Alleged Robbers Stripped Naked and Beaten by Military in Africa

Alleged Robbers Stripped Naked and Beaten by Military in Africa

Alleged Robbers Stripped Naked and Beaten by Military in Africa

There is no backinfo to go with this video, except that the three men shown being abused and beaten were alleged robbers.

The video shows the alleged thieves after they were stripped naked (or half naked, but always with pants down exposing the nether region). One of them is being delivered beating with a plank of wood on his bare ass. The other two either already got theirs, or were about to, but I presume the former.

The incident most likely happened in Africa, but I don’t know where exactly. The abuse seems to be delivered by military people.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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47 thoughts on “Alleged Robbers Stripped Naked and Beaten by Military in Africa”

          1. Mexican cartels often use innocent victims and force them to confess crimes they never commited before the executions. They get the mercy of a bullet in the head instead of a slow beheading for that. I read in mundonarco that the Zetas did it a couple of times, forcing the victim to claim to belong to the Gulf cartel, when the poor guy had nothing to do with it.

          2. 4 guys in volkswagen in africa- the military. 2 guys on a bike – organized crime.any fucking idiot with a gun appoints themselves the police or military over there.

    1. I don’t like to see their nasty crusty asses and shriveled up mushroom caps though. I’d rather see them getting machine gunned or their deformed domes being machete’d off their ape bodies. Would have been nice to see some fire in this one or something if we have to put up with seeing them nekked.

          1. Yeah, three-men-execution is my all time fav BG video. Skull expansion @:13 is phenomenal. High quality video, well produced, not a lot of whiny bullshit. Thanks for the reminder of pleasant memories!

  1. I’d like to know exactly what they did and why the military got hold of them rather then the police. We see lots of these “punishments” but we rarely ever get to know what was actually going on. Perspective alters everything.

    If anybody finds out, do let us know.

  2. A little light foreplay with some boots and then they get their wood out. The guy getting his meaty, black buttocks pounded with that firm length of wood certainly didn’t complain.
    This is like a normal evening in a Gay Sex Club in Nigeria. This is just the warm up routine before the greased Leather’n’Studs erotic jizz explosions at The Circus of Medieval Anal Torture featuring the evening’s main acts – The Brotherhood of the Tattered Ringpiece and the Rosicrucian Brotherhood of the Fisting Knights of Chippendale.

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