Alleged Rapist Forced to Chew On Ear in El Salvador

Alleged Rapist Forced to Chew On Ear in Brazil

Alleged Rapist Forced to Chew On Ear in Brazil

Man accused of allegedly raping his stepdaughter in El Salvador has both ears cut off.

Captor torments the rapist tied to a tree with a horrible serenade within earshot. Man’s left ear skin flap sways in the breeze while his right ear is cut off.


The stepfather of a two-year-old girl who died after being sexually abused in El Salvador, was killed by a criminal faction on Monday.

This video of the suspect being tortured before execution was forwarded to news sources.

The body of Edson Neris Barbosa Santos, 27, was found around 12:10 am on Tuesday (22), on the CIA-Aeroporto Road.

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    1. Yea, lazy fuckers. They could at the very least pierced a stick through them and cook them over an open fire. You’d probably hear piff,,, paff, as the ear wax burns-up acting like a nice butter flavor for him to chew-on easier.

  1. Them Brazilians do make me laugh. I’m starting to like them. And their ways of dealing justice.
    These dudes are quality, singing and laughing, fully enjoying it. Even the paedophile getting ears cut off seems to be enjoying it. That cut with obviously blunt knife would more than hurt, but he’s just groaning like aaarrgghh ! Aaaarrgghh!! Jeezus Cryhst! Aaarrgghh!!
    He’s even decided to eat his own ear.

  2. So he was accused. Now who would have accused him? The wife? This wife who already had kids but felt it a good decision to allow a man around her daughters. A new man, a stranger, certainly to her daughter he is a stranger. We have this belief that a man or woman can replace an absent parent which has destroyed societies for generations. The term stepmother. We now even have courts calling the wife’s new boyfriend the “father” of the child when he is clearly not the father..
    The mother or father would then tell the child “This is your new daddy” ..until the next “new daddy” comes along.
    There is no such thing as a stepfather/mother. It’s just another way of breaking us down and making us helpless. That’s how they like their sheep.

    1. There is no doubt that some or even most step-parents are good YET the proportion of bad step-parents is still so horrible to alarm us. There is a reason horrible stepmothers feature in Fairy Tales!

      Any woman who trusts a daughter around a succession of men who are not the biological father is just retarded and deserves to be horse-whipped and strung up. We have a long sad list of just such bitches here, crying like babies on the news when their latest boyfriend cruelly rapes their child.
      My blood pressure hits the roof when i see these unfit mothers.

      Fuck off bitch,don’t make the clouds and then cry when it rains!

      1. @hopingfornemesis It’s inviting someone of the opposite sex into your house when your kids are young and full of raging hormones. Are they surprised when things happen? Imagine when you were a teenager Nem and a woman in her 30’s/40’s come to live in your house. She’s walking around in her nighty or her bikini and you have this uncontrollable hard on with no clue of how to chat up a girl of your own. Hmmm! I wonder what will happen next?
        Religion held us together as a family. Without parents there is much to be lost. Much more than i can even count and one day when we’re all products of single parents and believe it’s normal because we’re all just as lost as each other.

        1. I agree .At thirteen or fourteen i would have no loyalty to my own father as to banging his new hot wife. She isn’t my mum .
          This has never happened to me and i could be talking shit but even at that age i was wordly enough to know i would probs do that.
          I am talking about me seeking her not her preying on me. I am sure if a boy is not ready ,such a liaison could prove very psychologically disturbing.

          I feel it is worse for daughters. I believe More cases of stepfather on daughters occurs than stepmother on sons and i believe the damage caused is worse by stepdads on daughters.

          If i had daughters living with a stepdad i would be very careful before i trusted him to actually care for my own daughter as a “dad”.

          1. @hopingfornemesis yes i would say it’s worse for daughters and girls are silly after all. All that giggling and jumping on dad’s lap. Personally i never go with a woman who has kids, never have. I’ve always been careful where i tread. For example would you go with a woman who is just out of a relationship or is going through a divorce?

          2. You will not respect me but I would fuck if she is coming out of relationship or going through a divorce. She must be separated though and both she and I must believe there is no chance of her going back. That is why I would not get into a relationship with her until I am sure she Really wont go back. Relationships need a lot of investing and I am a generous person with my time,affection and yes I would hate to invest all that time and effort and then she runs off to her ex- boyfriend/husband. So fuck until I am satisfied she is good for me and actually wants me.

            I have no problem with a woman who has children. I like children. I wont “not fuck” a woman simply because she had kids. Of course it makes it harder to decide if I will have a relationship with her but it wont make me rule her out just for that.

