Alleged Hitman for Northeast Cartel Beaten by Inmates in Ciudad Victoria Prison

Alleged Hitman for Northeast Cartel Beaten by Inmates in Ciudad Victoria Prison

Alleged Hitman for Northeast Cartel Beaten by Inmates in Ciudad Victoria Prison

A video Ciudad Victoria prison in Tamaulipas, Mexico, shows inmates delivering beating to a guy on his first day behind bars.

The inmates, who are said to be affiliated with the Gulf Cartel, allege that guy is a hitman for the opposing Northeast Cartel (Cártel del Noreste), and in his capacity as the sicario kidnapped and murdered people.

At first, the guy is held bent over by three men, while a fourth whoops his ass with a plank. The lot then punch, kick and stomp him on as he cowers on the floor.

Props to Best Gore member @3asbaaaa for the video:

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          1. @Evilmindedmonkey
            Yea, lol i did see that. And the 3 Stooges ??? Bwa, ha, ha, as you just brought back some great, old-time memories for me dude. 😉

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  1. That was some pretty gay viewing for a bit. The paddle ,gut punch, followed by the elbow. It went on a bit too long and with too much planned rhythm to be heterosexual. Glad to see they pulled it together at the end. although it does end in frenzy of switch hitting , leaving me undecided

          1. I researched no less than 8 minutes on correct accent to use atop O to achieve proper O sound. I even learned those things are called macrons. Still believe I got it wrong, didnt quite match

            Did it read like “in you end doe”? I really tried until I didnt 🙂

    1. @Bumhole, (classic handle by the way) lol. I don’t think he wanted to bust his soccer toes? He’s probably the goal keeper though. Usually the fat guy in prison is thrown in the goal area out of necessity. Those prison yard soccer games get crazy sometimes down there in mexicant’s land.

  2. He probably deserved a kicking 100 times greater than the one he received. If he kidnaps, tortures and kills people he deserves whatever’s coming to him. I hope they paint the prison with his blood.

  3. Gee! I wonder what happened to that poor bastard, maybe he shouldn’t have been killing rivals and bragging about it in jail. Thats one mega ass whooping and hope he remembers it so he doesn’t commit the same mistakes again! I also hope he can recover!

      1. I doubt he soiled himself but it’s possible it’s not noticable due to the sagging. Pushing a turd into underwear and pants that tight would’ve looked quite amusing lol. In all seriousness I’ve literally been told by law enforcement and female friends that if i fear being raped or sexualy assulted that i should crap myself as a deterant.

          1. It would probably deter some, it would deter me. I have gastrointestinal issues (IBSc) so with my luck there’s no way i could shit myself in that situation unless the need just happened to hit. I cant go until the need suddenly hits and its caused accidents so dropping a load in my pants doesn’t bother me and I’ve even done it on purpose for convenience and sometimes fun (my partner is also into it) because a lot of times im nowhere near a restroom if im working out in the field or riding my motorcycle on empty back roads. Other than going in my pants i have no interest in it other than the amusement of seeing others do it. I just wonder how many of the dead or dying people shown here who have shit themselves enjoyed it and did it on purpose. In most cases i think it was on purpose, you would be shocked at how many people are into pants pooping especially women!

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    I give this movie. …..1 flaccid uncircumcised Mexican penis up.

  5. Tell me that I am not the only one who seen the guy on the left throwing several consecutive body shots to the guy being held when at 1:29 sharp; he totally wiffs another and totally, full on uppercuts his buddy in the middle.

    1. None of those weak cunts would last alone either. They would piss themselves just like the faggot getting spanked and whining like a bitch. I bet he thought he was a tough cunt sicario too sneaking up on people while he waited for them in the bushes.

      You never see 1 on 1 shit.

  6. I’d like to see these attackers get lynched based on the gay ass beat down they delivered. The fag in the gray pajamas needs to be necklaced for dishing out the weakest hits. Compared to the way the rest of their brethren get down is enough reason for these breastfed mamas boys to lynch themselves.

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