African Man Foils Burglary Attempt, Pummels Thief with Shovel

African Man Foils Burglary Attempt, Pummels Thief with Shovel

In the wee hours of the morning at a house in Soweto, South Africa, a burglary was attempted by would-be-thief. The home owner was awake when he heard noises and investigated. Perpetrator was soon spotted, apprehended, brought outside and received battering, bruising from hard hitting retribution.

Soaking wet and pleading forgiveness that falls on deaf ears; thief fails to prevent further shoveling punishment. Cameraman has a good chuckle and choice words for the halfhearted repentance by the pleb.

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          1. This is Soweto, the armpit of South Africa formerly called Southwest Town. This district is attached to Johannesburg strictly for semi-controlled management of welfare and unwed mother services… and this.

          2. Choosing a spade as a whacking tool is a sign this guy deserves a VIP placement in our CIA torture program.
            To fully appreciate the effectiveness of this Whacking, play “Shakira – Whacker Whacker” as sound track while watching

          3. Hit him in the neck and let him bleed out. Then there would be one less walking skidmark out there. I wonder if the other nigga was pouring water on him or petrol?
            Maybe this video ended too soon..

          4. Exactly my train of thoughts….!

            I am still waiting till on of them niggletts comes to break in my house, the shovel is awaiting in the garden shed 🙂

          1. Africa has majority of the earth resources. It is not as technologically advanced as western countries but it has the highest potential to be so if the governments were not corrupt.

          1. I think the orgy victim ejaculated in his draws —all of the contents of his scrotum—
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      1. It’s mixing waterboarding with mexican thief paddlings.

        Check it out, they aim the water at his face, to make sure he chokes a little on it, causing Static Shock to panic even more.

        Gotta say, I imagined him as the Cinnamon Mon and his attacker as the Apple Guy from the AppleJacks cereal, that was some funny shit there, hahah.

      1. Legend has it Zed’s chopper is still sitting at LAX, while all the pieces of Zed are in a oil drum submerged somewhere off the coast. No one knows whatever happened to the gimp.
        Most likely locked back up, never to be seen again.

          1. @brokeback

            Yep. That’s where my comment “Not if it’s an higher suit” comes in.

            If humanity were a card game the nigger would have far less value than a spade or a shovel because they are far less useful.

          2. Well, since no one else has upped the ANTE, here goes:

            The less-than-STRAIGHT-laced thief may have been HEARTless, but the guy CLUBbing him with the SPADE was truly a DIAMOND in the rough.

            I’ll BET the thief was sad that the bucket wasn’t full of GIN but he should count himself lucky that the shovel was closer-at-HAND than the fireplace POKER and that he didn’t get arrested.

            Instead of SOLITAIRE-y confinement, he’d be in a cell with Big Bubba and Moob Sr. and Jr. from that earlier BG post as the prison already had a FULL HOUSE and he’d just end up as the FREE CELLblock BICYCLE.

            I’ll be STRAIGHT with you, I know that PACKing in all these puns makes me a bit of a CARD, but it SUITs me, don’t you think?

            (In all seriousness, sorry for the caps-lock overload, but I don’t remember how to put in the codes for either italics or bold with this type of comments section set-up. A brief refresher course from a BGer in the know would be highly appreciated!)

  1. It’s weird how the language of these people sound like English words mixed in with a hint of jibber-jabber.

    Swear I heard “Faggot” by cameraman early on. The last word I heard the undertaker say was “*grunt* …Respect” After that, the cameraman said “…blah, blah, blah ..Translate that”

    Ever notice how black folk treat other black folk as nothing better than a slave on a sinking ship…

    1. “Ever notice how black folk treat other black folk as nothing better than a slave on a sinking ship”.

      In my experience I find that blacks hate other blacks.

      They kill each other in great number.

      The black men who live in the first world appear to want nothing to do with their own women, preferring instead to chase after every other race but their own.

      They don’t want to live in black neighbourhoods, preferring instead to go wherever whitey goes causing white flight to take place again and again.