          3. @hopingfornemesis It’s not about me respecting you nem. I would say it’s a dangerous thing to go with a woman going through a divorce because you’re really taking on more problems than it’s worth. For the reasons that you’ve mentioned but also what if the ex decides one night he’s going to shoot you, won’t be the first time. As for kids, yes i’d have sex with her if she had kids but it would be a hit and run thing. I fuck her then let some other mug take on the hassles of someone else’s kids. i would say she’d have to have been single for 4 months just to avoid the monkey brancher.

          4. Sure Carly. Four months sounds a good balance for me to decide if she is for relationships.

            Yes,an ex may decide to shoot you sure but that is a risk always there with any woman who has had an ex. A sixable proportiin of women have had an ex. Unless you are still twenty or so the chances of you finding a woman who has nev er had an ex are slim.

            Also with any psycho who wanted her and never had her.
            There were at least two cases of that here i can remember off the top of my head. A girlfriend of my girlfriend at the time lost her boyfriend by some psycho invading their house and murdering the boyfriend in bed. The culprit was not an ex but just some weakling psycho who lusted after her. The cops pieced it all together.

          5. @hopingfornemesis yes of course i am not saying you should be looking for a virgin. I just look out for certain situations. I thought of a case which went on for a while in the north of england, this bouncer was going through a divorce and the slag wife got involved with an innocent young man, the bouncer shot and killed him, shot a copper in the face with a shotgun, shot himself dead. The copper’s wife left him because he was a useless cripple and the copper suicided himself….and all for pussy.

          6. Horrible carly. I agree.
            I will tell you something . I half- joke with some girls that if they do me wrong i will go out and fuck their mothers,sisters and best friends. Does that make me cruel?lol
            I am middle- aged now so the threat will lose force very soon ! Haha
            It is always good to keep a woman on her toes any way you can. She has to not know EVERYTHING about you. Once she does , you are boring and she will trade up. Never be like Sampson!

          7. @hopingfornemesis Yes poor silly Samson. All that strength but a weak mind. I agree with you on mostly all things Nem. It’s best to discuss these things with other men and women like itsplaster and ladylexis will give wrong views for us.
            I remember i used to take advice from an older sister regarding my girfriends when i was 19/20 then i realised her advice always fucked me up. Why? Because she’s a female and had a female perspective on things.

          8. Yes. I remember you saying you had an older sister and she would give you advice.

            Very sweet that she looked out for little brother though..even if her advice was shit. Hahah. It is always the thought that

          9. Fuked up thing about it is though. If a man and wife were to start their own community from scratch how do you think it would even grow? Just asking a obvious question.

        2. All I’m going to say as an adult person, is that when I was 12-16 y/o, I would gladly fuck 20-40 y/o woman (a woman of any age basically, as long as she’s not all wrinkly and saggy), and there were many women in the world who actually wanted to fuck a boy of my age, and the society that were forbidding such a relationship has directly violated my human rights. Fucking pricks.

          I don’t know any boy who were ever traumatized by an early sexual relationship with opposite gender.

          1. I have no problem with what you are saying .
            It is only that some men have now said that they were psychologically damaged. To look at them i believe them.

            Maybe they are the frail one percent only and it is sensationalized and thus gets into the news.

            I know i would not have been damaged. I would have been fine-like you- as i Was an Old Soul.

          2. @hopingfornemesis

            Here’s an unpopular opinion. Sex is nothing more than two persons rubbing their genitals against each other. All emotional weight of the sex is made up by humans and is nothing more than an illusion.
            For the girl, being violated by man (penetrated with penis) against her will, is no different than masturbating with a banana, considering that no physical harm were done and no sexual disease was transmitted. So any “trauma” is just something people irrationally make up. They have a choice to avoid feeling that trauma, but they don’t see a way to do it, because their mind is clouded by the fog of primitive, animalistic emotions.

            I’m not protecting rapists in any way. They have no right to force themselves on anyone. And if they also harm or kill their victim, they instantly loose any right to be considered human being. But I also judge people making a problem where there is none.

            And that was a minute of fucked up philosophy on Bestgore, thank you for listening.

          3. Alot of what you say is true. Re emotions and rationalism. Did you know that chimps recognize fairness.

            If they are ripped off they will purposefully starve rather than accept food. So if they feel violated they irrationally will accept nothing at all . Haha

        1. It was shortly after my dad and her broke up. She moved a couple counties away, and invited me over for a drink or two on a Son Day. I was living with my dad at the time.

          I did however, give her a deposit at her rental apartment. But she already paid the lease a year in advance.

