Alleged Chinese Pedophile Tortured with Stun Gun

Alleged Chinese Pedophile Tortured with Stun Gun

Alleged Chinese Pedophile Tortured with Stun Gun

The title sums up everything I know about this video. Allegedly from China, it shows torture of an alleged pedophile with a stun gun.

The alleged pedo screams a lot when zapped, but then again – the electroshock weapons were designed to stun a human body and put it temporarily out of commission. Hence the name… duh!

The flip flops wearing executioner of torture strikes me more like someone with skeletons in the closet, but what better way to hide them then by playing a do gooder.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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74 thoughts on “Alleged Chinese Pedophile Tortured with Stun Gun”

    1. Very strong accent. Definitely down south, anything SiChuan and below. From the dialogue it appears they’re trying to extract some other information from him – other victim or perpetrator

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    1. @flip-flip – Lil girls and /or lil boys – most likely both ! Most pedo’s don’t care and will try to groom any kid they can get their hands on. If this guy is really a pedo and guilty as charged, then I loved this video!
      BUT if it’s just a case of a rumour started by some entitled lil bitchy 14yo teen slut with a bad attitude because she wanted to get some attention, then I feel very sorry for him. Some females learn the value of pussy and how to ruin a guy’s life very early………

    1. You must ALWAYS look at things as “alleged”. We are constantly inundated with lies these days. Anyone who is paying attention knows that you can’t just blindly believe what we are told. That’s the first sign of sheepdom. One of the easiest ways to defame someone, is to call them a pedophile. Don’t believe shit until you can prove it, otherwise, it’s a witch hunt.

  1. sound like another slut looking for male attention dressing like a prostitute but since he wasn’t an attractive male she screamed rape. Stay away from woman or you could be the next innocent man being tortured.

  2. It’s kinda like ‘Star Wars’ but only one nigger gets a light sabre, and it’s a short one
    Hope that Chingy got what he deserved

    (All Chinks are usually pedophiles – Chairman Mao would have been)

    “Four fucks goooood .. Two fucks baaaaad”

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  5. kudos if he actually molested a child but I wonder if its for banging a 15 year old teen woman. The whole new age pedophilia thing where guys are getting beat because the government and feminism claim a developed teen under 18 is “pedophilia”

  6. Meanwhile that stun gun was probably made in Ching Chong China and that only means one thing…’s fucking JUNK! Probably didn’t even hurt his slanted eyed evil ass and he was just pretending to be hurt. They should of kept up the attacks till he pissed his pants. Molesters need to die! And one last thing…..FUCK CHINA ! They’ve stolen our retirement money by allowing the Wuhan virus to escape that cesspool!

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