Alleged Rapist Repeatedly Clubbed by Multiple Men

Alleged Rapist Repeatedly Clubbed by Multiple Men

Sounds to me like the video is from Brazil.

It shows a group of pussy whipped manginas beating on a man accused of rape. The cucks club the man repeatedly with sticks and 2x4s, as he pleads for mercy while cowering on a blue sheet covered couch.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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54 thoughts on “Alleged Rapist Repeatedly Clubbed by Multiple Men”

      1. Well, I say it’s safe to assume that if he’s pleading that “he won’t do it again”, that the justice (if this is what you call ‘justice’- it resembled more of a teenage girl fight) was properly served to the alleged rapist aka: rapist. If some take their punishment “like a champ” then what would this pussy shit be considered? Lol

  1. He’s saying: “Aaaaaaay for God’s sake, I’m done! Let it go counselor, let it go counselor!! My leg, bro!! …my face. My head, my head!!!” and “No, I’m not going to do it anymore, no”. When video’s ending a person tells someone to put the accused outside.
    The accused keeps on repeating “for God’s sake” or “for the love of God” the whole video.

    I’m not sure if conselheiro is really counselor, could be adviser or mentor or councillor…

        1. I don’t know either. I just seriously doubt that the female motivation for rape would be as stupidly basic as everday garden-variety orgasm.

          And as grotesque as this sounds, I want to give men the same benefit of the doubt as far as motivation. I refuse to believe that the majority of men are simply motivated by the need to cum. Y’all are far more sophisticated than that, emotionally and intellectually, so give yourself some credit.

          Otherwise, go fuck a horse. Or a hydrant. Or something that won’t catch your retarded ass ten to twenty in the cut…

          1. @kilgoretrout You’d have to be a mentally ill woman to rape for an orgasm. I can’t imagine being able to have an orgasm by raping someone. I’ve told my own husband to quit talking when I’m almost there lol. So I’m sure someone struggling and being noisy would be stressful. So unless a chick was mental, I highly doubt orgasm is the reason.
            I think insecurity is a reason in the case of female teachers having sex with students. Here’ a guy worshipping her and making her feel so pretty and I’m sure she likes the power – not of rape but making him feel that way. I don’t think these students are physically forced but it is legally rape.
            I do wish they’d do a study and find out how these student victims feel about the experience 10 years from now. I wonder if they are traumatized?
            We can’t ask Mary Kay Letourneau’s victim because he married her 12 years ago and is still married to her.

          2. @dethbyplaster

            I wish some female teacher of mine had gave me good sex when I was between 14 and 16. For like 5-11 months or so, not more… so I can develop properly after that.

            Female teacher over male student is not the same as male teacher over female student… males are pervs…

            And if most 15 years olds girls don’t wanna fuck with the 15 years old boy, then he should get the 30 years old pussy with no risk.

      1. Evolutionarily speaking it makes sense. A woman may see a male partner of good genetic quality and wish to have his semen. The man may not want to provide his semen and waste resources with such a female, then, she may force him or use cunning and deception…

    1. the reason men rape is because the majority of the time nothing happens to them. these instances are relatively rare when you factor in the amount of rapes reported in many of these countries. especially the nordic countries.. that’s like rape-land now. they mostly get a slap on the wrist, if that.

          1. Galileo didn’t attempt a denial either, when he was convicted of heresy for discovering that the Earth revolved around the Sun, not the other way around. Nether did hundreds of witches who were accused of having sex orgies with Satan and accepted death by fire.

      1. Or maybe it’s just that raping is kind of a shitty thing to do, regardless of gender.

        I think I’d rather enjoy making an admitted rapist into a piñata. Although I don’t think I’d like the kind of treats that would spill forth…

        1. The problem here is that many of those beating him may be murderers. How comes murderers receive a better treatment than rapists in Brazilian prisons. I wonder if he was at least convicted in a fair trial, and not that he is still waiting for one…

        2. The problem here is that we can wonder if there was enough proof that he was a rapist. He is receiving street justice, which leads to many questions to be asked. Like, was he caught in the act? Is there any evidence besides the woman’s accusation? Certainly the victim did not receive a medical examination for collection of DNA from semen, which would be the most compelling evidence…

        3. Oh grow up you fucking moron. They beat him on the basis of an accusation; that’s it. Everyone deserves due process. And even then, that’s what prison is for. Lynch mobs and “street justice” are a thing of the 1600s. Also, I remember as kid when my brothers would beat the shit out of me asking if I took whatever it was that I took, if the beatings got too painful I would just admit guilt. Regardless of whether or not I took their shit. Admitting guilt is a very common thing, when a human is faced with excruciating pain or impending torture. Apparently you’ve never heard of “false confessions to end torture.” Go check out Guantanamo Bay waterboarding for Christ’s sake.

  2. when you beat someone who looks like a rapist, talks like a rapist and is from that shithole brazil, you should always club them to death. or what’s the point. no one learns anything from a little slap and tickle.

  3. I’m assuming the fairness of the legal/penal system down yonder is even more profoundly fucked than it is here in ‘Murka. And the part of me that likes kittens and butterflies and happy shit really wants to believe that these stick-wielders are providing a public service that the government fails to deliver, namely serving out retribution to various forms of subhuman asstrash.

    But then the rational side of me reflects that tons of people just really seem to enjoy stomping the shit out of other people, in the absence of any motive. And then all of the lynch mobs and piñata parties just look like a devious way to legitimize murder and torture and stick-sodomy and god knows what the fuck else…

    1. he might hit one guy in the face, if lucky knock him out, but then the others surely would pounce on him. because that’s how mob mentality works.. a bunch of pussies who otherwise wouldn’t do that type of shit on their own.

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