Already Beaten Man Further Tortured and Clubbed by FEGS in Mexico

Already Beaten Man Further Tortured and Clubbed by FEGS in Mexico

Already Beaten Man Further Tortured and Clubbed by FEGS in Mexico

Members of F.E.G.S. (Fuerzas Especiales Grupo Sombra), whom we just saw beheading and dismembering a man, also filmed themselves torturing an already badly beaten man. I don’t think he is the same guy as in the beheading video. The beheaded guy looks more slim to me.

The victim looks like he already gave up and expects to get killed. FEGS sicarios beat him by clubbing him on the body and the back of his head. When he doesn’t respond anymore, they poke him with a rifle, but it looks like he’s beaten to death by that time.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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      1. LOFL Yep!!! But we’re grammar Nazis!! Eh, rather have an intellect and vocabulary than be a mouth breathing moron who gets pissy when you try and teach em something!! It’s why they’re idiots…”ain’t nobody gon teach me nothin’.”

  1. Well, this guy is way much younger than the one in the previous video. They call him Carlos Eusebio Mejia aka “El Pulseras”. They accused him of robbing passers-by in his control zone. especially children and women. Then he starts reading a stupidly long list of what appears to be his bingo book. Good luck with that.

        1. Thank you so much, I see that FEGS is an armed wing of the Gulf cartel.

          Very active around Veracruz, don’t really know too much about Mexico but maybe best I don’t !

    1. Thanks for the translation @damian
      That’s what we call a mexican crucifixion. He couldn’t even gasp when hit in the abdomen by that fucking fence post. Both arms dislocated had to have been agony. The look on his face ..
      Hail Satan ☆
      93.88 1/137

    1. Yes Betty…I concur with that.

      I can’t deal with FEGS when I’m reading…in my head I say FAGS…

      Now I’m not trying to insult you charming chaps so please don’t get me! My life in Bolivia is just such a happy one!

        1. Totally ~ hop on my banana boat and we will elope to Africa. We can even do some live streaming for BG of the weekly cock circumcisions from front line with the tribes!!

          Pack your flip flops girl, The Fags are after us xoxo

  2. One of 230.000 killed guys in 10 years in Mexico. The only way to stop that is to legalize drugs. And give hard drugs with the allownes of a doctor.e.g. Methadone.
    If you kill all Fegs guys, there will be a new group next day

    1. I’ve been hit a lot harder than that from the front many times and not been knocked out, but when you hit someone in the back of the head like that it’s usually lights out. That’s why there’s rules against that in professional fighting. He was probably dead at the end of the video.
      Rest in piss, Pedro.

  3. These guys are former Cartel del Golfo types. There are much worse.

    Whenever a capo falls, all that happens is that his cartel breaks into smaller factions at war with each other. So the more capos are put in jail, the more factions and the more violence.

    It seems counter-intuitive but the fall of El Chapo and others like him have made things even worse. Kind of like getting rid of Qaddafi or Hussein did in their countries.

    The capos/dictators rule with an iron fist for a reason: they know their people.

  4. Shit did you catch how dislocated his shoulder was?? Fuck me ain’t no shoulder made to hang that way…uggh!

    The screenshot picture of him reminds me of a cartoon or comic character from my youth…I’ll be damned if I can remember who it is. Something related to beetle bailey (did I just make that up or was their such a character) he always wore an army uniform, and he had buck teeth and dopey hair…

    am I hallucinating or did such a character exist?? Hold on I need another toke and I shall think about this further…

    1. @Chaos
      No- more like, what an amazing job man has done to Gods creation ! The people that dare accuse God of the pain/death/destruction in this realm aren’t only extremely immature in mind but incredibly uneducated and lacking understanding….. Sorry for your ignorance Kiddo. Tsk Tsk ignorance abounds

    1. Yea, when he started hitting the skull.. That thunk noise when it started… LMFAO how can anyone not laugh at that shit. Like shooting prairie dogs. How can you possibly not laugh at their ragdoll corpses flying through the air. You feel bad for them, but then you also realize they are receiving a less painful death than being eaten by a coyote or dieing of old age. I don’t like that animals and people die, but when you think of the context, it’s pretty fucking funny.

  5. Oh fuck @reginaphalange this is what I envision. All bounded up like this hanging from the ceiling hook. Except you paddle my my ass. Maybe the face a couple times. At that point I would have my rocks off so much I wouldn’t care if you put me in 4 trash bags after.

  6. i’m digging on their specialized hats.

    i’ll tell you what, when i was but a wee bit of a girl, i got paddled in school with a smaller version of that paddle and it sucked. wouldn’t wanna get beat in the head with it, for sure.

  7. Man looking at how far his shoulders are twisted around he’s been hanging there a long time and he is fuckin’ weak…like the dude “Christ” on the cross who “died for our sins” so sick fucks who do this can still get into “Heaven” lofl!!!

  8. Cartels have workers that are positioned in certain spots or corners whose main job is to keep watch as to anything and everything that happens…
    There’s the supervisor who drives around a few xs per shift and stops and asks these people to report what happened, any suspicious activity, any cops whatever…
    “The plank” is a specific punishment that the person who’s left in charge of this position gets if the driver comes around to check and he doesn’t find him where he is suppose to be…
    My belief is that this guy was a look out who was seen talking to the cops or maybe was not seen but did talk to the cops and the cops he talked to snitched him out to his superiors
    cause in faggots controlled territory they are one with the police.

  9. If they gonna keep that name and move north they gonna need to learn about what FAGS mean in US,but they are better out of US most likely…They supposedly naming the people he robbed as they club him,that was alot of people…Should wish for much less people then…

    0:01 [Executioner]: Good afternoon, (??) town, here we have Carlos (*unintelligible last names*), also known as El Pulseras (“The Bracelets” lol), he would rob common-folks/passerby’s, his prime victims being children and women. He would snatch their phones and run off. This sort of act will not be permitted by us around here. Any thieves that we find will end up dying, sooner or later when we eventually find them. (*unintelligible*) Warning, this is a list of people that are up next.
    0:28 [*Executioner as he beats Amuletas with a 2×4*]: Send it to [*lists a bunch of names, i won’t bother listing them, can’t understand that guy cos of the mask and forced deep voice*]
    0:54 [Executioner]: Everyone i’ve named, stand the fuck in line, from the 99 to the 51, put your pants on/grow some balls, you’ve been warned. And you, fucking [*names someone, unintelligible, guy posing with the rifle takes a stab at Amuletas, more unintelligible blabbering*] enjoy what you’ve robbed while you can.
    [Executioner’s posse]: Special forces!
    [Everyone, in unison]: SHADOW GROUP!
    -video end-

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