African Thief Stripped and Beaten in Broad Daylight

African Thief Stripped and Beaten in Broad Daylight

Video from an undisclosed location in Africa. A thief was unfortunate enough to be caught red-handed and was subjected to some mob justice. Now, they don’t kill him, but they do strip him naked and whip him and beat him and have him run wee wee wee all the way home naked through the streets. Public humiliation at it’s finest.

Also, I stand before you here today, with a matter of great import. I stand before you here today, Ladies and Gents, very proud to be able to put to death a horrible, terrible myth. A stereotype that was disgraceful, unwarranted and held no basis in reality: That nigga dick ain’t shit!

Granted, we’ve seen the truth of that matter on BG before, but Obli being Obli, you know I’m not only gonna beat this dead horse, but parade it up and down the street and wave it in all y’alls faces!

Mad-ass props to our African Angel.

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      1. @hollyEat: Pl?onasme lol
        I was surprised not to hear the: “I dindu nuffin’…”
        Then I remembered, he must have said it, in his own language 🙂
        Africans…they DO sing all the time (beginning of the video…). Amazing…
        The slapping noises gave me memories, of my ex-boyfriend, spanking me in the bedroom…Anyways, I’m all sad, now…

    1. seen some iphones there. question is how do they afford them but cant afford food clean water and real houses ? probably stole them if I had to guess witch makes me wonder why there not being treated the same.

      1. Ha ha Dr Dre

        These vids always make me laugh because I reckon all those nig-nogs are more than likely thieves. The one getting the street justice could have been anyone of them. It just happened to be this one today. Goes to prove this uncivilised bullshit is more of a celebration about violence and
        lawlessness than justice or theft.

        Doesn’t Africa look beautiful? Can’t wait to give that whole continent a big miss……

      1. @Karmen
        The picture is a couple years old…but we got snow bro…way too much and
        way to early.
        Gonna change my Avi to the dogs “Locked up” in the snow.
        They definitely enjoy this weather more than I do. 😉

      1. Someone’s gonna have to answer for parading this peckerless nigger around town like that. They managed to keep the myth going strong for generations. Only now are us white people finding out it was all a hoax.

          1. English is such a fucking retarded language when it takes to understanding obvious and precebtible shit like this… No i didnt said i had hairs IN my back… I said my hair, wich roots IN MY HEAD on my picture is hiding over my back…

      1. You use the ‘#’ symbol, followed by word(s) on Twitter.
        So for example, if you’re on there and you want to see what people are tweeting about Nickelback, you can search #Nickleback, #Didyoumisspellthenameorsomething, #SeriouslyyouwantedNickleback, #Fuckiswrongwithyou, #Ihopeyoumeantquarterback….you get the gist of it 😀

  1. As a retired nurse, you see all sizes. Fresh out of nursing school, and helping to pick up this old white man that fell out of bed. His junk was so big that for some dumb reason I found myself asking him how many kids he had.
    A Native American paraplegic that was very blessed. Many of all colors and sizes.
    And ps, lives DO matter. Including the backwoods racists.

      1. stand down, sir. African Angel is a major contributor and carries herself intelligently. Plus, she can hold her own on these boards without resorting to the arrogant, aggressive tropes that stereotype the American blacks. this makes her a race traitor? because she’s smart and respectful?

  2. Faggoty painted walls in the back drop and an afro man on the run makes for a hilarious viewing.

    This wasn’t the kind of tough street justice expected of Africans at least as it seemed pretty mild . No thrashing but a little bit of strip tease with the guy with a little amazonian forest between his crotch and the wank shaft lolling to and from like a pendulum ……………ready to strike a cock dong…..with an hourly jizz squirt .

    Hardly any and not more than a women in sight in whites is there on the scene .
    Ladies ……..gasp .His “umthando ” is something to look out for and don’t be shy .

  3. The still picture at the top of the article, reminds me of that scary alien in the movie Signs. The part where the little Mexican kids spot the alien at their birthday party, I don’t know why, but that movie was really scary to me.

  4. well well what do we have here. take a look at what the black man can offer, and im not even talking about the black beef whistle that is flailing side to side like a maggot caught in a fish hook, i am talking about the background scenery, the dust, the dirt and the general unevolved squalor that is the black culture. And now take a few seconds and have your breath taken away by what the magnificent and unparalleled white man has achieved. Now do you realize the wonders of the world are set in stone by the greatest race ever and the future and all its mystery’s will be discovered and conquered by you magnificent white man. We truly are geniuses and everything that is wonderful is down to us. So take a look at what you could have if you want to try the life of a mudflapper on the black beef whistle because jew-television tells you its trendy . Or do you want to journey into outer space and beyond with your own race? yes lets be proud to be white and shout it whenever we have chance. loyalty goes a long way. the choice is yours, a life of drudgery in huts and single mother existence ? or to the stars and beyond with the white man. Im saying this because once the next phase begins we will be able to create ‘female robots’ that will almost be identical to the female and the flesh part will feel as good. So beware for times are changing and we just may punish the mudflappers by leaving you on this god forsaken planet with your black beef whistle. im not accusing anyone on this site im just saying thats where the future is heading , if we feel we have been betrayed too much we might just leave you down here in the huts while we travel the cosmos. white power mother-forkers.

      1. and im not joking about what i said there are now artificial wombs. soon when the female can be cloned in the flesh and feel as good we may even come to a time when we build huge prisons for all women and use them for scientific purposes and experiments. especially with the rise of feminism there is a very good chance men will turn on women someday. the only thing stopping that now is the overwhelming urge for their pussy. when all these essentials can be virtually designed and used without the female, maybe it will be time to correct them by disregarding them altogether. they dont stand a chance going up against us neither. will be a walk in the park. difficult future ahead for feminists and traitors once the woman can be cloned synthetically.

  5. Imagine what sheeple would think if they saw this video on a mainstream TV channel. Some would think it’s the worst beating they’ve ever seen! lol. Little do they realise that this man has probably received AND given such beatings before. I can just see some women saying “someone needs to help these poor people” as they set up some charity to throw money at them. That’s how they buy their smartphones, lol.

  6. Put to end as well the myth that big feet = big dicks. The guy that holds the world record for biggest penis btw is white. Don’t ask me how I know as I am really not interested in that, just randomly found out. Haha.

  7. I swear the nigger in the still image reminds me of the alien scene in the movie “Signs”, specifically at the birthday party when the alien is recorded coming out from behind the wall. Creepy as fuck.

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