Alleged Rapist Tied to Pole with Stone to His Balls

Alleged Rapist Tied to Pole with Stone to His Balls

While I didn’t get specific backinfo with the video, I think we can safely assume it was filmed somewhere in Africa.

The video shows a man tied up and suspended from a pole under his armpits. He is weighted down with a large stone, which is allegedly tied to his balls. The man received this treatment upon accusation that he had raped someone.

Props to Best Gore member @suribonk for the video:

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218 thoughts on “Alleged Rapist Tied to Pole with Stone to His Balls”

          1. *************


            Made to force his knees to bend backwards, hence why he keeps trying to bend his knees and hold. This can be seen best when the African police-like lookin fella comes over and extends his legs back out and swings him back and forth.


            A problem with not being able to comment where you want is that, for example, can’t get attention to point out what’s really going on.

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          1. No, you can’t read. It says in the description,”He is weighted down with a large stone, which is allegedly tied to his balls.”
            We don’t for sure if its his dick, balls, or both?

    1. No more Balls-Deep for this fucker. But he could now have on hell of a career as a Soprano Singer, that’s for sure. As this video alone, could serve as one hell of an awesome demo, me thinks! πŸ˜‰

    1. I thought he said: kin yawn Tim going hith gong bong tutu………….. which means …. I ….. DIN ….. DO ……. NUFFIN!!!!!!!

      African ball stretcher is a classic torture, but from women they pack dirt in her dry pussy until it could easily handle horse dick forever. Better yet desert is the burning tire!!!!!!

  1. Tbh I started singing awimbawe awimbawe in the jungle the mighty jungle I just hang around awimbawe awimbawe.

    Quick light a fire under the fucker, we’ll get a real spit roast human pic

        1. I agree @loosythepoosy as he can be quite the asshole (at times), and ok, at other times.
          I think that P.M.S. in Men is turning out to be true, and not a conspiracy, lol. πŸ˜‰ But overall, he is not that bad, & a much better man than that @tuffgong777 (arse-tongue-loving) creepster, whom i like to call stuffdongs because of him reminding me of Jeffrey Dahmer.

          1. Hey now. We might think like a man, an get twice as much poon as y’all do but I’m almost sure that most claiming to be women are just due to how we speak (type)

    1. It’s a strange way to express your pain by screaming Weeee..Weee Weeee! Lol But who am I to judge? I never felt the pain of a 20 lbs rocks pulling my balls down like that, maybe I would just start screaming the same way…weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  2. This little piggy went to market, This little piggy stayed home, This little piggy had roast beef, This little piggy had none. This little piggy went … Wee, wee, wee, all the way home!

  3. The rock on rope is from his arms. You can see clearly it’s loose and goes up his back. Shame though, would of been funny had it of been round his nuts and they popped off. Stick a couple of tyres underneath him and light the cunt up

      1. Not trying to be edgy. Lurking on Chimpout for 5 years does that to you, didn’t register because a kike owns the site. Niggers usually Goodyear Necklace other niggers for accused crimes anyway. Are you one of the hordes of SJWs who joined the site when Mark was locked up? And if you are does my profile picture or name trigger you?.

  4. People are sadistic as fuck. No trial, no jury, just straight to punishment for a crime he MAY have committed. While his “wee wee” stuff sounded funny and I can’t help that, if he’s innocent, this is so gross.

    1. Think the same thing about most of these vigilante videos. Cant watch this either, just the suggestion of this being tied to his nuts and 20 secs of his awimbawe and i had to turn off. Head offs i can deal with but this make me feel sick ha!

    2. I have seen video from Africa of people being burned alive with cars tires around their necks for less severe crimes like thievery, if he is really a rapist, he is been “lucky” so far…unless this is just the beginning of his journey..

  5. Wee…Wee……Wee……
    First and foremost you don’t rape people…..So…..
    Playing the yogi for a while (I’ve seen them in India with much bigger stones really attached to their balls….!!!)
    Wee….Wee…..Wee…I didn’t do it…..
    Contrary to the legend …..These people always more or less catch
    The right guy…….An elder council, meeting will find out what’s going on……By making an “investigation”…..When
    You are a rapist you Leave a trail…….
    Most of the time they’ll dispatch the Bozo once the camera
    Isn’t rolling anymore……!!!!

  6. There is a correlation between race and rape levels which appears to transcend socioeconomic factors.

    To cut a long story short though, the darker the skin the more likely they are to rape.

    As for this footage, not even a rock could hold down a niggers urge to muh dik. In fact, show that nigger a blond white woman and you can add blunt force trauma via a rock, as well as muh dikery, to her autopsy report.

    1. *waves* I love long stories!

      What kind of race are you talking about? I’m not very speedy, but they are fun. I’ve never raped anyone at a race before, though I suppose you could try something at a sack race… hm.

      Brown people, any brown people? ‘Cause I don’t believe there’s a ton of raping going on amongst the Australian aborigines whereas the Russians are super white and rapey as shit.

      1. β€œWhat kind of race are you talking about?”.

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  7. Here you go guys i translated the conversation.
    Manwith rock hanging from balls: i need you to call an ambulance for me good sir.
    Man #2: what is this ambulance you speak of?
    Man with rock hangIng from balls: you know the truck with the flashing lights and siren.
    Man #2: still dont know what youre talking about.
    Man with rock: you know flashing lights and the siren goes wee weee weee weee weeee.