    2. oh yea this time its real love and you can start calling her mom. not like the other woman i loved enough to have a child with. how sure would you have to be to have a child with someone? as sure as you can be yet now im as sure as i was then, about another decision and i refuse to learn from that and doubt myself . too stupid to do that. my ex boyfriend had a step mom that did coke all the time and would vacuum at three am. she would make him clean the whole house every other day it was crazy, he was a little faggot tho and didnt handle it well, not too mention his dad was coke head too

  3. should have just melted his flip flops then made an improvised dildo out of the plastic and shoved it up his ass with car oil rapidly until climax see how he likes it. I’m not gay or anything just saying.

  4. Ahhhh, they are not so mean after-all. Cause lookey,,, that Cute little Puffer-Boy is Serenading him. And it is The Pillow-Biters way of ensuring that Nobody Will Ever Grab him by the ears For Blowjobs ever again, as his lover will Simply slide Elton’s John in his Cake-Hole, (And Look Mom No Hands) just like my cousin Ricky Did that one time when we visited them in Columbia in With Dat-Nice Donkey, remember? Remember Mommy?,,, Mooooommmy, lol.

    Yep, just Slam-Er In Freestyle, as You Will Hear his balls slapping-him on the chin for Miles away,
    Over The Mountains from central Brazil, & over The Vast Cocaine Flats Columbia, where 2019 will be record setting for the amount of Human Headed Donkey’s being Spawned. 😉

  5. Nibbling on his own ear, that is like some really sexy foreplay before a nice hard wank. But he doesn’t look aroused in the slightest. Maybe he has self-abuse fatigue. Like trying to get woody over some wanked-out porn clip or 1970s magazine. Maybe that is why his Brazilian friends are helping by passing him his own ears to nibble and whispering sexy self-love encouragement.
    Perhaps, like most Brazilian men, his friends are totally gay and he finds it difficult to achieve wood and get aroused when those homosexuals are so close to him that he can smell the shit under their fisting hand’s finger nails and the sperm on their breath and the spunk they have spurted on their own flip-flops.
    I feel for this guy. I mean he is even in the middle of a forest tied to a tree and he cannae get wood. Perhaps that dejected look on his wee Brazilian face is the sad realisation that his ear-nibbling, sexy-foreplay days are past him, his limp little pantie-worm has given up and he shall jizz no more.

    We should all feel his pain.

    1. Given the rural Brazilians are very family -oriented,live in small towns and have thin- walled shacks as houses ,i reckon everyone knows everyone else’s business.

      My parents came off the land and they knew all the gossip. Whose husband was doing which widow and who were the pervy priests to keep away from.
      So to conclude,i would tend to believe he is guilty. Yet ,i agree accusations are easy to make . I reckon these fellows would have done the necessary checks though.

      If you like British Cinema and want to see how false sex accusations can destroy a man’s life, watch “Atonement”with Keira Knightley. Great war movie.

    1. I reckon that is why he is not uttering a word ! He is thankful they are not sawing away at his despicable cock with that blunt fucken knife!

      I dismissively flung him a penny for his thoughts. They were:

      “Please God ,I will never put my cocklet in her again. I will never be a bad man ,again . I will change. Please,Please…you just watch me become good. Just don’t let them cut off my cock”

      1. I just hope he was actually a rapist and not a falsely acussed asshole, every man gotta prepare themselves and think how are we going to defend ourselves if falsely accussed, I am thinking in pepper spray and home made flamethrower, tho the last one is hard to carry in public

        1. For sure friend. I would hate an innocent man to suffer.

          Hey i have some info for you. In ww II ,every soldier hated being the guy holding the flamethrower. Why?

          To die burning alive is truly horrible ,so all enemy soldiers upon seeing you, go to kill you immediately. Remember you are the guy with the flamethrower. You can’t shoot back!

          So every enemy would stop shooting elsewhere and aim for you! It was a thousand times more preferable to be shot by your enemy while you were shooting at the flamethrower- guy than leave a flamethrower -guy alive!


          1. Yeah, but at least the flamethrower guy will take a few with him, they probably enjoyed burning japs alive. Also, the japanese were trained to kill the medics first, so being a medic in ww II was also awful, mostly for watching your comrades die and suffer. Idk why medics wear that helmet, they were basically telling the japanese: “hey look at my helmet, shoot me”

  6. This happened in Salvador, the capital city of the State of Bahia, in northeastern Brazil. The guys cutting the ears seem to be having a lot of fun. They say: ” There are 2 ears, you can choose which one you want!” At another point they say: ” Congratulations, you are eating without letting the food fall from your mouth!”

  7. Brutal and well done justice if the man was actually guilty. Considering the assailants sent the footage to the media I am guessing their was little outrage from the community of their deeds

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