Armless Man Gets Involved in Road Rage, Gets His Ass Beat

Armless Man Gets Involved in Road Rage, Gets His Ass Beat

A peculiar case of road rage was caught on dashcam in Russia. There is no audio, but it would appear that the car in front of the dashcam car honked at the vehicle in front of it, because it stopped for a chat with the oncoming taxi cab, and blocked all traffic.

So to show that the tough guys jamming the road will not put up with other drivers wanting to be on their way, the punks got off and started to aggressively attack the occupants from the vehicle behind them.

At first, the occupants of the attacked car remained defensive, not wanting to get involved in a fight, but as the bullies kept pushing the envelope, one of them eventually came out in full force and started throwing punches. His friend soon joined in and the bullies quickly turned into sorry victims.

Funnily, turned out that one of the bullies was armless – he just had a prosthetic arm, but still wanted to cause trouble.

The onlookers then intervened, but in my view, the beating the bullies received was well deserved and should have got more. The camera view doesn’t show it well, but the fat one kept kicking the victim’s car as hard as he could and surely caused damage to it. All because he couldn’t get over himself.

Props to Best Gore member SrbijaBgd for the video:

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      1. He’s not driving the car they drive on th right hand side of the road in Russia hence the driver is on the left and passenger on the right ..dim ass Russian you can’t kick a car door in they open out lol…

    1. Got everything he deserved. I never even saw the issue with starting the rage to begin with, just another of these fucks who thinks society should be nice to him cause he lost a limb. Be an ass, get that ass whooped, pretty fuckin simple.

  1. Too bad the dude didn’t rip off the other guys arm and bitch slap the hell outta both of them with it.
    And it goes to show you that outside of the choice parking spots at the mall the handicapped wish to be treated the same as everyone.

          1. I second and third that…I could barely stand iip, but this douche makes me wanna look him up, grab my knives, find him, bring him to LA, and throw this fucker in my closet….There’s always room for one more

  2. What you mean “fighting”? The other 2 were just asking for directions… This is pretty much normal in soviet russia… 😆

    Ahhh karma… you can just poke the lion so much untill he bites your arm off… oops… no pun intended. 😆

    1. Should’ve just ran over at least one of them. Just like these motorcycle drive by’s, imma make sure I take em with me although my first thought would be to duck and swerve , take them out then pull over and fucking puke myself, catch my breath and move on

  3. Those people who lose something that we all take for granted need not be stunted by it, some have even achieved great feats as a result of their loss.

    For example,

    That old Kung Fu movie ?One Armed Boxer? showed just how deadly a man with one arm can become.

    I have also seen many a man take on the ?One armed Bandit? only to return home defeated and broke.

    George W Bush even managed to become the President of America despite having only one brain cell.

    Larry Silverstein is another fine example, he managed to avoid certain death just by losing out on breakfast.

    My conclusion, sometimes a loss can also bring gain.

  4. A perfect flashback for me 25 years ago.

    I was cruising down beach parade on the gold coast in my panel van ( with tow bar ) full of dudes with the back open and as I stop at a pedestrian crossing some retard in a BMW full of dudes runs into the back of me.

    Well…….. I jumped out to approach said shit rivet and the windows went up so I got feral banging on the window and spitting on the screen before getting back in the van and reversing full throttle causing major damage and driving off with all the lads in the back yelling with the finger on our merry way…….

    Happy days 😆

  5. In the RCE, Obamacare should be banned or anything to exterminate disabled freaks are causing social instability to be recognized into rebellion is unacceptable. Indeed, the A.C.E. is the successor of Fascism is starting WWIII from radical democracy devastates the global economy to violence.

  6. The guy seating on the left hand side seemed to be a pussy to me, ignoring the guy kicking the car till the guy who got forced out of the car started throwing punches to those bullies, by the way, the bullies got their asses handed to them.

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