      1. Ok Charles you beat me to doing the funniest dialogue, and you got the best idea.
        This is my take:

        Man with rock hanging from balls: When I was raping Wendy, she would be going “Wee wee wee wee, WEEEEEEEEEEEEE”
        Man with rock hanging from balls: I would tell her to shut up, but she still kept making that ridiculous noise, in line with my thrusts.
        Man #2: Shut up and keep hanging in there
        Man with rock hanging from balls: I said to her, you look really happy that I’m raping you, I must be doing you a favour. Wendy kept saying “WEE WEE WEEEE WEE WEE WEE” in sync with my dick. I told her to keep it quiet, she said she was so excited.
        Man with rock hanging from balls (very bitter and sarcastic): WEE WEE WEEEE WEE WEE
        WEE WEEE She should have kept it quiet, but people came into the room and interrupted me
        Man #3: You need to shut up sir (moves the man’s legs and swings him about to cause him more pain) Let’s see you make the same noise as her now
        Man with rock hanging from balls: WEE WEE WEE WEEE WEE WEEE WEE WEEE WEEE
        WEE WEEEE Are you happy now?

        Sorry BG viewers, mine is not as funny as Charles’s. I did my best!

  8. Not a perfect translation as these are multiple dialects.
    Most are speaking swahili, so this is somewhere in East Africa, I suspect its rural Kenya. The guys talking in the background seem to be making a bet about how long the alleged rapists balls will last. The guy that walks up to him in the tan colored clothes is most likely a provincial administrator (sort of like a town sherriff) and he’s mocking him by asking why he’s making so much noise as he shakes him. The alleged rapist seems not to be from that area, he’s speaking a different language but is basically begging them to stop. This punishment is pretty unusual, typically rape is allowed to slide in African culture, kept hush-hush and everyone acts like it never happened. Probably a tribal factor at play here, or maybe the guy raped the daughter of someone important in the village.

    1. @max
      Can you confirm that the heavy stone is actually hanging from his balls, from the conversation?
      Nobody’s balls can take that kind of torture for longer than 10 seconds without disintegrating.

      Ever seen the 2006 James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig?
      At one point 007 is stripped naked, sat on a bottomless chair and has his bollocks tortured using heavy rope whipping, and he actually takes it like a bitch, i.e. he doesn’t spill the beans.

      This is absolute horseshit. Even 007’s balls would not be able to withstand such heavy trauma, this is just something to enthrall the ordinary numbskull who believes this kind of crap.
      If it was me in that chair, after about 2 strokes I’d be ready to tell all international secrets just to protect my own crown jewels.

      Basically I don’t think the stone is dangling from his nutsack πŸ™‚

      1. Can’t be sure but I don’t think so.

        I’ve seen weird punishments in my time but never anything like this, and after listening to the speech again I don’t think the guy is a rapist, he could be a thief. Its possible they’ve tied the rock in some way that it doesn’t affect him too badly. By all rights his nutsack should have popped like a swollen balloon or else ripped right out from between his legs.

  9. Apparently – WEE WEE WEEEE means –
    “…Hey you – come over here and swing me around some… I need more weight on my balls…! – ahhh that’s much better thank you – think I’ll just have a quiet nap now”

  10. This is the most amusing video I’ve seen on BG, LOL.

    I’m not sure that large, heavy stone is tied to his nutsack, let’s pretend it was πŸ™‚
    If I was there I’d get a stiff ostrich feather and tickle those soles. He’d then be kicking away in reflex and jerking repeatedly on his nuts lol. But he would also be LAUGHING and in pain at the same time. Actually he would be totally confused and not know whether to laugh or cry.

    Still, some other bozo had that idea. Look at the official at 0.55 who comes over and gives him a session of pendulum swinging. That cracked me up. The rapist is then super excited a result, very much like a child on a swing “WEE WEE WEEEEEE WE WE WEEEE WEE”

    Anyway this guy’s raping days are over, if the stone was attached his nuts. This is in effect a very slow castration. Nobody’s balls would be working after that.

  11. If he’s a singer, well, he will gonna be able to do very high notes from now on…Who knows, maybe he didn’t rape anybody, and maybe he’s just warming his voice?
    Very good technique…
    Oh, by the way, that must hurt soooo much…
    We can hear the ambulance coming. No, wait…It’s him! Sorry, dude, nobody’s coming to your help.
    I wonder how much time he can take this and how his balls will be after that.
    It looks painful O_O

    1. They can be so cruel over there as a man and owning 2 balls I just can’t imagine the pain he is enduring…how much time? I wouldn’t be surprised that after he passed out and stop making annoying weeeee weeeee weeeeee they will completely forget about

    1. Weeeeeee weeeeeeee weeeeeeeee…this should be an educational video for African Americans children…as a president I will propose..actually I will impose this as an educational video in elementary schools , yes..thanks for the idea and God bless America (especially bless me and my dinero..:)))))

    1. Yes…the fanciest”ambulance ” they have over there is likely 2 old men running around with a stretcher and one of them is supposed to go like Weeeeeee Weeeeeeee as a siren…lol so yes maybe that was just a test??

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