Alleged Rapist Lynched and Violated in Coban, Guatemala – Later Found Innocent

Alleged Rapist Lynched and Violated in Coban, Guatemala - Later Found Innocent

Young man was brutally lynched by an angry mob after someone spread rumors that he had raped a 3 year old boy. The mob beat the alleged rapist up and violated him by forcing sticks up his anus. Police investigation which involved medical examination and psychological evaluation of the alleged victim lead to a solid conclusion that the boy had not suffered any kind of violation. The alleged rapist died during lynching.

The incident happened on June 24, 2013 in the Moxenja hamlet, Santa Cruz Verapaz, Coban, Guatemala. 21 year old Alfonso Cu ChΓ©n had no history of violence, never got involved in illegal activities and was a diligent student in an accounting school. To help pay for his studies, Alfonso worked as a carpentry assistant. He was also a devout Christian.

That’s the problem with mob justice – it makes sense in certain cases, such as when a thief is caught red handed. But rape accusations are almost always fake. In pussy whipped countries, rape is almost always an urban legend used to destroy an innocent man’s life. Our countries are plagued with serial rape liars and that’s incredibly sickening. The fact that one doesn’t even have to fake being a rape victim anymore, but can accused an innocent man of having raped someone else to destroy his life makes it even worse. Only Jews with their fake Holocaust survival stories are more despicable than fake rape victims.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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113 thoughts on “Alleged Rapist Lynched and Violated in Coban, Guatemala – Later Found Innocent”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more mark. I’m all for lynchings when the person is caught red handed and the punisment fits the crime. Every other kind of lynching could be based on some vengeful persons lies. Sucks for this guy!

    1. What’s really upsetting is knowing this guy is innocent. One can only hope that when the truth was revealed people came forward and told police who was responsible for the attacks, and come forward with the film footage. And most of all track down who falsely accused him.

      1. Its sucks that it took that long and cops didn’t show up to help someone innocent wherr is the so cal protectors of the law I wish the same way god choose an innocent person I just wish that bitxh that was saying kill him for her to wake up in front of a zeta …

        1. hey just want to inform you of something, in this area cops are not around to police people they are really out to take bribes and be corrupt. People out there police themselves. The people mean well but do to a lack of education they dont know any better. It is truly the mob mentality, if someone deems you a witch you will be burned at the stake.

      2. These shit never bothers me. I am pissed i didnt live in the age of portable cameras when i worked EMS. But seeing this made my skin crawl. The fucking cunt screaming on the camera, the young guy jumping on his head and when he tried to roll away they formed a wall. I bet their fucking third world country wont even look for his killers. He is most likely in a better place then where he lived in the first place.

      1. You must be one of the illiterates who act on anger and fear rather than give someone the benefit of the doubt and would give a fair trial. Glad you aren’t in a position of power, jack ass.

      1. Exactly, knowing he just wants to stand up and scream im not innocent, where the fuck is “his god ” in that situation is prolly what he was thinking, it made me almost want to cry hes just broken everywhere and to know, he never did a thing

  2. The mob mentality flourishes because of the human need to follow without question, to act in unison with others, some would call it a natural survival instinct others would call it the sheep mentality..

    We see it all the time in the western world too, a newspaper will print a story about some person and their supposed crime without a shred of evidence to back it up and a majority of the readers will be calling for blood to be spilt.

    People who cast doubt on government statements and form their own opinions will be mocked as conspiracy theorists by the government and the media, once again a majority will take this approach too without question.

    Anyone who talks about the forever increasing immigration will be mocked as racists by a majority, any talks about Zionism, same thing, your a Jew hater, the list goes on and fucking on.

    The conclusion, whether it is mob justice, protests against people accused of an “ism”, or buying the latest electronic gadgets, a majority will go along without question because to question is to think for themselves and to think for themselves is to isolate themselves from the rest of the pack and a lone individual is far more vulnerable to threat than a large group, hence it goes against their natural survival instincts..

    1. The self isolation from the herd is worth the whole trouble that comes with it, I?ll rather suffer and die with truth and selfrespect on my mind, than drown in the cosy lies of the big flesh quagmire. Meanwhile I?m experienced to avoid false groups, leaders and prophets although I?m still willing to take an advice from truly evolved individuals, that I wouldnt had recognized or accepted, if I?d be still swimming in the mainstream. I cant imagine anymore going back, it?d lobotomize me.
      Great comment like always Mr. Empty!

      1. Well said, Cochise Queef.

        The Outer Ring of the Seventh Circle of Hell awaits these perpetrators of injustice; at least, I hope it does, as there are an enormous number of individuals both living and dead, who deserve to be down there for eternity; and I’m not religious; just sick of individuals in positions of ‘power’, wealth and politics who run rough-shod over the rest of us.

