Alleged Rapist Lynched and Violated in Coban, Guatemala – Later Found Innocent

Alleged Rapist Lynched and Violated in Coban, Guatemala - Later Found Innocent

Young man was brutally lynched by an angry mob after someone spread rumors that he had raped a 3 year old boy. The mob beat the alleged rapist up and violated him by forcing sticks up his anus. Police investigation which involved medical examination and psychological evaluation of the alleged victim lead to a solid conclusion that the boy had not suffered any kind of violation. The alleged rapist died during lynching.

The incident happened on June 24, 2013 in the Moxenja hamlet, Santa Cruz Verapaz, Coban, Guatemala. 21 year old Alfonso Cu Chén had no history of violence, never got involved in illegal activities and was a diligent student in an accounting school. To help pay for his studies, Alfonso worked as a carpentry assistant. He was also a devout Christian.

That’s the problem with mob justice – it makes sense in certain cases, such as when a thief is caught red handed. But rape accusations are almost always fake. In pussy whipped countries, rape is almost always an urban legend used to destroy an innocent man’s life. Our countries are plagued with serial rape liars and that’s incredibly sickening. The fact that one doesn’t even have to fake being a rape victim anymore, but can accused an innocent man of having raped someone else to destroy his life makes it even worse. Only Jews with their fake Holocaust survival stories are more despicable than fake rape victims.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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112 thoughts on “Alleged Rapist Lynched and Violated in Coban, Guatemala – Later Found Innocent”

  1. I have to admit… by me KNOWING that the man was innocent from the get-go made it very very hard for me to watch this particular video. Of course, if a person was found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of such a heinous crime, this punishment would still not be good enough for him/her. I would hope the punishment would last a long time, years even! Non-stop torture, with only receiving medical care to ensure that the person did not die until I was ready to send him to hell. Rape one of my children and see what I do to ya!!! Anyways.. got off topic!
    This man, was later found innocent.. and subsequently paid with his life for a debt he did not owe! MOB JUSTICE is good in some cases, and really works to prevent crime. But in cases like this, I think they should wait to see if it is actually true or not. Furthermore, the person(s) who falsely accused this man of rape should suffer the same fate! Maybe even worse, if you ask me! I know this man, is in heaven.. but his time on Earth was cut short due to the deceit of a despicable human being. (<–if you can call them that) I pray to God, that the people who has this innocent mans blood on their hands are haunted daily by the atrocious acts in which they partook. Even though they did not know that he was innocent at the time, they should have made damn sure he was guilty before brutally murdering him!
    May this innocent mans soul rest in peace for all eternity!

  2. Thank fuck I strongly believe in karma, or else watching this video would drive me completely mad! Without a doubt, this is definitely one of the most disgusting lynch-mob videos I’ve seen on this website (so far). The fact that these cruel “people” were willing to literally beat the life out of an innocent person (and all because of hearsay); is merely one of the reasons I’m ashamed to be of the same species as these bastards. As for the innocent guy who was brutally beaten to death by the seemingly-rabid killer-mob; I’m only sorry that he wasn’t at least delivered a blow that would render him unconscious throughout all that pain. It makes me sick to the acid-drenched pit of my stomach; thinking of the life this young man could’ve had, but was instead brutally beaten out of him. If I was karma, the dirty mob would be next on my “to painfully-punish” list…

  3. I’ve never had to stop watching any video after a few seconds into it here on BestGore (and I’ve wa tched sone cray shit here). This video was beyond awful though. I never even thought about the way men are so downgraded in this world until I found this website. I have 2 older brothers and my mom always raised us as equals. Believe it or not, my daddy was the one that really treated us different. I don’t know, maybe because I’m the youngest and the only girl, it still wasn’t fair to them, every one shold be treaten equal regardless of sex, age, religion, etc etc…… Anyways, this video makes me sick and the entire mindset seriously needs to change.

  4. The woman who’s yelling “kill him, kill him. Stick it up his culo,” should be stripped completely naked by the exact same mob, spread eagled, repeatedly raped and sodomized by anyone who wants some pussy and ass from a false accuser who caused this young male to be brutally and sadistically sodomized and murdered; afterwhich, she should be slowly strangled while everyone’s cellphone camera records every inch of her naked body as she flops and kicks until she is completely dead.

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