Alleged Rapist Is Held Up by Each Limb and Caned

Alleged Rapist Is Held Up by Each Limb and Caned

This video shows an alleged rapist being help up defenseless in the air by four men, each holding one of his limbs, while two more guys beat him senseless with sticks. It may look like not too much from the video, but make no mistake – he took some vicious caning there. Those were each full strength, full swing blows with hard sticks and there were many of them that he received.

The alleged rapist surely ended up with whole backside, from lower back to heels black and blue, and probably also with a few broken bones. Considering how easy and how frequent it is for women to falsely accuse a man of rape, this better have been a real rapist or the fake victim should get twice as much.

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  1. I agree that if the person crying rape should get as much punishment as a real rapist would get.

    In the UK if you falsely accuse someone of rape you will probably only get 6 months in prison if that.

    I think they should get the same sentence as a rapist would get, at least 7 or 8 years.

    Then that would deter stupid bitches fro making false allegations and would give more credibility to the real victims, as at the moment the real victims are finding hard to get justice and are being undermined by the bitches that are lying.

      1. What exactly is crying false rape? Someone purposely lying or someone who presses charges and there simply isn’t enough evidence to prove beyond a resonable doubt. Most rape accusations aren’t some maniac wearing a leather mask dragging a women into a dark alley. They are known to the victim and it comes down to who do you believe. Your saying if there isn’t absoloute evidence the women has been raped and a guilty verdict isn’t reached she should go to prison for 7-8 years. A lot of women don’t report rapes anyway, if your going to go to jail if you don’t get a conviction then fuck, who is going to report a rape?

        1. I don’t think that is what they meant.. I think a more accurate version is if a woman is found to have falsely accused someone of rape they get 7-8 years not if they lose the case agains the guy they go to jail it wouldn’t work like that ever or there would be a lot of DA’s in jail for losing cases

          1. How do you know someone is falsely accused of rape? People commit crimes all the time and get off on tiny little technicalities . They’re guilty as hell, many rape cases don’t even go to court because there simply isn’t enough evidence to make a watertight case, doesn’t mean the rapist isn’t guilty. So apart from the really obvious cases where the women is actually found to be lying, the accused was proven to have been somewhere else etc, where do you draw the line between someone who is lying and someone who didn’t have enough independent ‘proof’?

          2. Although I do agree, if during a police investigation there is clear evidence that the person is lying then I do think they should be prosecuted and sent to prison.

          3. Yeah i did mean if there is evidence that the woman was lying about the rape. I’ve seen it on the news that a woman eventually admitted that she’d made it up and she got convicted of perverting the course of justice and only got a 6 month sentence.

            I see what you mean about the other cases but i was definitely not suggesting that those women who’s rapists are found not guilty should have anything other than counselling and lots of support.

          4. I mean that those women who’s rapist are found not guilty should be prosecuted. They should be given counselling and lots of support.

            My head was thinking too far ahead while i was typing and i ended up mixing it up a bit.

        2. Some bitch at wildcat in santa barbara
          I..e. , Bridget Bottoms.
          accused me of grabbing her after we had some words. I get kicked out the bar. My now ex gf pulls her hair and storms off to find me outside.
          B.b comes out and tells the police that we assaulted her.
          I never touched the bitch but did 30 days in jail and 12 weeks of anger management on a plea deal. I was looking at 1 year in prison because I had prior charges of fighting (with dudes) and resisting arreste (drunk)
          That bitch are the type of people he is talking about

    1. LuLu81, i know a guy only a mile from me who was found not guilty in sheffield crown last week (my mate was witness)
      the guy had spent 11months remanded in doncatraz – time he can never get back
      he was found not guilty, it was proved that the sex was consentual. the erm..”woman” concerned walked from the court with a smug self satisfied grin on her face – probably happy with all the trouble she caused.
      the guy has now spent 11months inside, is homeless, is jobless, and has a huge stigma hung round his neck – this is a guy who was aquitted
      the woman has not been arrested or faces no action (as far as i know)

      lovely, just system…dont you think?

