Alleged Rapist and Killer of Daughter Semi Tortured in Dominican Republic Prison

Alleged Rapist and Killer of Daughter Semi Tortured in Dominican Republic Prison

Alleged Rapist and Killer of Daughter Semi Tortured in Dominican Republic Prison

Allegedly in Domincan Republic prison, a man accused of raping and killing his 12 year old daughter – not sure in which order – gets a semi torture session starting with a whipping with own pants. A makeshift water torture is next in line with lightly dished out treatment for alleged offenses.

This lowest of low lifeform – in more ways than one – must be feeling the unnamed feeling this rape victim feels. Good riddance!

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          1. Motorboat sounds good to me too. Does that misanthrope even have human feelings, such as lust for kiddies? I’ll google those 2 names… okkkkkk seems like enough secret shenanigans going on there via Colin Powel’s hacked emails etc etc to at least give some sparks for the smoke. That island is a bit more shady…tied up with billionaires and a Pedo Express flight?? wtf? 1st I’ve heard of these 2 tidbits… again,,there’s prolly some substance in them.

          2. An educated man like you hearing about this only now! Ha you are in a tropical paradise ! That is why you don’t know about it.

            I agree ,maybe the details are exagerrated but I do believe the crux of the matter is that perverse illegal kiddy shit is going on there.

            Like those Christian Zionist Evangelists all being exposed as gayboys every week or so.


          3. One of the many reasons for setting up camp here is to forget about the Western world as much as possible. It works to some extent but being online these days means a total severance is wishful thinking. Pell in Hell will appeal and will prolly win….it’s similar to trying to get a US cop jailed for murder…..

            As for the pedos..yeah the BBC was protecting one of their own…it sux.

  1. That’s the best they could do? Hit him with his pants a few times and pour water on him?
    What kind of self respecting Dominican prison is this? It looked more like a summer camp prank they’d do to the fat kid.

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  3. eh. this was too tame. if he did what is said that he did, he deserves his dick cut off and shoved up his ass. that’s not even enough, but i don’t have the imagination needed to do justice.

  4. God-bless you people people should Deal more like this With those dirty paedophiles And those people who rape people and old ladiesCall to bless you allGod-bless all the way from the UKSouth Wales

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