        1. If Dante would live nowadays, he?d lag far behind with the assignment of new circles of hell for the sins commited today. Actually this is hell here, well one of myriads in the universe, a prison planet.
          I?m sick of this bastards as well, I dont need tyrants, I need knowledge, love and peace.

      1. You can bet people wouldn’t be as quick to do this, if they knew that would be the consequence of making a “mistake”.

        On a side note, every time I read one of your comments, I “hear” it in John Candy’s voice! lol

  3. Terrible what it is. I guess if he was guilty. Rape is just as bad as murder in my opinion. But dam if not guilty, what a way to go. Got to be one of the most brutal beatings i’ve seen. To bad for somebody having to endure that. Not a good way to go. The only thing worse could be attacked by wile dogs or hyena’s. I saw a lot of different weapons in that video to. Sticks, chains, and even a shoe. I know a few Guatemalans. they are usually the most laid back people. Goes to show any culture can go primal.
    These defiantly are dark days.

    1. Actually, they appear laid back, but a few years ago several American tourists were murdered because the superstitious villagers thought Americans were stealing their children to harvest body parts for transplants. They still have that ignorant tribal mentality in some parts of the country.

    1. @wicked mama, same here girl, i could not watch past the halfway mark. Poor guy man, his eyes were swollen shut as he was pleading for those fuckin pricks to stop was too much for me. It angered me inside mama, i wanted to jump into the screen and go stupid on that group of low-life pigs. R.I.P. Very Sad & Disturbing πŸ™

      1. Ha! I take that as a compliment as I enjoyed his movies when I was a kid. Unfortunately, these eyes were the cause of much bullying during my elementary and middle school years as people would pull their eyes to make fun of me, while calling me Chinky and stuff like that.

    1. You are right, the main female voice definitely is controlling action. Basically she keeps repeating “kill him! kill him!” Sprinkled with some “bring the gasoline burn him” and when she screams “put it in his ass” you see them start fucking with his ass so the lady was definetely influencing poor guys outcome.

      1. just shows how sick the supposed justice league is in thier minds, but the truth is anyone could be capable of shit like this. if your kid got raped or molested whos to say if u could keep your rage in check or not? Me personally, I still would have the presence of mind to find out facts first because id still know if i was wrong id be just as bad as the person who perpetraed the offense.

  4. Thank-you @ MARK, for showing how fucked up those Countries are judging and executing, or beating senseless when in fact they are often wrong. I feel vindicated for sticking up for those poor weak one,s , often used as scapegoats for the real SCUMBAG CHILD-MOLESTERS.

  5. Couldn’t watch it all knowing he was innocent. Wonder who he pissed off to make someone go to the extremes of making something like that up. Probably the loudest chick yelling and encouraging it. I’ve seen several girls around here who get dumped then accuse the guy of molesting their kid just to be evil bitches.

    1. thats too fucked up and scary too. They will reap what they sow , ppl like that wonder why they have hard times or why bad things happen to them. Crazy bitches are one of the most dangerous things on the planet!

    2. …I’ve seen several girls around here who get dumped then accuse the guy…
      Well said Hillary!

      …Crazy bitches are one of the most dangerous things on the planet!…
      That’s why we didn’t vote for ya….

  6. Soo sad πŸ™ the person who made this faulse accusation should be lynched!.! A young man lost his life in such a cruel way over a f-cking rumor!.! May God give him peace and Mercy cause No one else did.!.!

  7. It’s possible that he was targeted for being Christian in a country full of Catholics. Also judging by his last names, he was likely an indigenous person. He may also have been known to be gay, although the bitch yelling to kill him never says it. Based on the video I am sure that the police will find the people who were the main instigators and perpetrators.

    1. What? I think you mean Protestant?

      Guatemala is about 50% Catholic, 40% Protestant, both are sects of Christianity.

      Not sure if there is in Catholic on Protestant violence going on down there..

      1. your facts are a little off, but i get the point you are trying to make, but religion doesn’t really play a part in this video, its more of the ignorance, and lack of education of the locals in the area, trust me i know a lot about the area.

  8. “Rape accusations are almost always fake” and “an urban legend” where exactly do the statistics to back up that comment come from? The truth is most rapes go unreported because of that mentality.

  9. Was just gonna post and say exactly the same thing @karmar…I have to disagree with you on this one Mark…It’s comments like that, that will get you fucked up in The Sun again, cuz some rapist has been going round saying Mark said it’s almost always an urban myth used to destroy blokes lives. blah blah blah..I’m often very open to your point of view…But for the above mentioned bollocks, you are bang out of order…Using that poor mans experience as a specialised soap-box for one of your bullshit stereotypes…There’s gallows humour, there’s viewing things light heartedly, then there’s just plain nastiness that could insight bad things to happen and piss all over peoples horrific experiences…*clicks Post Comment in a thoroughly fucked off mood*

  10. I must admit, although I knew he was innocent, I felt good to see him die, well at least at the beginning, but then the yelling witch and the beatings transformed my mood into a sad kind of trance and my only thought was about the stupidity and blind frenzy of this world.
    Guilty until proved innocent or dead.

