Argentinean Woman Beats Her Daughter and Picks Her up by Hair

Argentinean Woman Beats Her Daughter and Picks Her up by Hair

In the city of Bahía Blanca, located south of Buenos Aires in Argentina, a woman was filmed beating her 3 year old daughter in front of an infant while telling the child: “Give me the tablet or I’ll kill you” (Dame la tablet o te mato).

In the video, the woman also threatens to kick the girl, and then picks her up by the hair and throws her on the ground.

Argentinean authorities confirmed that the video was recorded in December 2017, but it has only surfaced a month later, after the maternal grandmother of the girl filed a complained to ask for the protection of the children.

Since then, the court has ordered to remove all of her children from the custody of the 23 year old mother, although thanks to the traditionally pussy whipped Argentinean society, the woman got a pussy pass and was not sentenced to any punishment, but instead ordered to undergo treatment.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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162 thoughts on “Argentinean Woman Beats Her Daughter and Picks Her up by Hair”

    1. I can watch a brain come out or a nice slow beheading all day long without flinching , but I find these type of videos so difficult to sit through .
      I honestly didn’t watch it to the end , but I can tell you that I’d happily squeeze this cunts neck till she passed away , I despise coward bully fuckers that harm babies and I hope we see a video of this whore getting her arms jellied soon

      1. if you grew a pair, you would have laughed at the end of the video where fuck all happens. dumb cunts hang from their hair all the time and it’s called art. hanging from your hair does not hurt. no child was harmed in this fucking video.

        1. It’s not a case of growing a pair you ignorant bellend I don’t like kids getting harmed in any way , you clearly do , which makes you one of those weird little people who probably plays with themselves watching midget porn

          1. i’m not a point scorer. so, i don’t give a fuck and speak the truth. you commented on a video that you didn’t even watch. you’re the fucking ignorant cunt.

        1. +1
          You have to be a real psycho to like this video. Even a fucker like me who enjoys watching beheadings found this shit too hard too watch. And also, I have children.. I would fuck that lady up so bad if I was there.
          Animals, children and old people. Don’t like too see that it makes me sad that it happens

  1. sigh. i don’t know why people have kids if they are going to beat them. such a cute little girl, too. 🙁

    i got much, much worse than this growing up.
    today you can’t discipline children at all or it is called abuse.

    note – this is over the line, not saying this is okay. just making a little note about discipline lacking today.

        1. my parents beat the mother fuck out of me for good reason and i love and respect my parents for raising a man that can’t be broken, doesn’t give a fuck what people think about him and isn’t afraid to be in the minority of one. so, you are very wrong.
          your child however will get bullied and suicide like a fucking retard. good parenting.

          1. Oh no you dont! I’ll pull a prison tactic and douse myself with liquid soap butt naked. U’ll never catch me butterfingers!.. Nor will u want 2.

  2. the maternal grandmother is a dumb fucking whore. i hope she has her cunt set on fire and the child overdoses on oxycodone. bravo to the young lady for trying to teach a fucking retard a valuable life lesson.

  3. This shit reminds me of of my child hood and how baby boomers frequently abuse their children, This was not as near severe how children with in the united states where punished, I knew kids that where beaten with oak paddles until the the paddle broke, Their was times children where thrown out of speeding cars into on coming traffic.

    The united states has the highest child abuse rates then any nation in the world, Only in America where people are aloud to murder their children they no longer want.

  4. Feel tough now you waste of a working cunt? I would set your legs on fire before I would tie your hair to a tree trunk that’s about to go through a wood chipper on extra slow settings. Then I’d piss on your smouldering wood chipped mixed ass.

    1. That’s why maybe people should find better ways to dicipline their kids, so the next generation don’t turn out as fucked up as the last one. Or maybe just keep on doin what people do, I really dont give a fuck. 🙂

      When in Rome.

      1. beating the living shit out of children has worked for thousands of years. maybe you should get with the fucking program. the new age hippy shit you preach has children getting sex changes instead of a beat down. good work.

          1. that’s why there are so many retarded children in this world. we are outnumbered by severely brainwashed morons. they need to turn off the tv and get with the fucking program. it’s good to see that you are not afraid to speak the truth.

  5. In the Argentine Republic, civic and family rights are well protected of women, in some cases like this one, it is exaggerated to badly favor them, but in general the Argentine society is very umpolluted, in comparison with the Brazilian society, that yes, it is very dirty and corrupt

    1. Hi Falklands, what is the deal with everyone calling everywhere else a shit-country? Argentinians point to Brazil, that in turn point to Venezuela. …and Murica points to nearly everywhere. Did trump started this fashion?? I even spotted a South African spiting in Brazil :D. This is a shitty world indeed.

  6. Spic countries are in fact shitholes!

    Maybe not so much down there but she can beat her little girl but lay a hand on this cunt…even get in her face or just threaten to lay a hand on her and she’ll have the police drag your ass out of the house so fast your head will fucking spin!

    The female fucking double standard in this society sucks!

  7. That fuckin cunt. If that were me sitting there the first slap to that child I would have plunged the machete through her mother fuckin neck. Or cut that cunts hands off. Disgraceful to let that happen and just sit and record it. That one would swallow that cell phone. Recording her swallowing it.

  8. I would way rather watch some Brazilian scumbag be force fed his own eyes and nuts while alive (obviously alive, or he couldn’t eat em’) than to see kids getting hurt. Can’t even watch. Won’t even watch. Dumb “mother” needs to have somebody come along and regulate.

  9. This is just child abuse. If you want to discipline your errant child, bend her over the knee and spank the botty as hard as you like. But don’t fling her around and wallop her like she was a WWF or WWC wrestling champion. Some women are not fit to be mothers.

  10. I can watch anything normally
    but this turned my stomach ..
    What a shithole of a place…and with a cooker there just ripe in the making of a scolding if not worse:…:I’m glad I was born & live in the UK….

    1. I will correct you and say it’s BRAZIL that overwhelm this site with content, but…
      Maybe other countries are just smart enough not to share its shit side with the world.
      Maybe BG sources are overwhelmingly located at there.
      Maybe other sources got fed up with BG portrait of them.
      Maybe there is not enough smartphones elsewhere.
      What I CAN tell you is… If Murica got deleted instead, these societies were much more likely to flourish.
      Thanks for your input Ape-brother.

  11. I would love to be left alone with this bitch. Fuck if there is two things I hate more in this world is child abusers and animal abuse. Those are the type of people who hurt kids and animals I would love to see suffer.

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