who the minute they leave their man’s bed are out looking for the next opportunity.

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            When I was young and fit ,I would shave ,wear quality clothes and expensive male colognes and shit. Quite the urban male. Yet,women were more attracted when I left my hair scruffy , I was unshaven and just smelled of a little soap ,me and some other woman. Haha

  2. I wanted to post this here since i got the video from a Nigerian friend but i decided to wait because i knew it will surface here.This is the link..the men have been arrested

        1. I mean who the fuck has a nigerian friend. just asking for trouble. I know for a fact that if his nigerian friend gets with other nigerians in his company they’ll all be speaking their shitty language and he’ll be left out. That’s how multiculturalism works. Not to mention watching him around his woman

          1. Lol there was a show on animal planet called fatal attraction that documented people with crazy dangerous pets. These were mainly people with mental illness that kept them in wildly inappropriate places. Dude bit by one of his many cobra’s and vipers he let roam his apt because they had a special bond and wouldnt hurt him. Oh multi unit building also. Guy with a tiger in his high rise studio apt in nyc, neighbors heard the growling but thought nothing of it. Guy in Miami that had a fucking hyena in his condo, mauled him several times. One that let his buffalo live in him and wifes double wide trailer home. Cut the roof off and removed the seats from an old caddy so it could travel with him. The theme was like you said, someone just asking for trouble and how did you think this would play out? I liked using the extreme (albeit crude)comparison to what’s unraveling in the EU, especially uk and france. Theyve spent centuries developing some remarkable countries, and they are just rocketing into the kind of shit holes most of their “multi cultural” refugees hail from. Shocking that are bringing with them many of the problems and culture that detroyed their homelands. But both are to nice to start booting these assholes back home to start working on fixing thier own country, that they are all responsible for by either being part of the problem, or being scared/lazy/weak to do the hard work for a functioning and flourishing society. Its not even a mony or race thing. Its they come out, refuse to assimilate, and start causing trouble somewhere that offered to protect them. Start dragging that host nation down, and once you start running it into the ground then what? Hop off to somewhere else now that you fucked that host country like home? Fuck no, it’s just not sustainable long term for anyone. They just need to be sent back, with loans and grants,and start fixing and rebuilding their homeland. Pulling out the shitty leadership, establishing education, and some favorable trade alliances with eu and the west to get them on thier feet. The fucking nigerians are among the groups that would be a great test bed. They have some of the worlds largest oil reserves yet amongst the poorest per capita in the world, and one of the most polluted countries. Why? Corruption that would make even a Mexican politician blush. And a byproduct of that was oil companies raping the landscape like a frat party at someone elses house. Fuck it I don’t live here and nobody will say anything if I take a dump in their dryer. So fuck the Nigerians, amongst other trouble making groups, but you got to go. It’s time they stand up to what they allowed happen. Nobody will be going home empty handed, theyll be funds, favorable trade, and access to infastructure and technology. All the tools to succeed, and this will not be easy, but it’s time to go back home and start doing some of the heavy lifting for themselves. But we’ll still have to keep an eye on them around the women

          1. Huge lesson…i even amused myself by sending the 3rd scammer on a 4 hrs errand to cash money at a bank in Lagos….Poor guy he ran out of money….i sent him 133 miles to pick up a western union payment..It was fun.

  3. She’s been shaved naked and standing in garbage. She only got half of her hair did and she has a purple pussy. The chili pepper shouldn’t even be in the top ten of her worries.

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