  11. Why is it that only thing these centuries ever do is ruin the life of their only hard working people that don’t break the law.. I wonder if that guy who kicked him in the face repeatedly or that woman who was hitting like there was no tomorrow felt any remorse when they found out that this guy didn’t do anything wrong or if they just shrugged it off as if they needed more blood in their streets anyway .. The person who needs some street justice is the person who spread the rumours, to show him that he can’t just be like a gossipy bitch from the ghetto..

    1. I was thinking the same thing; did those cunts feel remorse when they discovered that this young man was innocent? Will they feel remorse for taking the life of an innocent man? Or are they the kind of assholes who don’t give a fuck either way and just wanted an excuse to beat the shit out of someone?

  12. Yeah, I thought I was used to these types of videos, but with the accompanying story I actually felt anger. Guatemala huh? Yeah, I’m a chill person, but wow, I wanted their blood. Some countries just don’t care about being civilized.

  13. That’s soooooooo sad.. I feel bad for this guy but why not stand up and say I didn’t do it .before they got the best of him at least he sat up a few times that’s when he should of said not me got the wrong guy. Why lay there and let it go On and On man I just wanted to reach through the phone and strangle the bitch barking orders. She mainly said kill him get him naked. See she probably made the lie up cus he wouldn’t with sleep with her. She was Adami On having him killed the crazy bitch

    1. i wondered that as well, why not speak out more but he was already very fucked up looking, face swollen hard etc. probably took all his adrenaline just to sit up in the first place. they probably found him and started beating the shit outta him so he couldnt even really talk or whatever

  14. Since god was good enough to let something like this to happen why would he put that bitch that’s was sayin to kill the guy I want or even pay the golfo cartel and do her like el commandante bebe from los z .

  15. This video really hits close to home, I was born in this area in another town, i left when i was young with my family. I sometimes cant believe how far i have come in life. I have family that saw this event unfold. You have to understand that these undeveloped areas of Guatemala dont rely on there justice system. Because of the corruption of police, the courts, and the whole judicial system. People tend to police themselves in this area. I grew up seeing these things unfold as a young child. I have seen some wild shit, but it reminds me of where i came from and has been my motivation to be successful in life. My whole family came from there and know there are journalist, psychologist, military, and all sorts of professions in my family, once we were given an opportunity here in the United States we took advantage. I feel for this poor guy that met his fate under these circumstances. There has been times when the mob has gotten the correct person, one mistake is too many, however this happens in this country often. I have never been back to the country once i left, no personal reason, just didn’t need the feel to. Seing shit like this reminds me of where i came from and humbles me and allows me to be thankful for what i have.

  16. I hate how any bitch can falsely accuse an innocent man of rape. My ungrateful bitch cousin falsely accused my father of raping her, although I was always there and I know nothing happened. Even results came in that she wasn’t and the nigger social workers despite of evidence against it and still think something happened and passed it on to the police department. It’s shit how authorities are always on the accuser’s side more.

  17. I feel so sad for this man. I mean whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty. I mean I would very upset if my child was raped but I would definitely want to make sure that I found the right person though. I am really surprised that he didn’t say anything though. Maybe, they were just attacking him too much.

  18. Damn…sounds like this dude had his shit together….and someone went and spread rumors about him….rumors….this guy was innocent. … i was watching the vid i couldnt help but feel disgusted by called “human beins”….fuckin ladis screaming kill him…kill him…
    Like if the bitch saw him “touch the boy”….its just sad to think that there are these kind of people in the world….there is no hope

  19. To all the people for death penalty, lynch mobs, public justice, etc. This is the mentality you support. An act of injustice based off fear and anger. No man has the right to rule or judge over another, especially without a fair trial. Even then, some people can’t afford good lawyers so the term “fair trial” is pretty loose.

    Death is not a deterrent. It does not give one a chance to repent or reform. It does not give anyone a chance to apologize to the falsely accused, the deed over and done with. No man should have the right to kill another, legally or illegally. Death as a sentence is an exertion of power taken advantage of by the ignorant and violent or those higher up, imposed on those who have no means to defend themselves.

    This is a kid that was contributing to society, had a future and was frigging innocent. Who then will answer for this crime? You murdered a young innocent kid. May God have mercy on this kids soul and bring forth those who falsely accused and partook in the death be held accountable.

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