      They expect people to believe that black lives matter when evidently they do not. Not even to themselves.

  2. What the hell is with the water bucket? Is that shovel impact lube? Is it to soften the blow? Is it to make the shovel slap harder?

    Living in the correct America voided me of learning these kinds of things.

    1. LOFL! Ain’t dat da troof??? Niggers think their plight is all whiteys fault but they injure, torment and kill more of each other more than anyone else could ever hope to do to them. Niggers are the way they are because they are niggers. Niggers, by and large, have not evolved with the rest of humanity. Come to think of it neither have the Muslimes! They also slaughter more of each other than Westerners do and for the most outdated, ignorant fucking reasons too. That’s why they are called sand niggers and dune coons, because they are no better than niggers themselves.

      1. @ Big Dog Dick,
        Dune coons! And here I thought I’d heard them all. My God that’s good. Someone once told me they called niggers “coons” because like the raccoon the niggers likes stealing shiny objects. He said that stereotype came from the Deep South.

  3. Pipe hittin’ nigger goin medieval on his ass! Even for a gun owner like myself I might normally say this is a little much for a burglary but fuck it, in a lawless shithole this is what you get! I wish I could say the dumb shithead probably won’t do it again but we all know he will.

    I’d hold the guy at gunpoint and wait fo da poleeces but here it’s likely not an option. Now, if he were a pedo or rapist and screwed with my daughter then this would be the least I would do him, just to start. There would be fingernail removal, penis and ball excision, oversized item rectal insertions, toenail pullings, slicing, eye gouging, hair waxing and eventual slow death.

  4. Something doesn’t add up here. The house is an actual structure, not a dung hut. Nicely paved driveway as well. No niggers live there.
    I think the dumb shit getting beat tried to rob a house that was already being robbed by the niggers doing the beating.
    As a professional courtesy, they should hang a “Robbery in Progress” sign on the front door to avoid this confusion.

    1. “Something doesn’t add up here. The house is an actual structure, not a dung hut. Nicely paved driveway as well“.

      It’s called “cultural appropriation”. Something the nignog, woggy sambos accuse whitey of doing daily.

      Put simply. If whitey cannot culturally appropriate from others the niggers sure as hell shouldn’t be able to.

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  5. The thief sounds like the Cookie Monster that has just found a full Jar of Cookies while nobody is around LMFAO…

    Perhaps this is the African version of Sesame Street? It would explain why blacks behave the way they do when they grow up (and the way they behave as kids for that matter).

        1. @rudolfhess (Adolf Hitler)

          The last part was a reference to the show always ending (at least when I was a kid) with, “Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter (insert letter here) and the number (insert number here). I just took it out of kiddie context with “F and U” as in fuck you (not you personally) and “187” for homicide since there’s a lot of that on BG (just not in this particular post).

  6. oh, this takes me back. my grandma used to beat our asses with wet, twisted up, towels and washrags. she even had a way to make it land that really hurt. i thought it was a polish baba thing, but i suppose it’s not. once again, BG is a learning experience. 😀

  7. Street justice at it’s finest.

    I would have begged the man to just split my head open with one good shovel wack to end my misery. Notice the speed he picked up towards the end and then walks away with the shovel in hand. I doubt the thief was able to walk away after all that.

    1. No you wouldn’t.

      You would have protected your head with your arms as long as possible, just like that guy did.
      Had they cut off your arms like they like to do in South America, you would have kept trying to protect yourself with your ghost limbs.

      Bestgore should teach you not to say shit like this. The will to survive is one of the strongest forces, and tt takes some serious balls not to fight it actively while fully aware. Maybe the men who commit Seppuku come close to that level of self-control. But that would seem to be about it…

      As for the beating, it was harsh indeed. While the intent not to kill is noticeable, it will have led to some severe bruising, and possible broken shins and elbow. Adrenalin might have helped this guy out of this driveway, but sitting and sleeping should make his next few months unbearably painful.

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