      1. A close friend of mine was convicted of rape in 1979 (yeah, we’re really that old) He was sentenced to 4 years in Borstal. At the time he was 17, legally old enough for consentual sex, but too young for gaol. It made headline news, his family publicly disowned him and left him “inside” alone and unwanted.

        I knew the girl that accused him (they were ex boyfriend/girlfriend). She had sympathy from all around after her ordeal.

        After his release he was shunned by his friends (including me). Sometime later (a few months) it came to light that every word that came from the bitches mouth was a lie.

        There was no rape, or sexual molestation of any kind ! She made the whole thing up and plotted revenge because he broke up with her.

        Her punishment? Not a thing, not a single day behind bars. The worst thing that happened was, she lost a lot of friends.

        My mate was reunited with friends and family, but never received any compensation whatsoever.

        The system? Who the fuck can trust the system?

        1. I get the feeling this caning was delivered in a prison, by prisoners. If you look at the people in the video there are men just going about their daily routine in the background. It looks like they are doing their laundry? But I doubt very much that men would be doing their own laundry in a Muslim country like this appears to be? So if there are no women around to do everything for the men, it must be prison.

  2. The punishers in this footage were actually being rather kind about it.

    By holding him in the air you take a lot of the force away from the blows and they left the spine and head alone and mostly aimed for the gluteus maximus which is a very strong muscle group.

    My conclusion, just like a drunk man at a Freddie Mercury tribute concert he probably got away with just deep bruising to his rear.

  3. That’s gonna leave a mark. And hey forgive me for being slow but where the fuck have our avatars gone??? And why can’t we put them back up in the “Edit Profile” menu! Was it from the attack we suffered?

  4. Any man that rapes should have his balls and dick surgically removed, then sent off to dickrape island; an island where all dickless rapists get sent. A place with no buildings or amenities. Like the island in the movie “castaway”. We don’t need them running around amongst the rest of us raping at will. A rapist deserves to be wronged in the worst way possible, just like they did their victim. I don’t care how hard this fuck got caned, his damage is physical, he won’t be an emotional wreck the rest of his life from it. So for me, a caning just ain’t gonna cut it. Cut off his rape-grapes and dipstick.

  5. In Richard Attenborough voice “Here we find this species of homo sapiens dealing punishment to their own. This homo sapiens was a very bad one and is being tenderized before being cooked and eaten.

    1. He was likely guilty, but you can’t have the mob (the masses) dealing out justice because they are kneejerk deadheads (like a lot of folk here). Justice has to be exacted by the court, for all the trials of the legal system… sometimes the guilty go free which has to be preferable to anyone innocent being executed. Fuck street justice and mob courts wherever they happen for our filmed entertainment and proselytizing… heh!

  6. Regarding rape, I lied about mine. I was 14 and gang raped and drugged by my boyfriend and his friends. I lied to the police and said I didnt WHO IT WAS know in fear. My mother reported me missing and I was found walking down the street the next day. Im not living with rape fears or dreams presently, I go about life like it never happened, however, something in me always wishes to have just said who it really was. I was defiant and told the police and rape kit counselors nothing but the actual acts. Fucked up thing about it is, thats how I lost my virginity. Life goes on, the boys today are in prison for other things though. I was a homeschooled child when it happened totally oblivious to the real world.

  7. Cutting his balls off doesn’t keep one from ejaculation, only the impossibility of insemination. I would have recommended ripping his genitals completely off, so as he could not sexually assault another person. Those who believe they have the right to sexually abuse another person should have their abilities taken away.

  8. Rape is a lot like murder you take someone’s humanity and their soul. When a rapist is caught much worse and more permanent damage should be applied as a public service. Anyhow these fellas look like they’re chopping wood on that ass!

  9. You guys are so dumb. Don’t know what happens in those countries. You think girl falsely accused man of raping her.. You see it from the Western perspectives. However, in those countries 99% of time the accused morons are really the rapists because if a girl reports rape, it means she is giving up her life. In those countries the raped girls are not really accepted in society, and they are no longer visited by friends or anyone, so if a guy is accused of raping in places like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc.. Its MOST of the time true. The problem with today’s world is, everyone is looking at everyone else at his own perspectives. Its not the same everywhere.

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