Alleged Thief Stripped Naked, Lynched and Burned with Tires

Alleged Thief Stripped Naked, Lynched and Burned with Tires

After a while, all these lynchings start to look the same. I can’t remember if I’ve already posted this one or not. It looks strangely familiar, but that could be because it’s the same scenario of one person being overwhelmed by a huge crowd whereas everybody wants to join in for a kick, given that the victim stands no chance against the mob.

It looks like it happened somewhere in Africa. The victim – alleged thief – was stripped naked, beaten bloody, covered with car tires, doused with gasoline and set on fire. The first necklacing attempt didn’t work out very well – the victim was burned a little, but for the most part he got out of it. The fire did peel the upper layers of his skin off – as can be seen from exposed lighter areas.

More beating followed, the victim was incapacitated, more tires were put on him, more gasoline poured on him and then with a flick of a lighter, he was turned into a human torch, a fireball from which there was no escape anymore. Brutal!

Props to Best Gore member d.i.y. for the video:

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124 thoughts on “Alleged Thief Stripped Naked, Lynched and Burned with Tires”

  1. Damn they don’t play around! He didn’t really show any pain until they bashed him in the cock n balls though! I’m all for lynchings but this is kinda extreme for an “alleged” thief. A child predator, or murderer- i could condone.

  2. Well, that’s the country you should move to, Mr. “I hate all the Zionist countries and all their ass kissers like Czech republic”! :))))

    P.S.: Yes, I am from CZ and had to laugh while reading your post about the gas blast and the ass kissing the Zionist masters of ours and yes, you are right about it, we are more “catholic than the Pope” in this, I don’t like it either, but I would still rather live in a country like that than in a country where I can be torched out in the middle of a street among driving cars with the knowledge of a fact that the country is Zionist free. :)) And I bet you would too.

    1. Yeah like Africa causes the pollution – Hey, do you earn up to 6 zeros in usd monthly ?, close that hole right there_yeah there -> and talk about what’s important. Do they deserve it or not ?.
      For me yeah, but what worries me is “if he was not wrongly accused – happens a lot here”.

    1. No, Then he’d feel less pain and there’d be no struggling or street show for ‘nigerians’.
      If they started beating him at 0m, they’d burn him at 50m and he’ll probably die at 80. Wouldn’t want to waste the fun like stretching your muscles while you hit and stone em(not my thoughts).

  3. awww this is my country Nigeria..the lynchers were speaking Pidgin english and Yoruba …he doesn’t deserve that cruelty though..this is supposed to be reserved for the Nigerian government who loots the country’s wealth…thus making the people poor…In most cases the guy might have been framed by someone who doesn’t like him…to have someone lynched in Nigeria all you got to do is scream Thief thief or Ole Ole by pointing at someone in the crowd…i can assure you Jungle Justice will be rendered…

      I noticed a people carrier in the vid with the name “Elboa School” on its side. Would that mean this happened in Warri district?
      I thought Warri was a prosperous/lawfull oil rich area of Nigeria?

      1. Yeah, Its a lawful, peaceful and oil reach area if you got money to invest and chances are you’ll probably lose it to thieves however if you’re just asking Nah. Oil Rich: Yeah, Peaceful: No, Lawless: Will Always Be.

  4. what the fuck is the deal with tje tires? i swear they keep them scattered around the place for moments like this. its not like it was just one either they had three waiting for his ass. crazy shit all i kno is thats the last way i wanna leave this shithole we call earth for real!

    1. Yeah: also for kidnappers and you know there have been multiple cases of mistaken identity. Even if you were not caught in the act, a valid accusation from someone with little influence will earn you this medal of honor only worn around the neck and ass maybe.

  5. His skin turned white so fast, it’s a know phenomena called instant michael-jacksonization.

    But seriously, why africans are so fond of tires ?
    there is another thing to mention about lynching, people don’t care about “justice”, we all have that visceral desire to violence, and whenever a thief is caught, they just want to make use of the situation to relieve their lust for brutality.

  6. TIA. TNB. Remember: these are not humans, they are proto-humans, missing the vital FYA Neanderthal gene from their DNA. Don’t expect human behaviour from them. It’s no different here in Kenya. Pure savagery.

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